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International Day of Slash

What is the International Day of Slash

In 2003, Marie (from the Library of Moria) and Mid chose July 1st as International Day of Slash.

The intention was to create a day to celebrate the genre which would bring together slash lovers across fandoms. Although this day is named after slash, we consider that it is also dedicated to femslash lovers and yaoi fans.

This site is a place to link to other slashy sites, to post fic recs across fandoms, to link to videos, manips, meta slash articles, and all things slashy.

How to participate?

This holiday is a a chance (and an excuse!) to write, illustrate, and send greetings to one other within the community, to explore other fandoms and make new friends.

Feel free to take our banners and use them to spread the news about the International Day of Slash in your Live Journal, your personal site, or anywhere else you'd like. The IDoS is for all fandoms - so let's inform EVERYONE!

If you want something more specific, why not make a few recs of your favourite works?

1) Classic rec (a fic that is more than two years old)
2) Newbie rec (a fic that is less than two years old)
3) An author rec
4) A fandom rec
5) A site rec

Tolkien addicts, check the fics written for the 2006 IDoS!

Other People Involved

The IDoS has been adopted by a number of people.

Menina is Crazy (Obsessive and Compulsive Stalker) is the mod of the IDoS Yahoo group.

She also has a Cafe Press store to provide themed gifts and to help support an independent site she aims to build.

For LJ addicts there's the Writer's Poet community.

If you host a group or page for the IDoS let us know and we'll gladly also mention you.

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