Anatomically Correct by Brigantine


Summary: Marton is away doing research, leaving Ian restless and lonesome. Sean, Viggo and Ian attempt to bake cookies for a New Year's party.
Rating: Restricted Audience [Reviews - 2]
Category: RPS, RPS > Viggo Mortensen/Sean Bean/Ian Mckellen
Characters: Ian McKellen, Sean Bean, Viggo Mortensen
Type: Threesomes and Groups
Warning: AU
Challenge: None
Series: Post - Novice Chronicles
Chapter: 1 | Completed: Yes | Words: 3279 | Read: 327
Published: April 21, 2008 | Updated: April 22, 2008

Story notes: I had this image of Viggo being turned loose with gingerbread people and a surfeit of pink icing, and this just kind of happened. I hope I'm not screwing up anybody's innocent childhood associations with gingerbread men.
Just a reminder: Particularly for those who haven't read NC, for reasons pertaining to Viggo's character in the original series I backed off Sean's and Viggo's ages down to their early thirties. Ian has been brought back some years as well. For NC I wanted him to be in his late fifties. I'm not sure I've ever mentioned that last bit.

Post Novice Chronicles: Rattle and Roll, Biding Time, If the Dog Doesn't Like You, Modern Alchemy, In the Doghouse, Cascade, Glamour, A Brief History of Bread, Anatomically Correct, Sheffield Roulette, Spur of the Moment.

1. Chapter 1 by Brigantine [Reviews - 2] (3279 words)