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Summary: How about a story where Tom Bombadil corrupts the innocence of the four hobbits at the start of their long journey.
Categories: FPS Characters: Frodo, Merry, Pippin, Sam, Tom Bombadil
Summary: Tom Bombadil.... so sad that he was neglected. Left out of the movie to die a long, horrible death... well not exactly but he didn't get much of the limelight. One of you nice authors out there *wink wink, nudge nudge* could write a yummy story about an orgy in his house after he takes the Hobbits there. Just 'cause Tom needs love too. Should be NC17 (hehe, yay!) and include AT THE VERY LEAST two of the Hobbits gettin' it on with good ol' Tom. Also try to get Goldberry out of the house because I don't think that she wants to see or hear that stuff. Would be nice if it was a comedy but it isn't a requirement. Lastly, have fun!
Categories: FPS Characters: Tom Bombadil
Summary: What if Frodo and company had gone through The Old Forest, and had met Tom Bombadil? (Movie characters) They do not want to admit it, but there is more than one reason the hobbits do not want to leave... (Goldberry is NOT there!)
Categories: FPS Characters: Frodo, Tom Bombadil
Summary: No impure thoughts in the halflings' minds before they meet the sex-guru of the Old Forest! Tell the story of their time in Tom's house and what he teaches them - and how very queer they feel afterwards. Goldberry may assist the master in 'awaking the nature', and in case you don't want a lady here, make her a sweet soft boy; another surprise for the hobbits? Give a some nice meaning to 'hop along my hearties' - and don't forget, Tom likes to say *everything* in verses! (This is a challenge from the *one-woman-Tom-Bombadil-Rights-Movement*! yep!)
Categories: FPS Characters: Tom Bombadil