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Summary: After seeing TTT, I'm inexplicably very interested in seeing a Haldir autoerotic asphyxiation fanfic. Must involve a possession of the object of his desire. Say a chain, a necklace, a scarf, a rope, dare I say a belt? Let the owner find him out (rescue him?), if desired. :)
Categories: FPS Characters: Haldir of Lothlórien
Summary: Without a word Haldir makes his check on the north border as every day when he finds an unconscious, young, male Elf. He decides to take the Elf home with him and not to a doctor, because he (the elf) doesn't seem to be wounded. But when he wants to wash the blond (who lay in the mud on the ground), he finds out that the young one has been raped and is (logically) fading. But even before the Elf wakes up Haldir has a dream and comes to know that his new charge is the Prince of Mirkwood - Legolas, the youngest child of King Thranduil. But Legolas refuses to speak (a single word) and Haldir has a bad feeling to send him home. So he keeps Legolas a secret and only his brothers, Orophin (married, two children) and R√ļmil (has a new lover every month), know about the Prince. Everything is 'fine' (Legolas is not fading, he builds a relationship with Haldir and seems quite happy) until Galadriel, who saw the happenings in her mirror, tells Haldir that Thranduil wants his heir back (Legolas elder brother died trough an Orc-attack) and the King obviously knows where Legolas is. On the other side: Thranduil knows that Legolas was raped by HIS OWN INSANE BROTHER and wanted to keep the family name upright. So he brought Legolas to Lothlorien and watched Haldir when he took Legolas with him. But after his heir's death he regrets his actions and wants his son back. The Problem: Legolas refuses to speak - even when Haldir moves to Mirkwood and Thranduil gives his son a warm welcome... (Thranduil is a caring, but a bit old-fashioned father in this story, he accepts Haldir as his son's lover though) After a while Legolas (as a Sindarin Elf of the Royal family possible) gets pregnant and marries Haldir. When they say their vows in the ceremony Legolas starts to speak again (a little at the beginning) and when his beautiful son (Elarion of Mirkwood) is born he is mentally completely healed and ... you know: a sweet, fluffy happy-end!!!
Categories: FPS Characters: Haldir of Lothlórien
Summary: Haldir/any elf or Haldir/any man (though I have a slight preference for √Čomer). Haldir meets and seduces the youth under whatever circumstances, but it should be the elf/man's first time, and the elf/man consequently develops feelings for the irreverent, proud March Warden of L√≥rien. Haldir shrugs off his young lover's feelings in a brusque, callous manner, and rides off into the sunset. Fast forward the plot 50 years (in the elf's case), or 10 years (in the man's case) and they meet again during the time of the quest. The man/elf is an adult now, and still harbors a certain resentment ‚Äď and undeniable attraction ‚Äď to Haldir, who has completely forgotten about the sordid affair. You can continue the plot as you wish, although I would like to see a lot of Angst/Hurt-Comfort, and please let there be a happy ending. Preference for NC17, of course.
Categories: FPS Characters: Haldir of Lothlórien
Summary: Based on TTT movie canon. Haldir has been the lover of the lord of Lothlórien for centuries but after barely surviving his terrible injuries at Helm's Deep suffers amnesia and does not remember the relationship. Preferably with a supportive Galadriel (Extra points if Galadriel/Melian is implied somehow).
Categories: FPS > Celeborn/Haldir, FPS, FPS > Haldir/Celeborn Characters: Celeborn, Haldir of Lothlórien
Summary: Based on TTT movie canon. While fighting to save Rohan at Helm's Deep Haldir is thought to have been killed but in the cleanup the morning after he is found by √Čomer to still be alive if only barely. √Čomer falls for the injured marchwarden but the course of the war forces him to depart Helm's Deep with his uncle while Haldir is returned to Lothl√≥rien to heal. After the War is ended Haldir tires of the emotional pain of living in the Golden Wood and goes to live in Gondor, joining the personal staff of Queen Evenstar. Some time after √Čomer visits Gondor on a diplomatic mission to discover the elf who holds his heart is there and sets out to gain Haldir's friendship since a relationship with another male - especially an elf - would not be looked on well in Rohan.
