Confused by La Dirge
Summary: Legolas does not understand the death of Gandalf.
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This is based heavily on the movie

1. Chapter 1 by La Dirge

Chapter 1 by La Dirge
"Fly, you fools." He let go of his life support and I could still hear his clothes being rustled by the wind as he fell. Boromir held Frodo from saving him, I don't know why. I wanted to rush in and grab his arm but I couldn't move. I was petrified. Frodo screamed and struggled against the man that held him until finally he was picked up and held like the small child he would have resembled at a far range. Everything seemed to move into slow motion. I ran up the stone stairs with my bow in hand and as the fresh air hit my face I felt like someone had just splashed me with the hard reality.

We ran from the Bridge of Khazad-Dum. All of us, save the gray wizard. We ran more to try to get away from the memory of the Balrog and the death rather than the arrows of the goblins.

I gripped my bow in hand and stared at the stones before my feet to study each detail. I could hear Pippin crying under Merry's protective and comforting touch. I would have been jealous if I didn't know they were merely friends and cousins. "Pip don't drown yourself, breathe." He whispered. He looked at me, helpless, wanting me to touch my hobbit but I didn't want to touch anyone.

I didn't know what to do as Boromir held Gimili with one hand while he said things that I did not understand. I heard footsteps coming from the mines and almost smiled because it was Gandalf. Yes, Gandalf had barley escaped with his life. I recall the security I had with my father, Thranduil, when I was a young elf I never feared anything as long as my father was with me. Gandalf was like a father and he was gone, everything is suddenly going so wrong.

I almost wanted to cry when Aragorn made his way through the exit of the mines.

Merry was trying to be strong but I could feel the sobs from inside his body trying to get out. I have never seen such grief before, I did not know what to do! I felt so utterly helpless when I should not have. Sam sat all by his lonesome with his blonde head in his peach hands. His back trembled with each sob. Aragorn stood there cleaning his sword until finally he looked at me and said, "Legolas, get them up."

I couldn't move, did not people grieve for those that they had lost? Why must we get up now? Sam looked at me, almost begging me not to comply. I walked almost numbly, was a death supposed to do this? Was Gandalf's spirit wanting to use me as a passage way or because he did not like death? I pinched my hand until I bled, I felt it and I smiled inside. I was still me. I knelt by the two weeping hobbits and touched their shoulders softly, giving them my strength so that they may stand up and face what we had to next.

"I don't want to go Merry, Legolas." Peregrin whispered looking back at the mine's exit. His friend nodded and rubbed his back.

"I know Pippin but we have no where else to go but up."

Again, I said nothing.

"Give them a moment for pity's sake!" Boromir cried holding out his hands as if he were to be crucified.

"By nightfall these hills will be swarming with orcs. We must reach the woods of Lothlorien. Come Boromir. Legolas. Gimili get them up."

I walked between the two hobbits and pushed their stiff feet along to meet Aragorn. He knelt by Sam and pulled him up, telling him to get on his feet. They walked for a moment, Sam's pots and pans clattering and clanking about. "I want some nice carrots and cheese with bread and wine to drink. I want to go home." Pippin said softly, he leaned into me and I could only nodd and rub his cheek softly.

"Frodo? Frodo!"

I looked at Aragorn and then at Frodo who stood much farther away from us, he was trying to get away. I saw in his blue eyes that he was trying not to cry but a pool of emotion spilled over to leave one perfectly formed tear trailing down his right cheek and plopping onto his cloak.

I sat next to the fire as we rested on the Silverlode's bank. I stared at it an wondered if a Balrog would birth from the very fire we had made from tree wood and rock ambers. Pippin sat down next to me an leaned his head on my shoulder, I kissed his forehead and as he held my warm hand he whispered something that I shall never forget even after his bones are long dust.

"Gandalf isn't dead. He's in each and every one of us. It just hurt because I have never seen anyone die. I've seen them dead, but not actually die in front of me," I touched my chest and Pippin nodded, "You felt it too, aye?"

I pecked him on the lips and nodded. "Aye, I did."

The End
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