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Summary: Must be set during FOTR times and characters from then, (no TTT or ROTK characters). NC-17, Drama, no humor, long story, no crude or dirty words. Arwen is pregnant with Aragorn's child, they can be married or not. Legolas and Aragorn are only ones present at the natural birth. Takes place at night in the forest. Legolas or Aragorn can deliver the baby. Both comfort her, either in turns or together. Lots of details of the Labor/birth, not many complications, single birth, baby must survive, and lots of talking her through it and hurt/comfort/pain/angst. Legolas has this Elvish power to soothe her by using a deep, soft, yet powerful and beautiful 'Hum' that he does near her ear or while touching her forehead with his. This only soothes her or gives her more strength to deal with the labor/delivery, but she still hurts. Then after the birth, Legolas/Aragorn take a walk in the dark forest to talk about how Aragorn feels about being a Daddy, etc., then they admit their feelings for each other, and end up in a small private cave and have gentle, first-time for both m/m sex. NO crudity or dirty words. Make it beautiful, slow, passionate, details about climax. Anyone who needs help with the natural childbirth to make it more realistic, email me, I have assisted at births and delivered a baby on my own. (Aspiring Midwife student, here :) PLEASE email me the story as soon as it's done, I can't WAIT to see this one! :)
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Summary: RotK movie: The night after the victory celebrations for Helm's Deep, Legolas is standing outside where Aragorn finds him; looking rather thoughtful. But he's not just worried about the dark forces - someone else came to see him before Aragorn and propositioned him. Will Legolas accept? Why is he so troubled by the offer? The pairing can be whatever you want (and doesn't have to just be one other person)... Éomer, Gimli, or ThÉoden could all be good choices.
Categories: FPS > Aragorn/Legolas, FPS, FPS > Legolas/Aragorn Characters: Aragorn, Legolas
Summary: The Fellowship has departed from Rivendell. Some know each other well, others not at all. Aragorn and Gandalf are the only ones who have ever met Legolas before, or know much of anything about him. Aragorn has only met him briefly, enough for Legolas to know some of his history (prompting the speech at the Council, motives behind that up to you), and Gandalf's time with him has been even more fleeting. As their journey progresses and the Fellowship start to get to know each other - what do they all think of Legolas and the part he plays in the Fellowship? Preferable pairing would be L/Aragorn or L/Boromir, or a combination. Ratings, warnings, feel of the fic (though I was definitely thinking a serious one)... all up to you. Other pairings may be added if needs be for plot (non-con, a dalliance, non-Legolas pairings, whatever); but the main one must be as stated. Oh, and while the truth of Legolas' character is also up to you, I'd rather he wasn't 'evil'. Good luck!
Categories: FPS > Legolas/Aragorn, FPS, FPS > Aragorn/Legolas Characters: Aragorn, Legolas
Summary: While re-watching FotR last night, I saw a nice scene I've missed before: when the entrance to Moria is falling in because of the lake monster and the Fellowship is running forward, Legolas is behind but then catches up with Aragorn and you see this lovely scene of them looking back in shock at the collapse with Legolas' hand on Aragorn's shoulder. So a challenge: Legolas/Aragorn; write a fic that either starts with or is inspired by this scene about the Fellowship's journey through Moria (and onwards if you like). Everything else is up to you but there are these requirements: - In your first sex scene (if you write one), Legolas should be strangely nervous. How does Aragorn reassure him? -Merry and Pippin must make at least one amusing cameo. - Legolas and Aragorn, or Legolas and Boromir, must have a conversation about Legolas pulling Boromir back from the edge of the broken bridge (and Boromir falling back on him :- nice scene too!)
