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Summary: Anything goes except please no mpreg. Don't care about rating as long as there's some fluff or angst. Brownie points for both.
Categories: FPS Characters: Manwë, Morgoth
Summary: The real explanation why the oath of FĂ«anor came into being. It turns out the Silmarils were just a term he used for his... um... Christmas Ornaments :) Remember the scene in American Pie 2, where the guy mistakes glue for sex lubricant and ends up glued to... himself? Well, this explains why Melkor, FĂ«anor's lover, took the 'Silmarils', and why FĂ«anor wanted them back so bad... Slash and humor, and if it's all within The Silmarillion canon, all the better.
Categories: FPS > Morgoth/FĂ«anor, FPS, FPS > FĂ«anor/Morgoth Characters: FĂ«anor, Morgoth
Summary: Write a love story between Melkor and Sauron. No rape, any rating. Must contain: 1. Angst 2. Happy end 3. Mpreg 4. Melkor: Brown hair, blue-green eyes, very tall and muscular. Sauron : Very long black hair, ice-blue eyes, shorter than Melkor and a bit more feminine.
Categories: FPS Characters: Morgoth, Sauron
Summary: Would like to see Melkor/Tulkas, if could include the blindfold and chains used in Melky's previous trials this would be good. If poss' not make Tulkas too dumb.
Categories: FPS Characters: Morgoth
Summary: Either a 'romantic' or not so nice one. There's plenty of 'evidence' in the books to support either.
Categories: FPS Characters: Morgoth, Sauron