The Stone Goes Ever On by Hexine
Summary: A poetic like view on how Boromir feels about Legolas dying.
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Warning: Character Death, Interspecies, No happy end
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1. Chapter 1 by Hexine

Chapter 1 by Hexine
He is dying. Nothing can stop it, losing breath and consciousness in my own arms. What has happened to him, what went wrong?

Legolas, my fair elven prince, withering away to dust as the shadow of death falls upon you as the sunsets. An arrow of poison, corrupting and cruel shot my beloved in the heart, fatality wins as his heartbeat slows down; His screams of agony send chills though my system.

I was once told that the stone goes ever onwards leaving what's behind and looking towards a new beyond yet I cannot help but think why should the stone stop? Can't the love that bears our hearts move onwards after death? It is no use, the fellowship needs me.

Aragorn, our new leader, scorns me with his eyes knowing fully tis my fault for his death, if I could have found a way to defend the Hobbits and save my love, the burden of his soon to be passing would not have existed.

Gimli, my dwarven friend, I see him cry next to Legolas, he reassures the Dwarf he'll be fine but he knows better and continues to sob as if he were alone. He then looks up at me, hatred filled within his red rimmed eyes, he looks down and lets a tear fall from his face; the tears have stopped but the pain presses onwards.

And if the Hobbits were here they'd cry as well but wouldn't look my with hate, more like pity and shame, it would hurt still seeing the little ones weep but Pippin's jokes would ease the mood and my heart but unfortunately, they have been taken by the wretched Orcs lead by the one that killed Legolas, if I should ever meet him, I would tear off his head make it my trophy.

My loves looks up to me, his eyes screams he's in pain yet tries to ease mine, his face is paler than usual and his body temperature is lowering by the second. I hold onto him tighter as if this could save him but I know it cannot, and in a raspy voice, he whispers to me.

"Boromir do not be saddened, tis not your fault I pass, you protected the Hobbits and tis my carelessness that I fall; do not be downhearted."

"But how cannot be saddened when the only love I've ever felt has passed away?"

His voice his fading slowly, he looks more at peace. "Please, let me know that you'll not be saddened' I cannot speak, the words are not coming out 'Please?' he asks again, if only I could say something 'Please...." his eyes have closed, his breath has stopped. He died.

I feel more remorse for I have caused him an unhappy passing, I long to have said something but my inner cruelty forbade me. As the sun is setting and the rest of the fellowship cries, I lay my beloved's body on the forest floor; it was the end but now another painful beginning.
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