Categories: FPS > Haldir/√Čomer, FPS, FPS > √Čomer/Haldir Characters: √Čomer, Haldir of Lothl√≥rien
Summary: Deep in the heart of Lothrien a pledge is made, a bond is sealed, and a promise made long ago is kept. The secret ties between the Elves of Lothlorien, the 'adventurous-elvish' Tooks, and Frodo.
Categories: FPS > Haldir/Frodo, FPS, FPS > Frodo/Haldir Characters: Frodo, Haldir of Lothlórien
Summary: Galadriel gave to Frodo the elves' favorite star, Earendil (The Light of Lorien). Well, what if all the elves were connected to the stars and it was part of their life force. What if Haldir was Earendil, the light of Lorien. Earendil bonds with Frodo in more ways than one.
Categories: FPS > Frodo/Haldir, FPS, FPS > Haldir/Frodo Characters: Frodo, Haldir of Lothlórien
Summary: Established relationship. Haldir has been rather flirtatious lately and his lover doesn't like it. Gildor bends him over his knee and teaches him a lesson. Spanking a must, other bdsm allowed.
Categories: FPS > Haldir/Gildor, FPS, FPS > Gildor/Haldir Characters: Gildor, Haldir of Lothlórien
Summary: I'd like to issue a challenge for a good Haldir/Glorfindel fic. The only things I request are a happy ending and try not to kill the poor guy off! If you need to it's OK but please bring him back! Other than that have fun and use all the creativeness you want!
Categories: FPS > Glorfindel/Haldir, FPS, FPS > Haldir/Glorfindel Characters: Glorfindel, Haldir of Lothlórien
Summary: Set in Lothlorien, after many years apart Legolas and Haldir are reunited. Legolas pretends to barely know Haldir, although they were once lovers. Haldir resents this and exploits the other elf's greatest weakness: Tickling. Pref. R or higher.
Categories: FPS > Legolas/Haldir, FPS, FPS > Haldir/Legolas Characters: Haldir of Lothlórien, Legolas
Summary: In lovemaking Haldir is usually dominant over Legolas. But Legolas wants to try it the other way around. But then Legolas discovers why Haldir doesn't want it. He's just afraid because he never tried it this way. Legolas has to persuade him.
Categories: FPS > Haldir/Legolas, FPS, FPS > Legolas/Haldir Characters: Haldir of Lothlórien, Legolas
Summary: I read a few stories set at helms deep, where Haldir survived due to a bond with √Čomer. In this story, I want Haldir to survive because of a bond with Legolas. He doesn't have to be bonded with Legolas beforehand, as I would like the story to evolve from friends to lovers. You could even throw in a jealous Aragorn. I realize that it has been done, but never a take on this pairing as far as I'm aware and they are the best couple in my eyes. So - Haldir/Legolas - Bond to save Haldir's Life - Jealous Aragorn (In love with Legolas?) - Tirinwe - Bond of Honor and Morgana - A mortal love These are the √Čomer/Haldir versions.
Categories: FPS > Haldir/Legolas, FPS, FPS > Legolas/Haldir Characters: Haldir of Lothlórien, Legolas
Summary: Haldir is captured by Orcs and taken to Barad-dur, where Sauron takes an interest in him. Rape, graphic torture, suffering. NC-17 or R only. Mega time dark fic. But no killing Haldir or Sauron. Anybody else is fine. Perhaps Sauron captures R√ļmil and uses him to get Haldir to submit to him. I have a few things I'd like to see if R√ļmil is captured too: 'Fucking get on the bed or I'll let the Orcs have him.' Haldir looks at R√ļmil with despair in his eyes. he Looks at Sauron and says, 'All right, I'll do whatever you want.' Sauron smiles wickedly. 'Good, now lie down on your stomach and spread your legs...' Haldir lay down on his stomach and spread his legs. Sauron looks at the Orcs. 'Take him to a cell. And if a hair on his head is harmed you all will suffer.' The Orcs bow and leave the room. Give this fic lots of graphic rape/torture. Have fun!
