Feeling that way by Marindil of Mirkwood
Summary: I’ve never written any stories about brother and brother relationships, so I decided to twist things up a bit on this one.
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1. Chapter 1 by Marindil of Mirkwood

Chapter 1 by Marindil of Mirkwood
The white city stood in the center of Gondor decked out in flowers, ribbons, and food. The two gondorian brothers, Boromir and Faramir, stood eating all of the rice cakes while Eowyn shouted at them to stop so she didn’t have to make anymore.

Haldir watched them, laughing while Eomer wrapped his arm around his slender waist. The elf smiled slyly when his lover kissed the back of his head.

Aragorn stood in his quarters while his servants dressed him in his royal robes. He was getting married today, and he wanted to make sure he looked his best.

Meanwhile, Legolas sat on a stool in his room while his brother Valthoron and his three friends Glorfindel, Ellahden, and Elrohir garnished him with fancy elvish clothing. They then polished his prince crown and fashioned it perfectly to his blonde head. After a few final touches, they dusted out the wrinkles and handed him a beautiful Mithril ring.

Soon everyone waited outside in the courtyard for the happy event to begin.

As King Aragorn walked down the pathway, his guests bowed respectfully. He made his way to the head of the aisle at the big doors and waited for his bride.

Legolas came minutes later and joined his spouse – to - be at the alter. Gandalf united them and showered them with blessings, sending them into the castle where they would live for the rest of their lives. Everyone cheered in joy for the newly weds, wishing them love for the times to come.

Eomer and Haldir arrived for the reception, and took their seats next to the other guests of honor.

Faramir was bickering with his brother about who looked better in their clothes.

It became so annoying that Haldir slapped the gondorian on the face.

Faramir instantly snapped when his cheek began to sting. “Haldir!” he shouted, rising from his chair. “Why did you hit me?”

The lothlorien elf snickered. “You annoy me, Faramir son of Denethor.”

Boromir glared at him. “Don’t you EVER mention that name!” he screamed.
By this time all the guests, including Aragorn and Legolas, were staring unbelievably at the two brothers.

They seemed to feel their eyes, and calmed themselves into sitting down and avoiding humiliation.

Finally, the after party could begin. “Attention!” called Aragorn, tapping the side of his goblet. “May the ending services begin!”

Servants appeared in every corner of the room, carrying platters of appealing foods. A fruit bowl was centered on the table and surrounded by garlands of ivory and fur, representative cloths of the newlyweds’ home countries. Then, the main dishes were served. Soups of tomato, potato, and vegetable were the first courses. Next came delicious salads made by Lord Elrond, and breads baked by Lady Galadriel. Desserts were cherry custard, peach cobbler, and strawberry soufflé all suggested by Haldir and Elrohir. The dinner party was highly enjoyable, not just for the food, but for what happened after it.

When all of the wedding guests departed, Eomer, Boromir, and Aragorn all led their sweethearts to a big bedroom with giant fireplace.

Legolas, Haldir, and Faramir’s hearts all warmed when they saw the flames dancing around the stone box; and for the first time, they actually felt truly loved.

Seeing that there was only one bed, Eomer and Boromir took Haldir and Faramir by their hands and led them to different rooms.

Meanwhile, Aragorn stayed behind and walked slowly towards Legolas, who felt deep compassion arise in him. The King stopped right in front of him, reaching out and unbuttoning his tunic.

The elf breathed softly as the light material hit the floor. Then, he raised his arms and pulled his husband into a deep, passionate kiss.

Aragorn finished undressing his lover and himself, guiding their bodies to the silk covered mattress. He slid lightly under the fur covers and rolled atop Legolas’ thin body.

The elf caressed the King’s stubble, tracing the dimples on his face.

The man returned the favor by softly touching Legolas’ cream skin with the back of his hand. “You are so beautiful.” He said.

The prince smiled proudly. “So are you.” He replied.

It was then that Aragorn began to make love to him, pressing his body close to his.
Legolas groaned with pleasure as the King thrusted his seed inside him. “Harder! Faster!” he screamed.

Aragorn grabbed the bed posts, bracing himself for the climax. When it approached, the elf let out a cry of harmony and pain. At last, the King had shown to his spouse the love that was to exist between a couple.

From the next room, a shout could be heard. Aragorn left his mate to investigate this occurance. He pushed open the door ever so slightly, to see Eomer pleasuring Haldir. He smiled appreciatively at the couple. He was glad to see that the Rohirram had finally shown him some love after two long years of marriage to the March warden.

Boromir and Faramir soon appeared, both breathing hard after a night of heavy love making. The younger brother stated that the others would have given up rule of Minas Tirith just for the pleasure he had been given.

The other men said the same thing about their mates, and all agreed to stay in the main room to sleep.

The next morning, all awoke to find a nice, steamy breakfast awaiting them. Haldir and Legolas scrambled to their feet to see who would beat who to the lembas. The others just sat there, watching the humorous seen befall in front of them.

“Boy that March warden’s a tough one to hold eh Legolas?” goofed Aragorn. Eomer giggled with him.

“Aye, but now isn’t the best time to ask me that!” the elf grunted as he wrestled with his friend.

Haldir won the lembas fight and resided next to his spouse, eating the unharmed half of the bread.

Legolas, however, settled down with the mutilated side; watching the other elf with scornful eyes that bit down farther than his teeth.

