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Summary: Completely AU. Rewrite the "In the house of Tom Bombadil" chapter (of course you don't have to make it so long). But without Tom Bombadil. Why? Because, as we all know, Goldberry is an openly lesbian that lives in the Old Forest with her lover Arwen (we don't want Aragorn in this fic. Go away, you stupid Ranger!) . When the Hobbits arrive, the ladies teach them (can be graphic) that it's not wrong to love someone of your own sex. Of course, our four friends are quick learners!
Categories: Femslash > Goldberry/Arwen, FPS, Femslash > Arwen/Goldberry Characters: Arwen, Goldberry
Summary: Arwen gets lost while riding her horse (maybe she escaped from Rivendell to join the Fellowship?), and she is found half-dead near the Old Forest by Goldberry. While the long recovery takes part in Bombadil's house, attraction grows between the two women. It has to be very romantic and with a love-making scene at least.
Categories: FPS Characters: Arwen, Goldberry