Aragorn plotbunny by LadySerez
Summary: Didn't you think that Gondor was just a teensy witsy too quick to accept Aragorn as king in ROTK? I mean, Aragorn's ancestors repeatably refused to accept the throne, and it only took the promise of Arwen's hand to make Aragorn *finally* take back the throne. Wouldn't the nobles wonder if Aragorn was really all that loyal to Gondor, and not to mention that Arwen isn't all that politically attractive, since the elves are scooting off to Valinor...and thus lies the plot bunny. The nobles decide that something more binding than Arwen is needed to stop Aragorn from running off into the woods again--not that he would do that, minding the promise he made to Boromir, but the nobles don't know that---so they demand that Aragorn, alongside Arwen as Queen, take one of the Steward's sons as consort as a way to bind Aragorn permanently to Gondor. If Aragorn refuses, they will no longer support him. You can go AU here--Boromir lives! Aragorn agrees, enraging Arwen. She leaves him and sails for Valinor. You can shove mpreg in this story, or have a woman serve as mother, but legally the children would be Aragorn and Boromir/Faramir's. I think this could make a good angsty, romantic, political intrigue galore story.
Categories: FPS
Characters: Aragorn
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