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Summary: Aragorn meets Legolas for the first time when they're both little kids. (For the purpose of this fic, elves age just like humans, but they just stop getting older when they reach a certain age.) Legolas and his father Thranduil are visiting Rivendell. Legolas and Aragorn take an instant disliking towards each other. Later, much later, when they're all grown up, Aragorn and Legolas meet up again, during FotR. They *think* they still hate each other, but then they fall in love. Aragorn has to deal with a heartbroken Arwen. Take note: HEARTBROKEN. Not jealous, evil Arwen out to kill Legolas. In the end, Arwen realizes that she will be happy as long as Aragorn is, so she backs off and lets them be. Has to end with a mushy binding ritual scene. (And Arwen sails over the Sea, retains her immortality, so there's a HAPPY ENDING. This is a MUST) Requirements: - NO LEMONS! - MUST BE IN CHARACTER! - Must be based on book-verse, NOT movie-verse. *This is VERY important* - Must be lyrical i.e. use sort-of old style writing, trying for Tolkien's style. - Must be humorous, but not ridiculous. - Must be PG-13 rating at the most. - One last thing: must include the following lines, 'I see you are still as childish as before.' 'No, I am just trying to match your inferior intellect so as to make you feel more comfortable. You see, my father taught me manners.' (Can be said by Aragorn and Legolas) Ok, that's all. The rest is up to the author, but do NOT mutate this plot into a ridiculous, making-fun-of-characters fic.
Categories: FPS > Aragorn/Legolas, FPS, FPS > Legolas/Aragorn Characters: Aragorn, Legolas
Summary: This is sort of out of the Lord of the Rings time zone. Like Aragorn is a mean jerk who wants Legolas and will do anything to get him and blah, blah, blah, but nice and kind Haldir also has his heart set out on Legolas. Like Haldir doesn't die, you can add some of the other LOTR characters too, but there is a catch. BWAHAHAHA!!!!!!! You see, Legolas is under some kind of evil curse thing and stuff and...*tries to make this look dramatic* How far will Aragorn, who is entranced by Legolas's beauty and will go to drastic measures to get him, go to get Legolas and avoid the evil, spell, curse thing while still getting his prize and coming out alive? And how far will Haldir, who has only pure love for Legolas, go to win Legolas's heart? About Legolas's curse thingamajig-All right, when Legolas was born, he was put under a curse by Sauron partly because the Mirkwood people betrayed Sauron by going to the good side, therefore he punished Legolas, being King Thranduil's youngest or and/or only son. The other part was because he was jealous that Legolas was the most beautiful thing and he wanted him for himself. The curse is to be haunted day and night by hallucinations, demons and lots of other unpleasant things. And eventually the curse will drive the person mad until he/she gives themselves up to the person who placed the curse on them or.....they committed suicide. Nasty business. Oh yes, Legolas and Haldir cannot die and please get them together!!!! And, in this story, Aragorn is an evil man and wants everything for himself....especially Legolas. PLEASE make this a real good, long and marvelous story!!!! Thank you much!!!!
Categories: FPS > Legolas/Aragorn, FPS, FPS > Aragorn/Legolas Characters: Aragorn, Legolas
Summary: An Aragorn/Legolas story based on the Motley Crue song "Black Widow". Any rating is fine, but NC-17 is the prefered.
Categories: FPS > Legolas/Aragorn, FPS, FPS > Aragorn/Legolas Characters: Aragorn, Legolas
Summary: Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli are pursuing the orcs that have captured Merry and Pippin. Aragorn soon becomes irrational and Legolas doesn't agree with the way Aragorn is handling things. Argument between the man and the elf gets more violent each time and soon they are drawing weapons against each other. Legolas and Aragorn are very well matched but Legolas is stronger than Aragorn and manages to pin him to the ground. Legolas tells Aragorn (who he refers to as Estel) that he could kill him right now if he wanted to but doesn't. Things still haven't cooled off when Gandalf comes. At Helms Deep the battle is over and everyone is clearing the dead bodies. Aragorn and Legolas are cleaning up in a very secluded part quite far from the fortress.Argument once again brakes out, Legolas and Aragorn draws weapons but they tumble down a very dangerous cliff. Aragorn is knocked unconscious and it is dark, Legolas sees Aragorn and tries to help him. (Aragorn/Legolas) I'll prefer it as nc-17 that way you can add all sorts of stuff. you can write the love scene part since i can't think of it right now, but anyway don't spill too much blood! *winkwink*
Categories: FPS > Legolas/Aragorn, FPS, FPS > Aragorn/Legolas Characters: Aragorn, Legolas
Summary: Aragorn/Legolas, with some Gimli/Legolas hints. Must be set after ROTK. Bound by some oath made to Aragorn, Legolas remains living with him and Arwen. Gimli is trying to get Legolas to like him. Something happens to Arwen at the beggining of the fic -she must be left out of the whole fic, I don't care how-. Aragorn needs to woo Legolas before Gimli can. The higher the rating, the extra the points. Must eventually include Legolas riding a horse... naked. Extra points if you get Aragorn to ride on the same horse. Extra points if you find an excuse to have him naked too. Romance is a must! Sweet talk from Aragorn preferred, but not needed. ;) Can be written in almost any way (parody, drama, etc) as long as the ending is happy and Aragorn and Legolas get together.
