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Thank you all so much!

ARATAR [the exalted] $25+
Surreysmum, Alison M., Cheryl M., Cynthia P., Laura B., Lee L., Marlene S., Oulangi, JeAe S., Clara P., Lady Ceridwen, Dayast Joy, Anonymous, Myrtle M, Aglarien, Zinneth, Lancelottie, Rainbow Hangover

VALAR [the great ones] $15-24
Anaheed Dancer, Oulangi, Mascha G., Anonymous, E. West, Linda

MAIAR [the powerful spirits] $6-14
Anna H., Bettina F., Irma I., Liesbeth S., Marla C., Megan D., Jen C., Miss S J Lewis, Nuinzilien & Dark Dreamer, Erniniae, Hana Heart, Friederike, Melissa, Elf Couture, queenmabtron, Al

ISTARI [the wizards] $1-5
Denise P., Julia K., Julie M., Pamella P., Samantha S., OldHistory, Melissa T., Zirolyte, Dylan_Mx., Anonymous, Carl, Victoria O


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