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Summary: It's after RotK. Thranduil has left for the west and Legolas is now King of Mirkwood. Legolas has just realized he loves Elrond as more than just a father figure, and Elrond soon finds that Legolas helps feel the void of Celebrían's departure. But Elrond is scared to show his feelings for Legolas, not knowing Legolas feels the same. Legolas has gone to visit Rivendell, and while there a dark elf (they exist in this for the plot of the story) witch shows up spouting nonsense about Legolas demise. Legolas gets stabbed by a dark elves sword or arrow and starts to become a dark elf himself. Elrond and Legolas get together because Elrond saves him from going into the dark. Things needed for story: 1. The Dark Elf Witch has to speak in third person. 2. She must say 'When a King has gone to the west, the one who rules in his place will be taken to the dark. His heart pierced by a dark point. Five days he shall have, before he is lost. When the sun sets on that fifth day, to the dark he shall belong. But before he may be saved, only by true love's kiss.' This has to be the prophecy! 3. A dark elf has black hair, red eyes, blue tinted skin, and cries tears of blood. 4. Legolas must be in pure agony while going through the transformation. Right before the sun sets, Elrond hears a whispering in the back of his mind telling him to love him (Legolas) protect him. Legolas also hears a voice telling him to cherish him (Elrond). Elrond kisses him and Legolas is saved. But it doesn't have to end there. You can draw it out and they can not get together right then. It's up to the author.
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