Categories: FPS Characters: Haldir of Lothlórien, Sauron
Summary: NC17 or R rated. Haldir is captured and is taken to Barad-Dur and Sauron takes an interest in him.
Categories: FPS Characters: Haldir of Lothlórien, Sauron
Summary: Aragorn/Haleth (the boy from Helms Deep) or Aragorn/Haleth/Legolas an NC 17 but tender, first time for Haleth, before the battle of Helms Deep.
Categories: FPS Characters: Aragorn, Haleth, son of H√°ma, Legolas
Summary: What was the real reason that Sam's brother, Hamson, moved to Tighfield? Hamson finds himself attracted to other males, and one in particular (possibly Frodo, preferably an OC). Either Gaffer Gamgee finds out and sends him away, or he goes to try to forget. I've never thought that the Gaffer would be unnecessarily cruel, but he is concerned about propriety. Lots of angst, but try not to make it too sad. Hamson and I will love you forever if you can make it a happy ending.
Categories: FPS Characters: Hamson Gamgee
Summary: Lord of the Rings high school fic. I'm sorry! It won't go away! *Beats it* But come on, picture hobbits being chased by deranged spies. *snigger* Poor them! Preferably funny. Pairings: Hobbits minus Sam, and Aragorn/Boromir is good! Rating: Don't care.
Categories: FPS > Aragorn/Boromir, FPS, FPS > Boromir/Aragorn Characters: Aragorn, Boromir
Summary: Erestor himself is the moon in the form of an Elf. Falling in love was never more difficult, especially when he has to leave Middle Earth whenever the moon is full.
Categories: FPS > Thranduil/?, FPS > Erestor/?, FPS > Celeborn/Haldir, FPS > Elrond/?, FPS > Glorfindel/? Characters: None
Summary: All I ask for is a slash story full of hobbit sex (this includes just Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin). It has to have many different pairings, triplings, and the whole quadruple. I would prefer having mostly Frodo (because he's the sexiest) doing the nasty with all the other hobbits but some other pairings are welcome. Of course, for good slash, the higher the rating the better. I don't want any repulsive sex, like Gimli and Gandalf, but just wild, hot sex that is masturbation worthy. But remember, there should be a bit of story or foreplay in this, so it can lead up to the best parts and fully turn you on. That's all I ask, enjoy.
Categories: FPS Characters: Frodo, Merry, Pippin, Sam
Summary: Write a songfic using the song 'Thirty Three' by the Smashing Pumpkins. Should concern hobbits (preferably Frodo and Sam), sap is good, angst is better, both is best. Has to take place after Return of the King. PG13ish rating, although anything works.
Categories: FPS Characters: None
Summary: Boromir/either Merry or Pippin, I'm not really bothered which, but with the hobbit on top!
Categories: FPS Characters: Boromir, Merry, Pippin
Summary: Hobbits behaving badly! Okay -- everyone loves sweet hobbity goodness -- but what about hobbity badness? Hobbits who claim rings of power and do bad, evil, unhobbity things, and force other hobbits to do not so nice things. I love hobbits-gone-bad fiction, though it is rare. I was hoping to see one of the four hobbits (Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin) turn evil, with or without the ring, and have everything go dark. Oh yes -- this is a slash site. Okay -- add slash, but it should not be comfortable or fluffy (i.e. bad hobbit torments good hobbit, good hobbit prisoner and plaything of bad hobbit etc.) Anyone?