Categories: FPS > Legolas/Aragorn, FPS, FPS > Aragorn/Legolas Characters: Aragorn, Legolas
Summary: Pippin/Aragorn (Aragorn the advancer); Sam/Frodo -optional (but if so must have Frodo as the advancer please). Genre: drama/romance Pippin torture. In this, I would like it if Pippin got raped and beaten within an inch of his life, and Aragorn saved him. Well, you figure out the rest, No NC-17, please not too graphic on rape. Very graphic on gore, blood and Pippin's beating.
Categories: FPS > Pippin/Aragorn, FPS, FPS > Aragorn/Pippin Characters: Aragorn, Pippin
Summary: Must address the Arwen issue.
Categories: FPS Characters: Aragorn
Summary: Just before the Battle of Helm's Deep begins, King Théoden is restless and worried about his people. Aragorn realizes this, and thinks he knows how to cool the King's nerves. The King, however, doesn't want this, but Isildur's heir can't quite see that. Aragorn/Théoden, NC17. If you want lots of brownie points, make a sequel in which it becomes Aragorn/Legolas, after Aragorn 'takes a tumble' off the cliff (NC17 or R). Movie verse canon if possible.
Categories: FPS > Théoden/Aragorn, FPS, FPS > Aragorn/Théoden Characters: Aragorn, Théoden
Summary: A LotR fic where an unknown fact in elven physiology surfaces: every (insert time in years) elves undergo a mating frenzy and would pursue and use all means to win their chosen mate. Anything goes. *preference: any elf/another elf, any elf/man(most preferably Aragorn^_^) *more elves more fun; *this story is meant to be light and humorous *rating PG13 or higher.
Categories: FPS Characters: None
Summary: I would like to see an AU in which Haldir, Legolas, Aragorn, Boromir and Faramir are a team of assassins working as male models by day. Can be set in any major city world wide, or a made up city, or a Modern Middle Earth. The only required pairing will be Haldir and Faramir. The rest can be up to the writer. At least one character must die, and major bonus points if it's not Boromir. Also bonuses if Arwen get toppled into a dumpster filled with liposuctioned fat. I'd like to impose an R rating or higher.
Categories: FPS Characters: Aragorn, Boromir, Faramir, Haldir of Lothlórien, Legolas
Summary: I would love to see Sauron take the ring again and take over Middle Earth. It's up to Legolas to seduce Sauron and kill him. But all the while he is with Aragorn, and is flaunted by the evil one right in front of Aragorn all the time while he is locked up. I want some Elrond/Glorfindel and some Haldir/Éomer as well. Don't care where it is set, but it must end with Sauron being defeated.
