Aragorn/Haldir plotbunny by Missy
Summary: There are several stories out there where Aragorn becomes king, and takes (usually) Legolas as his mate. Legolas usually gets pregnant and they carry on with their lives. However, this story is about Aragorn and Haldir since Legolas and Gimli are off exploring somewhere, and no one bothered to tell the poor human that Elves can't really get pregnant. He had asked about it when he was a young boy (not old enough to be a teenager) in Rivendell, and all the adult Elves said that yes, of course male Elves can bear children, when they were in fact only humouring him. He and Arwen remained only close friends throughout his life, and after he married Haldir, she sailed to Valinor. She has been gone for some time when Aragorn finally wonders aloud to his husband about why Haldir is not getting pregnant. Haldir looks at him like he is crazy and asks him why he would think such a thing could happen, and in case he hadn't noticed, he may be feminine at times but he is most certainly not female. This should have angst as well as humour, and if there is any fighting to be done (verbal or otherwise) Haldir has to give as good as he gets, but no violence other than a slapped cheek or something minor. The story can be long or short, but the issue of how Aragorn is to produce an heir must be resolved, and no taking the easy way out by getting someone like Eowyn to do it since she is happily married to Faramir. The story should also be mostly canon.
Categories: FPS > Haldir/Aragorn, FPS, FPS > Aragorn/Haldir
Characters: Aragorn, Haldir of Lothlórien
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