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Summary: A demon has been lying dormant within Glorfindel's subconscious since his return from Mandos. After a night of pleasure, the demon awakens. What happens after that is up to the author. Preferably in the R rating, mayhap some NC-17 between the two elves. A lot of angst and hurt/comfort.
Categories: FPS > Haldir/Glorfindel, FPS, FPS > Glorfindel/Haldir Characters: Glorfindel, Haldir of Lothlórien
Summary: I'd like to issue a challenge for a good Haldir/Glorfindel fic. The only things I request are a happy ending and try not to kill the poor guy off! If you need to it's OK but please bring him back! Other than that have fun and use all the creativeness you want!
Categories: FPS > Glorfindel/Haldir, FPS, FPS > Haldir/Glorfindel Characters: Glorfindel, Haldir of Lothlórien