Categories: FPS > Haldir/Éomer, FPS, FPS > Elrond/Glorfindel, FPS > Glorfindel/Elrond, FPS > Éomer/Haldir Characters: Elrond, Éomer, Glorfindel, Haldir of Lothlórien
Summary: What would happen if Gollum was knocked out by Sam and therefore didn't manage to get into Mount Doom to bite off Frodo's finger? "The Ring is mine." - "Nooo!!" Sam could only watch and numbly follow as his best friend put on the One Ring he'd set out to destroy and walked out of Mount Doom, abandoning all he had fought for. Strangely enough, he had not turned fully invisible, but reappeared a few seconds later, his large blue eyes full of malicious joy. He was high on his own power, his posession of the ring. "You can't keep the Ring, Frodo!" Sam yelled after him, panicking. Tears ran down his grime-covered face as Frodo turned around to him, that frightening, power-hungry smile still on his lips. "You don't know what you're doing!" Sam tried to shout, but all that came out was a choked sob. "You are not yourself." How could this be happening to his beloved, innocent Frodo Baggins? "Trust me, my love." Frodo answered, with a strangely calm and cold voice that sent shivers down Sam's spine. "I have never been more myself than now." And as Frodo turned and walked calmly towards the tower, ready to kill Sauron and everyone who stood in his way to power, Sam knew that he would follow and help him, for he loved Frodo far too much to ever displease him. The Ring had to be destroyed, but Sam had not the heart to hurt its bearer. And so, Lord Frodo came to power over Mordor and, after that, all of Middle Earth. ** ** ** ** Yup! And I did a short RP a few days ago about what happens after that -Frodo and Sam climb up to Sauron and Frodo kills him (is just a helpless eye after all ) while Sam holds up the orcs. Sauron is destroyed, big energy wave -after that, Frodo is more or less himself, save for the fact that he calls the NAZGÛL to him, which are now HIS servants, to carry him and Sam to Minas Tirith! Of course, Sauron's army of orcs died or fled when he was destroyed, so the good guys, ya know, Aragorn and so on, are all safe and alive. They're very happy to see Frodo and Sam arrive - just a little bit worried about HOW they arrive: on one of the Nazgûls dragons
And, well, a bit later in the morning, after Frodo's had a good night's sleep and Gandalf hasn't had enough time to worry about the strangeness and this unexpected, seemingly wrong outcome of things, evil-hobbit openly admits that he's still got the ring and now everyone should bend to his will. End of the third age, so to say, NWO - New World Order. First - everyone is quite shocked, of course. But they think - hey, this is FRODO who has the ring, it can't be so bad? And Sauron's dead, it's what we wanted! So Aragorn becomes King of Gondor, marries Arwen - everything's fine. Of course, dear heir of Isildur has to cope with using Denethor's old throne, the throne for the STEWARD of Gondor, because Frodo uses the king's. Which, by the way, is far too large for him But not for long, because Frodo's first orders are about to follow! He commands all hobbits and dwarves to move to Minas Tirith for the time being so they can as fast as possible build him his own castle -carved into the mountains above the city. Bloody high, exceptionally large, and not at all easy to make, but they have to. It takes about half a year. Dwarfes are good at caves. The inside of this palace is all marble, mostly dark. Frodo's throne room especially, which is made of black marble, including his overly large throne. He turns into a right little megalomaniac. In the front and back of this castle, he magically creates two yards. The one in front of the main entrance is rather like the usual castle yards, think of Versailles. It's the first thing you see when riding up from Minas Tirith to Frodo's palace. There are several ways up through the mountain, of course, for servants, but this is the official, representative one *g* The one in the back is for Sam, actually, a small forest with all the kinds of plants and trees of the Shire. Frodo might be evil, but he still knows beauty when he sees it, and he wants some in his life, too! Now, now that his palace has been made, he sets up the actual plan. All hobbits must work - rebuild cities that were destroyed during the war, and then make weapons. Of all dwarves and men, Frodo sets up an army, because he wants one. He doesn't yet know what for And all elves that haven't gone to the West yet, become his servants in his palace. Yes, ALL elves. Several hundred might just about be enough for one single hobbit, don'tcha think? *lol* And he's not alone either - Sam's with him of course. Sam is the only person without a special rank of any sort (like Faramir, Èomer and Aragorn for example, they have enough paperwork duties to do with their offices, they don't need to be in the man-part of Frodo's army, as well as Gandalf, who is just Aragorn's advisor and wouldn't have much to do with Frodo if he didn't know him and tried to convince him to do good again) who doesn't have to do anything. Sam is Frodo's companion, personal servant, best friend and lover. He's the only person Frodo just about trusts. He's the one who comforts him at night, because sometimes, for a few hours, Frodo becomes himself again and cries because he knows how he's changed so much and turned evil, causing hurt to everyone... and Sam comforts him then, although