Anyone Of Us by Alexa Bond
Summary: Viggo tries to explain... 7 degrees of apology. 7 continuing drabbles.
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Story Notes:
Based on the song "Anyone of Us" by Gareth Gates... as requested *G* Great thanks to Joelle for beta.

1. Chapter 1 by Alexa Bond

Chapter 1 by Alexa Bond
Author's Notes:
Set during the filming of LOTR.
1. Drabble

I don't know what to say... don't know how to say it. Look, it was a mistake... a stupid mistake. Can't we just forget it? I can't explain it, it just happened. It just happened.

He means nothing to me, nothing at all.

You don't understand... we had been drinking and you know how Orli looks in the moonlight, the lighting... beautiful...

I was just in one of my moods. I wasn't thinking clearly... was in my artist mood...

It's not like we own each other anyway. It's not like we made any vows.

Look... let's just forget this. It's such a silly thing... small thing really...

2. Drabble

I've been such a fool. Please speak to me... say something.

I know I've been letting you down... the situation just got out of hand.

I've hurt you, I know I have. I didn't mean to; didn't mean to betray you.

I'm sorry... what more can I say?

Tell me what you want me to do to fix this. I'll do it... anything.

Please... don't let this be goodbye... speak to me... You have to listen to me.

I'm sorry, it was a mistake... it should never have happened. I wish nothing more than to be able to undo what I did but I can't.

I can't.

3. Drabble

Come on. This is getting ridiculous. Speak to me! Say something... anything.

Look, anyone can fall. Anyone can make a mistake.

I should have let it go, I should have said no... but I didn't.

It can happen to anyone of us... anyone of us can accidentally hurt someone we love. It can happen to anyone of us... anyone.

I made a stupid mistake; that I don't deny but don't do this to us.

It can happen to anyone of us... anyone can be weak and fall for temptation. It was a mistake... a stupid mistake.

God damn it! What more do you want from me?

4. Drabble

For God's sake... say something... say anything at all. Don't just sit there all calm and composed. Have a reaction for Christ's sake! Yell at me, cry, throw things around... I don't know but just do something!

Sean... please...

It was a mistake... he means nothing to me.

Please say you believe me... please say you forgive me.

It could happen to anyone of us... let's just forget it and move on.

I was a fool... Gave in to temptation.

It won't happen again... it was a stupid mistake.

Let's not ruin everything we have over this...

Say something... come on...

Please say you believe me... please say you forgive me.

5. Drabble

You've been silent all through this but now you sit up straighter in your chair. Your eyes are dry but sad as your lips move to form words:

I loved you, I truly did. But some betrayals can't be forgiven. Even if we spoke no vow with words we still shared one... and so you still broke one.

I understand temptation very well but that excuse never worked.

It's not a matter of what anyone else might do; all I care about is what you did. Anyone would do this? Perhaps but not I and I didn't think you would either.

6. Drabble

A small pause then your lips move again and I see so much hurt and pain flash in the depths of your green eyes.

It's not just what you did... but Goddamn it! Did it have to be Orli? Did it have to be a friend? Couldn't you at least have picked someone I could hate for this?

Not all things broken can be fixed and not all mistakes can be forgiven. Trust can so rarely be rebuilt after betrayal.

Some things just can't be healed with kisses.

I hope you find whatever it was you went looking for.

Goodbye, Viggo.

7. Drabble

I want to speak; caught between wanting to plea and yell.

Your eyes are still dry but sad. Suddenly I feel your stare on me like a green sword being stabbed through my heart.

I know there is nothing more to say or do. For one stupid mistake, one moment of weakness I've lost it all.

Worst thing is I only have myself to blame and I know that will be the hardest thing to live with.

I stand up and mumble:

I truly never meant to hurt you.

And I walk out the door and out of your life.
End Notes:
Disclaimer: This never happened unless I have psychic powers and can change the past, present and future. Any likeness to real characters is all in your mind, nothing more. This is fiction, made up, never happened, not real... you want that in other languages as well? *LOL*
I intend no infringement, this is a piece of amateur fan fiction, and I make no money off it. Only the original idea contained within this work is the property of the author. Please do not copy this story to any website or archive without permission of the author.
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