Categories: FPS Characters: Frodo, Merry, Pippin, Sam
Summary: A story with the Hobbits and Strider, where the four try to get the ranger to join them. The main pairings would be Sam/Frodo and Merry/Pippin, but any of them will get cuddly together, as the only one who gets a little shy about it is Sam. One more twist, if you like, is that Sam has an ear fetish, and he likes the look of Strider's. Setting is Chetwood, just outside of Bree.
Categories: FPS Characters: Aragorn, Frodo, Merry, Pippin, Sam
Summary: The basic premise of the idea is that Elves have hormonal cycles just like humans do, but they tend to be... drawn out. My Elves that live with me (the three Peredhil males) exposed me to this, when Elrond underwent it... and now Elladan, as well. The name for the condition is 'Ur'andrann' and that translates literally as 'fire/heat-cycle'. What happens to an Elf undergoing this is interesting: the cycle lasts anywhere between a week to a month and a half. Said Elf becomes hormonal. Horny. Irrepressibly. (Most of them are very annoyed when this happens.) The first day of the cycle, they're uncomfortable. The effects of the hormones increase as the days go by, until the cycle hits the peak at about midway through. The few days (1-3) before and during the peak of the cycle (1-4 days), the Elf goes feral. They honestly can't be held responsible for what happens, because the rational part of their brains completely shuts down, shunted to the side by a more primal part of their brains. (If you're a Star Trek fan, it's sort of like the Vulcan thing... but worse.) The other symptoms of this (aside from the obvious) are a marked rise in the Elf's skin temperature and drastic change of eye color. Elrond's, for example, went from grey to black-grey-green... like a storm on the sea at night. His skin was almost searing to the touch. Most Elves can *smell* if another Elf is in heat, because their scent shifts. The challenge? Use this in a fic- it can either be comedy or angst.
Categories: FPS Characters: Elrond
Summary: It would be cool if someone would write a humorous story set during the Fellowship's time in Rivendell. They decide to play a game like soccer or something similar so they get to know each other a bit better before setting out. It must include: All members of the Fellowship! An Elven cheerleading team (with Legolas joining in from time to time!) Pippin tackling Boromir with the help of Merry just before Boromir scores at least in some part of the story; Lots of commentary from ...? Refereeing maybe a mid game punch up?; Cheating with magic by Gandalf; Dodgy passes... * could work both ways in the game and out * Pairings? Boromir/Pippin/Merry, Frodo/Sam *pg*
Categories: FPS > Boromir/Merry/Pippin, FPS, FPS > Sam/Frodo, FPS > Frodo/Sam Characters: Boromir, Frodo, Merry, Pippin, Sam
Summary: Alright... this one has got to have a humorous edge to it, and you can go as high with the rating as you want, but NC17 might be a little inappropriate and disgusting. Here's what I see... one of the Fellowship characters, I really don't care which (personally I see Frodo as my choice but pick whoever fits for you) realizes that they have strong feelings of love towards Gandalf. They express these feelings towards him hoping that he will respond in a positive and loving manner as well; however, he does not because of his growing love obsession with Shadowfax, his dumb freaking horse. (I hate that horse... he takes 20 minutes to run up to the damn screen just to have to pointless appearances in the film... errrr) So have fun... and make me laugh damn it!
Categories: FPS Characters: None
Summary: Someone rapes (rape does not have to be graphic and not done by elves) Aragorn when he is in the wilds, or Boromir on his way to Rivendell or both of them. When the victim is free/rescued/escaped he will try to hide it from others. And now our smart elves understand something is wrong with the victim and try to help him/them. When they finally find out what has happened I want some angry elven warriors taking revenge. Extra points if the pairing is not very common. Like Aragorn/the twins or Boromir/Glorfindel. I want something new and original. Lots of angst, hurt/comfort. Rating R or more. Would love a happy ending.
Categories: FPS Characters: Aragorn, Boromir, Elladan, Elrohir, Glorfindel