Once in a Lifetime by Silvertoekee
Summary: Estel started having feelings for Glorfindel but didn't say anything. Can he finally admit to the elf what he feels and does the other feel the same?
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Chapter 8. First Steps by Silvertoekee
Days passed into weeks and Estel's wound was healing nicely. He was finally aloud out of bed but not on patrols. Stretching his arms overhead, he felt a twinge in his shoulder and ignored it. The sun felt warm on his skin and he closed his eyes in delight. Glorfindel had begun to avoid him once again but he didn't mind. Sooner or later he hoped the blond seneschal would come to him but for now he would be patient. It would take time for the golden elf to sort out his feelings and make a decision. Arms encircled his waist and he was pulled back into a lean body. Letting out a laugh, Estel turned around and gazed into laughing blue eyes.

"Hello Haldir."

The blond march warden grinned down his friend and impulsively kissed him on the lips. Laughter broke out between them and Haldir smirked at him.

"Hello yourself Estel."

Estel detangled himself from his friend's arms and gazed at him in mock annoyance. "So what brings you to Imladris old friend?"

"Why you of course!"

Seeing the skeptically look, Haldir smiled. "Ok more like to bring Arwen back for a visit and to say hello."

"That's much better my friend."

The two of them sat down on a bench and began to catch up with each other lives. Haldir was one of Estel's oldest friends and he had known him since he was young. Since the first time they had saw each other in Lothlorien a great friendship had developed between them. Many elves had thought something more would develop when Estel grew up but nothing ever did. Perhaps it was because they were too similar in temperament or didn't feel that way. Whatever the reason the two of them were close as brothers and the best of friends.

"So how goes the quest for Glorfindel?" Haldir asked teasingly. He had received a letter months ago about his friend's feelings for the Elda and had wished him luck. Seeing the sad smile grace Estel's features, he smiled in sympathy. "That bad?"

"Neither bad nor good old friend." Estel gazed down at his hands in thought and then shrugged his shoulders. "After the kiss I thought that things would change but it hasn't."

"Have you tried talking to him again?"

Estel turned around and laid his head on Haldir's lap. Gazing up into concerned blue eyes, he sighed. "Yes but he always has some excuse to get out of talking to me. I have a feeling that this is going to go on for eternity."

Haldir's blue eyes grew thoughtful and he absently played with Estel's hair. He felt his friend sigh and smiled down at him. The mortal had his eyes closed and was completely relaxed. Suddenly feeling eyes on him, he casually raised his head and glanced around. It took but a second to spot the golden hair and piercing blue eyes. They were glaring at him and he could see jealousy glinting in there depths. A plan began to form in his head and he smiled evilly. Leaning down he deliberately kissed Estel on the lips and felt the boy respond. There kisses were usually given in affection and didn't mean anything. Raising his head again, he gazed into sleepy silver eyes and glanced back up. Blue clashed on blue and Haldir smiled in triumph. He watched rage flash in Glorfindel's blue eyes before the other elf vanished.

The blond seneschal walked angrily down the hall and glared at everything. Elves quickly got out of his way and an elf maid squeaked in alarm. It was rare to see Glorfindel in such a temper and best to get out of his way when he was. Wrenching open the door, he slammed it shut and smiled in satisfaction when something broke nearby. Stalking over to the balcony he gripped the banister and closed his eyes. He hadn't felt this angry or jealous in years. But seeing Estel in another's arms and being kissed as well had sparked his rage. The look of triumph in Haldir's eyes had enraged him and it took everything he had not to go over and strangle the Lorien elf. Feeling his rage desert him, he sagged against the banister and opened solemn blue eyes. He had no right to feel this way since he had left issues unresolved with Estel. Until he straightened things out with himself, he had to stay away from the boy and let him do as he pleased. Somehow he knew this was going to be terribly hard to do with Haldir running about.

Something was wrong or perhaps it was his imagination? Elrond sipped his wine and casually glanced around the room. His twin sons were joking and talking with Arwen. And Haldir and Estel were talking about past battles with Erestor. Zeroing in on his seneschal, he was surprised to see jealousy flare in the blue eyes. Gazing at Glorfindel in concern, he watched as the blond seneschal toyed with his food. Something was bothering his friend and he wanted to know what it was.


Turning to his daughter, he raised a questioning eyebrow. "Yes Arwen what is it?"

Arwen leaned closer and whispered quietly. "Have you noticed that Glorfindel gazes at Estel with longing and Haldir with jealousy?"

Glancing back at his seneschal, he watched for a moment and noticed that his daughter was right. Glorfindel was indeed doing that and the obvious pair didn't notice. Narrowing his eyes slightly, he watched as Haldir leaned forward and wiped a crumb off Estel's face with his finger. Turning to look at Glorfindel again, he watched rage flash in the blue eyes and chuckled quietly. Now he knew what was wrong and wondered if he should interfere.

"Do not father." Arwen watched surprise show in his grey eyes. "It is best that Haldir does this, maybe then Glorfindel will make his decision quicker and fight for Estel."

"How do you know this?" Elrond asked in astonishment. "We told her father." Elrohir smiled mischievously. "And she decided to tell Haldir and they both decided to come to Imladris to help Estel."

Elladan nodded and smirked at his father. "And it looks like Haldir's plan is working."

Elrond looked at them and sighed. He should have known the twins were behind this and wouldn't let there brother suffer. "Plan?"

"A plan to help Glorfindel in the right direction and much faster my friend. Or else he might never do anything at all." Erestor smiled sadly.

Elrond gazed at his advisor and shook his head. He just hoped that this plan would work and not backfire. Otherwise more then one person could very well be hurt in this plan.

"Does Estel know?"

Four heads shook no in unison and he sighed.

Elladan smiled sheepishly. "No we thought it best not to tell him."

"Otherwise he might be a bit angry that we interfered." Elrohir replied.

Shaking a finger, he mock glared at the four. "Hopefully all goes well or otherwise you five will deal with the consequences."

He watched the looks the others exchanged and let out a huff. Somehow Elrond wished that he had journeyed somewhere far way in order not to involved in this giant mess.
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