Of Bedtime Stories and Stolen Kisses by Kura
Summary: Lijah gets a lesson from Ally and Lizzie on parenting.
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Chapter 1 by Kura
Elijah paced uneasily in his living room, every now and then running a hand through his already toussled hair. What the fuck was taking so long? He'd been waiting an hour for Sean to come back from Christine's. This was the first weekend he and Sean would have the girls and Elijah was a nervous wreck.

He'd checked and rechecked everything wanting the weekend to be nothing less than perfect. Lijah could tell Sean was excited about Ally and Lizzie coming over; hell, he talked of nothing else since Chris had given the ok.

After one final check of the 'inventory' as he liked to call Lizzie's diapers, formula, and bottles as well as cereal, milk, and toys for Ally, he'd resigned himself to simply pacing so he could pass the time.

Apparently Ally wasn't really having any trouble accepting the fact that her daddy was living with 'Uncle Lijah' and Chris had been really great about the whole situation.

Sean and Christine's divorce finalized only recently, but they agreed that they still wanted to be friends, which worked out great, especially for Ally and Lizzie. Sean was over there practically every day to help Chris with the girls so it wasn't really all that different than when he had lived there.

Sean had asked Elijah at one point if he was really sure he was ready to take on a relationship with an older man that already had two children. Elijah's only response was to pull Sean into a tight embrace, saying he'd love nothing more.

This time with the girls was a big step in their relationship. One Elijah was more than willing to take. He loved Ally and Lizzie like they were his own as he'd told Sean on several occasions since they got together almost a year ago.

His train of thought was interrupted by the sound of a car pulling into the driveway. Elijah could barely contain himself and raced to the front door, opening it in time to scoop a giggling little munchkin into his arms.

"Uncle Lijah! Uncle Lijah!" Two tiny arms wrapped around his neck as Ally kissed his cheek.

Eljiah couldn't stop the smile that followed seeing how excited she was. "Hey, there's my princess! Wow, you're getting big. I think you must've grown a foot since the last time I saw you!" This was met with more giggles.

"Well, you know, I tried to get her to stop growing, but she's just as stubborn as her dad." Sean grinned, coming up the steps with Lizzie in his arms. "Ally, come help Daddy get your stuff into the house." Ally squirmed out of Elijah's arms and waited while Sean gently handed Elijah the baby, pausing to kiss his cheek. "Hey, Doodle."

"Hey yourself. I was wondering when you'd get here. I'll take Lizzie inside while you and Ally go get the stuff out of the car." He returned Sean's kiss on the cheek and walked back in the living room.

The baby looked up at Elijah with eyes so much like her father's it made his heart ache. "Hey, baby girl," he whispered to her as he sat down on the sofa, "I missed you. You're getting big too. Just like your big sister." He leaned over a little, planting a light kiss on her forehead.

A few seconds later, Sean and Ally came into the house. Sean was carrying all the bags while Ally was carrying her teddy bear. He put them down by the stairs, then sat down next to Lij, chuckling as Ally raced upstairs to inspect her new room. "Well, hopefully she'll like the way we set it up."

Elijah grinned. "I think she will. I mean, with all the Disney princess stuff, I really don't think we're gonna see her much aside from mealtimes."

Sean laughed at that, putting his arm around Elijah's shoulders. "I think you're right. If we don't see her again before Sunday we're going to have to send up a search party."

He snuggled into Sean, being careful not to jostle the baby. Lizzie's eyes were staring at her father, a tiny little smile on her face. "Uh oh, I think somebody wants her daddy."

"Aww... come here, sweetheart." Sean took his daughter and stood to go into the kitchen. "I'm gonna go get a bottle ready for her. Could you go check on Ally for me?"

"Sure, no problem." Elijah rose from the sofa and bounded up the stairs, preparing himself for the inevitable tea party invitation. No doubt by now Ally had seen the little princess tea set complete with cherry wood table and chairs. Elijah grinned. No better way to spend a Friday night.

End of Chapter One
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