he knows, that in the morning, his master will be even worse because he's shown weakness. Poor Sam! Sam is pretty sad about the change in his master. He wishes he could do anything about it - he wants his old Frodo back! As does everyone else, really, but as much as everyone else suffers physically (hard work and/or training), Sam suffers mentally. But he could never, EVER harm Frodo, so he just keeps on... being, and sometimes tries to talk to his lord, to make him change back, but of course, he can't. And, well, once his new world order is finished and works fine, Frodo has an idea. Valinor. He wants to conquer Valinor, capture the elves there and make them his servants, and also use the magic of the elves to live and rule forever. So, he talks to Sam about his fascination with elves, rather innocently, with the outcome that in the end, he makes Sam believe that HE was the one who gave Frodo the idea of conquering Valinor! Not exceptionally important, but it helps keeping Sam loyal if he has a bad conscience. Well. Once the information about Frodo planning an attack against Valinor is official, Aragorn, Gimli, Gandalf and Legolas conspire against him. But they are found out and brought to Lord Frodo at once. Frodo is quite shocked at their betrayal. He's a tyrant, bloody evil, more and more corrupted with every second he wears the ring, consumed by and obsessed with his own power, but deep inside, he still wants his old friends to like him. So, he doesn't kill them, just gets them whipped - except for Legolas. Instead, he tells everyone (besides Sam, who's always with him) to leave him and Legolas alone. Then, he turns Legolas into an orc - for just a few seconds! As a demonstration of his power. And these few seconds are enough to break Legolas into total submission from then on. You know how good friends Legolas and Gimli are - (I think they're even a couple, but it works with best friends as well, they're just really, really close, tha's enough.) - and Frodo seperates them. Not intentionally, mind you. It's just that Legolas, being an elf, is a servant in the castle. Mean enough in itself, as elves need freedom, trees, some occupation, and all the elves' endless will to live is captivated inside these stone walls... but it's even more evil towards Legolas, because, with Gimli training in the army all the time, the two can barely ever meet. And when Frodo attacks Valinor, and wins, of course, as the elves living over there are totally unprepared and clueless as to what hits them, Legolas is, from a safe place on a ship, made to watch while the army of dwarves and men, an army he KNOWS Gimli, his lover, is in, attacks his defenseless relatives. They win, of course. In the end, Frodo's rule is very strict, but peaceful, so I think everyone might actually come to terms with it. Sam gets put to the test at some point though because ...Frodo wants him to kill Rosie. He's bloody jealous of her and wants Sam to prove his love and devotion by killing her. How do you think that should end - should Sam just send her away and disobey Frodo, which he's never dared or WANTED to before, or should he actually kill her? Tough choice So when Sam sends Rosie away, which results in Frodo capturing and torturing her anway... [Frodo and Sam are at the time indecently sharing a grape on Frodo's throne when Faramir storms in. Faramir: Lord Frodo - oh. *makes to leave again* Frodo: *breaks the kiss for a moment but doesn't bother to look up* Stay. What is it? *resumes to kissing sam rather passionately again* Faramir: *cough* We.. we captured Rosie Cotton. Should we send her to the dungeons now or execute her immediately? Sam: *eyes fly open*shrieks and struggles* Frodo: *grabs sams hair none too gently and pulls him back down*keeps kissing him with endless patience* After a while, he does make the decision to stop these public displays of affection and deal with the problem.] ...but not trusting Sam anymore, Sam has to prove his love and that he's trustworthy to Frodo again. Maybe this will happen by chance. He could save Frodo's life when he could've let him die and rid the world of this tyrant! Now THAT's gotta prove something! Also, I have an idea for a scene just before Aragorn, Gandalf, Gimli and Legolas are punished for plotting against Frodo. Frodo and Sam are sitting peacefully behind the castle, in their private forest-garden-thing... Frodo is in a cuddly mood and therefore getting rather comfortable with his dear Sam, if you get my meaning They share several gentle kisses - YES! evil Frodo can still be gentle, it's a twisted version of his old qualities, but he still has them. Well, but while they're quite innocently making out, a random elf surprises them - very humbly, of course. He's only set out to inform Lord Frodo that several conspirators have been found out (Aragorn, Gimli, Gandalf and Legolas, as I told you earlier) and now need to be dealt with. Only, he doesn't get as far as that because Frodo immediately kills him for bothering them. Sam is quite terrified - one, he's been found kissing another male! Of course everybody knows of their relationship and it's not very uncommon, but he's sweet and modest SAM, he's so embarassed! And then, two - he just saw his beloved master kill and innocent elf for no apparent reason. And then Frodo turns back to him, and he seems to actually have enjoyed this pointless murder by his own hands (well, power, anyway, he just needs to