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Summary: I haven't found any Pippin-Sam (without Frodo and/or Merry being involved, and without either longing for Merry or Frodo. I would like to see genuine Pippin and Sam affection for each other.
Categories: FPS > Sam/Pippin, FPS, FPS > Pippin/Sam Characters: Pippin, Sam
Summary: Before the FOTR, The Shire and somewhere far from it. ~ Rating: NC17 is best, but done classy. Before the quest for the ring and perhaps before the two hobbits even met, they partake on a little adventure of their own. Pippin discovers a hidden something, like perhaps a book or map. He then runs into Sam, who has no idea who this lad is and visa versa, nor the kind of trouble he could pull poor young Gamgee into. The two, after some fussing decide to go on this little quest, against Sam's better judgment of course. Along the way some events both scary and humorous happen. Plenty of room for suspense, angst, and a growing closeness between the two hobbits. Sam never the less does tend to take care of Pippin and look after him, saving his neck many times. Finally, perhaps after one particular scary and trying event, the two give themselves to each other. I was thinking very sweet passionate and well played. In the end the quest is completed, the mystery is solved or what not. As the two return home it could either end good or bad, but as I've seen it, it always seemed the Sam was a little edgy round Pippin, so perhaps something happens to tear the two apart. Basically an adventurous tale full of love and suspense. No real title for it, good luck! Should be a doosey.
Categories: FPS > Pippin/Sam, FPS, FPS > Sam/Pippin Characters: Pippin, Sam