No Shame In Love by Alexa Bond
Summary: "How can love ever be wrong?" Viggo's POV. Companion piece to The Deadliest Sin.
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For H. though she'll never read it; lov' you! Thanks so much to Natalie Richards for great Beta and for being a great friend to me. You've been a wonderful support to me in this hard time and helped me a lot; thank you, my angel *hugs*.

1. Chapter 1 by Alexa Bond

Chapter 1 by Alexa Bond
Author's Notes:
Set during the filming of LOTR.
How can love ever be wrong? Someone please explain this to me because I don't understand. You feel what we share is wrong; you're afraid and lost. I've never understood that how love could ever be wrong. Who's to say what's wrong and right? Who has that right? God? Well, if someone would let me speak to Him so I can confirm such a claim then I'll bow to that one, but short of that... it's nothing, but yet another way for the few to try and control the rest. They don't understand; how could they? Their hearts are as cold as ice and their minds are closed and filled with fear. People always fear what they don't understand and humans have a tendency to destroy what they fear and so they'll try to destroy us. Because our love is unusual to them, they'll try and tear us apart.

Beloved, don't let the poison they spread tear us apart. I know you're hurting, I know this is why you push me away. I know that is why you refuse to look me in the eyes when we make love, why you always use such degrading words about yourself and what we share. My friend, what we have is love; it's not something hateful, sinful or wrong. It's just love. There are many kinds of loves and many of them have been forbidden. Think back; how long ago was it that it was forbidden for a black man to marry a white woman or visa versa? Then that was thought wrong, sinful and shameful. Few people would, hopefully, agree to such nonsense today. It's all about enlightening people, about freedom of mind and spirit.

I don't say you should abandon any ties you feel to any God; you can worship like you please. Only I ask this of you; don't worship to pain and torment yourself, but to find peace and hope. I don't claim to be all knowing, but I thought religion was about giving hope; not despair. Don't get tied down by it. Don't get tied down by society's rules. If you had always followed the rules that society put in place for you, today you would be a worker's son living a mimic of your father's life. There's nothing wrong with that but you choose to break free of such bonds and show you were so much more than the class you had been born into. You're special; keep being special and free your mind from whatever poison people have been whispering in your ears.

I love you. I can say it and I'll wait and hope that one day you can say it back to me. I know you're in agony over our relationship, I know this. I wish you'd enjoy this as much as I do; I wish you didn't feel so guilty when there's nothing to feel guilty about. I hope maybe in time you can break free, but even if you don't I do want to thank you for what you've let me share with you and I pray that from time to time you'll look back at what we had with something more than shame and regret.

There's no shame in love, Sean. There never has been and never will be. Love is always pure, always filled with light and always right. Don't let anyone tell you differently, even your own mind. Don't be afraid...

There's no shame in love... no shame at all. There's only love here, only light here. Love is filled with colors, light, warmth and possibilities. It should be a wonderful and joyful feeling not a feeling of shame and dreariness.

There truly is no shame. Believe me... there's no sin. I wish I could make you believe me... there is no shame in what we share because there's no sin... .there's only love and love is never wrong.

The End
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