tell the ring to kill someone and the person drops dead) and says " Pity I killed him before he could tell me what he wanted. Now we have to go inside and continue this later..." [...which they don't, they finish it. Lord Frodo has time. ] And Sam, seeing the evil in Frodo's eyes, is terrified. He loves him endlessly, so he could never leave him, but he is also terrified. Frodo's come to love killing people. He's become obsessed with power, and killing someone is a way of expressing that power. Especially with elves, as they're supposedly immortal, and he can break through that with a simple thought -he loves it. And Sam, yes, he's very scared. Just a little more and Frodo would drive him insane - he knows he should leave Frodo, it'd be the only sensible thing to do! But he also knows his life is worthless without him because he loves him so much. And he also knows he hasn't really got a choice - even if he wanted to, he couldn't leave! So all he can really do is wish for Frodo to be a better person - and be scared of himself, because, at some point, he discovers there's something intriguing about how he fears Frodo. And how could he save Frodo's life... hm... maybe... yeah! There could be some natural phenomenon, dunno, an avalanche while they're traveling in the mountains, a storm... anything, and Frodo's about to die, crying to Sam for help really sweetly and innocently, HELPLESS, and Sam knows he should just let him die, it'd be best for everyone - but he can't, and he doesn't want to. So, he saves him and defends him with his life so nobody can cause his master any harm while he's weak. I imagine the journey home to be so adorable! Sam has to carry Frodo all the way of course because he's broken something and needs to get healed by the elves, and in his weakened state, he slips from good again -telling Sam to just let him die- to evil - complaining about basically everything, insulting him, being generally nasty... and once Sam actually puts him down and starts a "Right, this is IT!" etc. kind of speech, Frodo puts on that helpless, sad look again and gets real cuddly again, apologizes, says he didn't mean it, how much he loves Sam and the likes... like a little kitten, first it scratches you and then it curls up in your lap, purring. That's Frodo. There's also the story of how Frodo's backyard came to be Aragorn's fault, actually. He and Gandalf - well, everyone, really, is hoping to restore some of the good that was once in his Lord. So, at some point, Aragorn decided to speak to Frodo a lot, to try and get to him, MAKE him be good. Which of course he can't he'd need to kill him or take the Ring from him, and nobody can do the latter because it would only corrupt that person. They might ask Sam to do it, but he'd never hurt Frodo, and he knows that it would include that. So Aragorn just tries ...talking. And Frodo actually invites him to his private chambers once where they lead a conversation that makes Aragorn cry in the end. As you said, Frodo is brilliant at messing with peoples heads, and he does very much so with Aragorn. In the end, this big strong man is sobbing because he blames himself for ever doubting in Frodo's total innocence - "I want to be good, really! *huge, sad eyes* But it has corrupted me... *dramatically grabs the front of strider's shirt*'s TAKEN me, Aragorn, I can't fight it! *turns away because he starts laughing and convincingly pretends to be sobbing hysterically instead*" Aragorn kneels behind him and pulls the little, supposedly sobbing figure into an embrace, then starts crying himself, apologizing to Frodo for ever doubting his good intentions and whatnot. He never sees the self-satisfied, evil smile on Frodo's face, who knows that he's yet again made one of his enemies follow him. This way, Aragorn would never be able to harm him. But later, he requests one good deed of Frodo - anything! So Frodo - rather bored - conjures up a random flower on the floor of his throne room. Sam, so glad that his master isn't completely evil, immediately plants it outside - and then asks Frodo to conjure some more. This ends in Frodo reshaping the mountain and creating a whole little forest resembling those around the Shire. Yup. I could also get more into the private lifes of everyone else... they're pretty much the same, really, just that there are very strict rules. Men train for battle wherever they live - Frodo sees everything. Dwarves do the same in their caves, both practically all the time. Just Gimli's with the humans in Minas Tirith because that's where Legolas is as well and the chances of meeting are bigger that way. And all elves, really, ALL elves are more or less dignified slaves. Not tortured or humiliated, they're treated like proper servants, with the difference that they're not there by their own will. And hobbits that don't work on the rebuilding of Osgiliath and the likes still live in the Shire, just do a lot more delivering things to Gondor than before. Actually, I'm not really sure what to do with Merry and Pippin. I mean, they're Frodo's friends, not as close as Sam, but he'll still want them with him! So they live in Minas Tirith. But how... what do they do? *thinks* ...Actually... they could both be... what was it Pippin was for Denethor, squire? They could be the same for Frodo! Just Frodo isn't nearly as disgusting as Denethor, he makes up for it by being evil AND he has a ring for them to kiss! - I loved that scene.
