The Legolas and Elladan Series by Winter

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Story notes: This is my very first story. Please go easy on me!
"Legolas come on. We need to be at the court yard now, Ada is waiting." Elladan called at the bathroom door were Legolas was currently at. Elladan sank to his knees as he once again heard Legolas heaving into the wash basin. He sighed heavily as he knew why his beloved cartel was so sick. Legolas had been sick a lot and finally with a little reading and some consoling with his ada he knew what was wrong with Legolas. Legolas was pregnant. Of course after some denying and tear shedding, Legolas accepted that he was pregnant.

"I'm coming Elladan," Legolas replied as he came out of the bathroom looking less green when he went into the bathroom. "Just let me brush my hair."

Legolas sat down in front of the mirror and started combing his hair but stopped short when Elladan took the comb from him and started to comb his hair.

"Elladan, what are we going to do? I'm happy about the baby but what if something happens?"

Elladan stopped and went down on his knees in front of is lover. He took Legolas hands in his own.

"Legolas, remember the day when I confessed my love to you under the great waterfall?"

" Yes"

"Remember what I said to you?"

Legolas nodded."You said that you would love me to the end of Arda. That not even death would tear us apart for I will always be in your heart as you shall always be in mine. And that whatever crosses our paths we will get through it together."

Elladan nodded and pressed his lips to Legolas's lips. They sat there, embracing each other as they fed off of the others deep love for them. Elladan stood up and took Legolas's hand helping him up.

"Come." Elladan said." Ada probably is a nervous wreak not knowing were we are."

Legolas smiled. "well we could be a few minutes late" Legolas said seductively.

Elladan smiled. "what do you have in mind my ai cartel?"

Legolas chuckled as he pushed Elladan onto the bed and sat on top of him.

"i mela lle." Legolas whispered.

"always and forever my ai cartel." Elladan replied as he pulled Legolas into a passionate kiss.

Later that day Legolas and Elladan walked hand in hand into the dining hall.

"well it's about time you two came out of your room." Elrohir shouted smugly.

Legolas blushed and Elladan smiled. " Well Elrohir if your so confident as to embarrass my love one then maybe you should go visit Vanafindon and see what swords he needs you to help him wield. Everyone around the table laughed much to Elrohir's horror. As Elladan and Legolas sat down for the evening meal, Elrond looked up and smiled at the young couple.

"My Legolas, don't we look well this evening. I heard you weren't feeling well today so you and Elladan are excused for today. But next time please send a messenger to inform me of your absence. I find it not very amusing to show lady Galadriel and lord Celeborn to their rooms while you and Elladan are moaning loudly."

Now everyone was laughing as Elladan and Legolas were blushing a deep red.

'Everything was going to be okay'. Legolas thought as he smiled at the elves around him.
Chapter end notes: Translations

i mela lle- I love you
cartel- rose
my ai cartel- my little rose
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