Textual Extenders:
An Exploratory Survey into a Slash Community


by Sasha Book, Ph. D.

NOTE: Dear JSR readers. Time has gone by and I am seldom here now. I have added a few more parts of the study, but those yet to be completed unfortunately will remain so. Life has moved on.

For those using this work for the purpose of academic study, the name Sasha Book is a pseudonym (place an L after the first S and you'll get the joke). The PhD is real, and this study was done in an academic manner. At the time of conducting this study I was not free to place it under my own name. This study was not part of a formal academic program; it was my own exploration in the world I had newly discovered on the net and within myself. I hope it brings enlightenment to you as it has for me.

Write on!


(lom_jsr@hotmail.com there is an under bar between lom and jsr. I do not check this very often and sometimes it deletes everything if I am away too long, sorry)

On to the contents!


I would like to express my deep gratitude to all those who took part in this research. I humbly offer this report in return for all that you have shared with me.

An extra thank you goes to Alexis for the beta read of this non-fic. All remaining errors are mine.

Finally, I would like to thank Marie for her endless support.

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