Once in a Lifetime by Silvertoekee

Story notes: This is totally AU, so doesn't follow the books at all.
The slamming of metal on metal echoed throughout the forest. Two figures leaped apart and took a few steps back. Grasping his sword more firmly the elf rushed the mortal and slashed at him. Leaping back the young man tried to defend himself and felt something trip him. Laying on the ground he glanced up at the grinning elf and scowled. A sword tip was smoothly pointed at him and he dropped his sword in defeat.

Shoving blond hair back impatiently, Glorfindel smiled in satisfaction. "You have improved much Estel and I see you have been practicing."

Letting out a laugh Estel grasped the elf's hand and stood up. "Yes but I still need to watch out for your fancy foot work."

The blond elf shook head mockingly and sheathed his sword. "Do not worry my friend, you will get the hang of it."

Estel only snorted in reply and picked up his sword. He was feeling a bit exhausted since they had been practicing for hours now. The sun was starting to set and it would soon be time for the evening meal.

"We had better head back and get cleaned up. Otherwise I think your father will be very furious with me."

Laughter rang out into the clearing as the boy regarded the elf. He could almost imagine the expression his father would have while scolding his blond seneschal. A scowl would appear on his face and an evil gleam in his eye, while he wagged a finger at the elf. The image made him laugh harder and the elf glared at him.

"Keep that up young one and I will be forced to extreme measures." Glorfindel threatened teasingly.

Estel snorted but calmed down. The two of them left there weapons in the armory and headed inside to the baths. Once in the chambers they quickly stripped down and entered the warm water. Grabbing a bar of scented soap, Estel began to wash his body and sighed in bliss. It felt so good to clean off the sweat and grim that covered him. Dunking under water, he swept back his wet locks and glanced at his companion. Estel blinked and gazed at the elf in fascination. Blue eyes were half closed in pleasure as Glorfindel combed his hands through his long hair. Water drops sparkled brightly on his skin and slid slowly down toned muscles. For the first time Estel felt the stirring of something more then a pupil towards the older elf and was alarmed. Feeling a blush rise to his cheeks, he turned away and quickly stepped out of the bath. Drying himself off, Estel grabbed one of the robes and hastily put in on.

"I will see you at the evening meal Estel?"

The elf watched as the boy nodded and rushed out the door. Glorfindel wondered why the other was in such a hurry and shrugged it off. Whatever it was perhaps the young one would speak of it later or maybe it was nothing at all.

Estel raced into his room and quickly closed the door. Leaning against it he let out a sigh and slid to the floor. He didn't understand what was going on with his emotions and why it had anything to do with Glorfindel. The other elf had always been a mentor to him since he was young and he never felt anything except friendship before. For some reason when he had looked at the elf in the baths a stirring of passion had taken over. It was very confusing and he didn't know what to do about it. Shaking off theses thoughts, he decided to ignore it and hoped it would go away.

The evening meal was running smoothly and yet something was off. Elrond glanced over at his sons and noticed that his youngest was barely eating. The boy appeared deep in thought and only picked at his food. Cocking his head to the side he wondered what was bothering him and if he should ask. Estel had been acting like this since the evening meal had started and it just wasn't like him.

"You seemed troubled my lord." Erestor asked curiously.

He smiled warmly at his dark haired advisor and glanced back his son.

"Nothing is wrong Erestor, I am just wondering what is wrong with Estel."

Erestor looked at Estel and watched as the boy smiled distractedly at his brothers' comment. The twins looked at each other and glanced at there brother in bewilderment.

"Yes he is acting a tad strange and not like himself at all."

Elrond gazed at his youngest son for a while longer before coming to a decision. "I will speak to him after the evening meal and find out what is wrong."

Looking down at his food, Estel picked at it but had no appetite. He had successfully pushed aside all thoughts and emotions of the bath encounter or so he had thought. It had all started going down hill when Glorfindel had entered and the evening meal had started. The blond elf had caught his attention and stirred something inside him once again. He was dressed in a blue tunic that made his eyes look like a summer sky and dark black leggings that molded to his legs. His long blond hair had a few silver ribbons woven into it that accented his face and the whole look was astounding. Estel had felt his breath catch in his throat and his heart beat faster. Desire had flooded his being and it terrified him. He had never felt theses intense feelings for anyone before and he didn't know what to do. Letting out a bewildered sigh, he had quickly glanced down at his food and pretended to eat. His brother Elladan had tried to talk to him but he had only mumbled in reply. It was too hard to concentrate on anything else with theses emotions swirling through him and he couldn't wait for the meal to be over.

It wasn't until an hour later that the meal was concluded and Estel could escape. Rushing through the hallways, he walked out of Imladris and into his father's private gardens. A crescent moon shown overhead and the stars glowed brilliantly. Estel walked over to one of the benches and sat down. Tipping his head back, he closed his eyes and released a tired sigh.

"What is troubling you my son?"

Elrond watched as the boy flinched in surprise and smiled. Walking over to him, he sat down on the bench and waited.

Estel gazed at the ground and wonder what to say. He couldn't tell his ada that his problem was a certain blond elf and that he was attracted to him. It was to embarrassing for one and he didn't know how he would act. He was terribly afraid that his father would be ashamed of him if he found out and that would hurt too much. But what was worse would be Glorfindel reaction and if he would be rejected.

"Nothing is wrong at all ada, I am just a bit tired and not very hungry."

Elrond gazed down at his son and could tell that he was lying. Something was disturbing the boy and he didn't want to tell him. It was perhaps best to wait for a while and let Estel come to him.

Reaching over Elrond hugged his son close to him. "Perhaps you should retire early then and maybe you will feel better tomorrow?"

Closing his eyes Estel nodded against his father's chest and snuggled closer. Hopefully things would be back to normal in the morning and he could forget his strange feelings. If not then he would have to bury them deep and never let anyone know about them.
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