Aragorn/Beregond/Pippin challenge by Delicious Revelation
Summary: Setting: Post quest (Aragorn as king and still healer) Plot: Beregond is instructed to report to Aragorn's office for an overdue physcial exam and he's understandably nervous so Pippin goes with him for moral support. Aragorn, to his surprise, finds himself aroused by Beregond taking his clothes off and laying down, but rather than let on, he focuses his attention on putting him at ease. Beregond, in turn finds Aragorn's gentle touch and "lordly but kindly" manner arousing, as does Pippin and one thing leads to another. It can be any rating, and feel free to get a little fluffy. I love that stuff!
Categories: FPS
Characters: Aragorn, Beregond, Pippin
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