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Summary: I had a silly dream last night, and now I want a FF from it! What if the wizards had games to change someone's future? What if Gandalf the only one interested in Hobbits made a Game only for them? What if Merry and Pippin stole it? *g* Ok, they steal that game. It's a card game and it controls the love lives of the hobbits. You have to have two cards with the names of hobbits on it Then you can play other cards on them. There are other cards which have different effects (from betrayal to deep desire). The cards force you to do these things or feel something, but they don't change true feelings. At first Pip and Merry don't know what it is, but then they ask Sam and Frodo if they wanted to try it out with them. So a few things happen and after they figure out what this game is everyone tries to get the best cards for him to go out with his secret love... or to help others with their love lives (maybe also wrong partners....) Well I'm curious if anyone writes this... ^_^;
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Summary: The Imladris elves have second thoughts about entrusting the guarding of the ring and journeying with the Fellowship in the hands of an elf from Mirkwood (very recently their enemies). Elrond sends a delegation of two or three after them to secretly follow and make sure everything is all right. The team, perhaps including Elladan and Elrohir, follow the Fellowship, but along the way they are totally seduced by the dark. After several days they set out to do evil upon the Fellowship - and especially the Mirkwood elf - including spells, rape, false indications, murder, betrayal to enemies, whatever... Have a scene where the elves are taken over by the dark side - make it weird, violent and sexual - very surreal would be best. Make it nc-17. Sex between brothers, rape, seduction, BDSM. Whatever it takes to make it as dark and evil as possible. Extra points for including SexSlave!Legolas.
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Summary: AU with the fellowship. Take Faramir on the quest instead of Boromir. I want a sequence in Moria and Lothlórien. Just that section, let's not worry what happens in Amon Hen or what happens with the quest. I want a torture and rape sequence inside Moria. The victim must be Faramir (book Faramir). Just Faramir, no one else - no elf and no hobbits. He can be caught trying to protect someone else (that can be elf or hobbit) or sacrifice his body to save a fellow walker, but he must be the one at the receiving end. He must be saved but after he's been raped multiple times. I need him alive and suffering badly. I want physical and psychological suffering. His recovery must take place in Lothlórien. Preferably, Aragorn helps him recover or else Haldir. Faramir must resent the comfort process at first but then slowly reconcile himself to it. The comforter must find himself drawn towards Faramir because of his bravery and fortitude. How Faramir responds is up to the author, but no matter who the comforter is, he will continue on the quest with the fellowship. Whether he recovers completely from the ordeal or not it also up to the author. The fic must end with their leaving Lothlórien. Extra points for graphic abuse sequence. NC-17 welcomed.
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Summary: A few years after the War Aragorn, Faramir and another, Man or Elf (it could even be Boromir, if you like), are on some business up in the Mountains, when an avalanche descends on them. The three would either be in a hunter’s house or a large mountain cave, with a small supply of firewood and provisions, so they can last a few days. But there is extremely little hope of salvation, for the snow has dead-blocked all exits, and no one is likely to find and dig them out. You get the psychological atmosphere of the situation. All three are close friends, but no romantic relationships had arisen between them up to this point. But now… You know, desperation, depression, mad hopes, inescapable doom and no future… And then they just run out of fire-wood, and it’s winter up in the mountains. Up to you whether to make this into a tragic tale of hopeless love awakening only to be soon forever extinguished, as the frost takes them one by one – or have a happy end where at the last moment they are saved. You can also choose, of course, to have a bit of both, when not all of the company manage to make it through
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