Aragorn/Legolas AU plotbunny by Rose
Summary: Aragorn and Legolas have never met; Isildur destroyed the one ring so the Fellowship never had to be formed. Slavery is legal in all of Middle Earth and Aragorn has been brought up with it. The king of Mirkwood sends a gift of good will and peace to Gondor, six elves for the future King (Aragorn) to choose from. He picks Legolas to be his slave and although Legolas understands this to be his duty to his people and believes he must do everything his new master requires he is strong willed and used to being free so finds this quite a hard task and must be punished until he really understands and accepts his place. (NO Arwen)
Categories: FPS > Legolas/Aragorn, FPS, FPS > Aragorn/Legolas
Characters: Aragorn, Legolas
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