“Alright everyone.” Announced Faramir. “I must leave now to my room. I have to dress and fetch some wine and fruit for my Father.”

Eomer rolled his eyes. “Why would you do something nice for a man who has never treated you right?” he asked the gondorian, who only answered with a blank stare.

Suddenly, Legolas felt a strange feeling arouse him. He clenched his fist and pressed it to his stomach. Without warning, a sick urge over whelmed him, causing him to barf all over the floor.

“Legolas!” shouted Aragorn, and with a swift prance, landed next to his beloved. “Fetch the medic! Quick!” he ordered.

Haldir rose from his seat next to the Rohirram and ran to find the caretaker.

Shortly after, he returned with a healer. “What seems to be the problem?” the elderly man asked.

The King took no time to explain, just simply told the man that the elf was sick and needed help.

The medic picked up the nauseous Legolas and set him down on the bed. He immediately went to work, feeling his stomach, chest, and abdomen for any weird lumps or tumors.

“My lord,” he summoned Aragorn, who ran to his side. “I must speak to you alone.”

The others waited for a while, pacing back and forth in front of the flickering fireplace. Suddenly, the same occurrence happened to Haldir, who was taken frantically by Eomer to the second healer.

By now, Boromir and Faramir were frightened, and immediately fled to the other room.

Legolas stayed on the bed. He was in too much pain to move, and when the doctor and his husband returned, he was in relief.

“Thank god you have returned!” he said blissfully.

Aragorn leaned down and kissed his spouse, hugging him comfortingly.

“I have some good news and some bad news.” The King said.

“Which?” asked the elf.

“The doctor has informed me that you have the flu, and you will recover shortly; but he says that you will not be able to leave this room for a week.”

The elf smiled. “I can handle that.” He said confidently.

Weeks past after the prince fell ill. What seemed like month to Aragorn felt like an eternity to Legolas. Soon, his agony became almost unbearable. He called for the healer and told him about his feelings. The old man soon called for Théoden, who used to be a caretaker as well.

“What’s going on Legolas?” The Rohan man asked once he reached his bedside.

“I don’t know!” he mumbled. “Please help me!”

Théoden patted the elf’s forehead and placed a hand on his growing abdomen. “My god!” he shouted. “This is amazing! I must see Lord Aragorn immediately!”

Moments later, the ranger raced through the door. He slid on his knees to his beloved’s bed and wrapped his arms around him. “Thank you! Thank you!” he said, kissing the prince all over his face.

“For what my love?” he asked.

“You are pregnant! We are going to be parents!” he said.

Legolas’ jaw dropped in surprise. Him? A father? “That’s so wonderful!” he agreed.

Long months passed as the happy couple awaited the birth of their child. One day, while Legolas and Aragorn were preparing dinner, the elf paused.

“Oooohhh!” he groaned, dropping the corn he was shucking.

“My love?” the ranger asked, confused.

The prince winced once more and fell to the floor. “The child, Aragorn! The child is here!” he screamed.

The king didn’t wait a moment to think. He picked up his lover and rushed to the master bedroom. “Help! Some body!” he shouted. Within seconds, Théoden arrived.

“What is it?” The King asked.

Aragorn grabbed his arms and shook him wildly. “Our baby is coming!” he roared.

Théoden snapped. “Oh my god! Well let’s get it delivered immediately!” he ordered.

The ranger grabbed some blankets and a warm, wet cloth. He placed the cloth on Legolas’ forehead and set the blankets on a chair.

Théoden sterilized a knife in the fireplace and cut into the prince’s bulging belly. A few seconds later, loud wails could be heard.

“I present to you, Legolas junior!” announced the King of Rohan, holding up a swaddled infant.

Aragorn pranced over to the other man and held out his arms for his son. He held his breath while the king placed it in his hands.

The baby was pale pink and adorable. He had shining blue eyes just like the elf and soft curls of sand blonde hair, a mix of their colors. The delicate pointy ears were cute as well, glowing golden when the sun shined through them.

The prince awaited his chance to hold his child, and when it came, the baby cooed at him sweetly. Legolas couldn’t help but laugh and stare into the eyes of his son. He whispered ‘I love you’ to him over and over, and allowed tears to sweep down his cheeks.

“He’s so beautiful!” he wavered.

His spouse joined him and rejoiced with him over the creation that became. Minutes later, Haldir and Eomer arrived bearing a surprise of their own.

“Gentlemen,” announced Eomer. “I would like to introduce to you Eomund the second!”

On cue, Haldir turned and showed another baby to the public. “Isn’t he gorgeous?” he boasted.

The other men ooooed and ahhhed at the other child.

“Yes he is, now come see ours.” Invited Legolas.

The other couple shifted to the other side of the room and showered compliments over the King and Prince’s child.

“He’s absolutely adorable!” said the Rohirram.

“Looks just like you, Legolas!” added the March warden.

Aragorn suddenly realized that they hadn’t named their son. “What shall we call him?” he asked his lover.

Legolas took a moment to think. “Elessar, after your elvish name.” he answered.

The ranger looked pleased. “Elessar, alright. So it is.” He replied.

And thus it was that Elessar and Eomund grew to learn archery together, and became rulers of their own elf colonies. Later, when the two rulers matured, they took queens to their sides, Jurulias of Lothlorien and Francisca of Rivendell.
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