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Summary: Rillion-based Mablung/Maedhros fic where Mablung comes as an ambassador or some such thing like that after the prince's rescue from Thangorodrim and Maedhros s least a first. Culminates in Maedhros resigning his title to Fingolfin.
Categories: FPS Characters: Mablung of Doriath, Maedhros
Summary: Talk about complicated. Lots of potential for angst.
Categories: FPS Characters: Fingolfin, Maedhros
Summary: Faramir gets his hands on a magic ring. Possibly as a present from Mithrandir. At first he does not know it is enchanted, but soon discovers it gives him some special power: hearing another’s thoughts, seeing the dreams other people dream at night – or, maybe, when he puts it on, takes a quill into his hand and pronounces a person’s name, his hand will write out the desires of that person. Whichever, really – with the help of this ring he should inadvertently come to learn of another man harbouring a secret passion for him – Boromir is the first to come to my mind, but feel free to choose someone else. Point is, Faramir is, for one, uncertain of the ring’s reliability, second, considers this method rather amoral. So what does he do with this questionable knowledge?
Categories: FPS Characters: None
Summary: At the end of the Silmarillion Maglor is left alive, mourning the loss of the silmaril he had but threw into the sea due to the torment he suffered for his wrongdoings. What if at some time after that Elrond found him again and took him to Rivendell, Maglor lived there under another name, quietly living his life under the protection of his one-time fosterling. What if the name he assumed was Erestor? What if someone found out his real identity? 1) No OCs please. 2) I would prefer the other person in the pairing to be an elf. 3) Angst quite welcome. 4) Happy ending preferable.
Categories: FPS Characters: Maglor
Summary: Anything goes except please no mpreg. Don't care about rating as long as there's some fluff or angst. Brownie points for both.
Categories: FPS Characters: Manwë, Morgoth
Summary: The real explanation why the oath of FĂ«anor came into being. It turns out the Silmarils were just a term he used for his... um... Christmas Ornaments :) Remember the scene in American Pie 2, where the guy mistakes glue for sex lubricant and ends up glued to... himself? Well, this explains why Melkor, FĂ«anor's lover, took the 'Silmarils', and why FĂ«anor wanted them back so bad... Slash and humor, and if it's all within The Silmarillion canon, all the better.
Categories: FPS > Morgoth/FĂ«anor, FPS, FPS > FĂ«anor/Morgoth Characters: FĂ«anor, Morgoth
Summary: Write a love story between Melkor and Sauron. No rape, any rating. Must contain: 1. Angst 2. Happy end 3. Mpreg 4. Melkor: Brown hair, blue-green eyes, very tall and muscular. Sauron : Very long black hair, ice-blue eyes, shorter than Melkor and a bit more feminine.
Categories: FPS Characters: Morgoth, Sauron
Summary: Would like to see Melkor/Tulkas, if could include the blindfold and chains used in Melky's previous trials this would be good. If poss' not make Tulkas too dumb.
Categories: FPS Characters: Morgoth
Summary: There are no Melpomaen/Legolas pairings! Legolas is depressed over Haldir's death, and is contemplating suicide. Aragorn goes for help, and the twins suggest someone... MUST have Melpomaen/Legolas! Aragorn/Elladan/Elrohir optional. If you use it, you have to have both twins. Prefer rating PG13 or R, can be higher but no lower!
Categories: FPS > Legolas/Figwit, FPS, FPS > Figwit/Legolas Characters: Figwit (Melpomaen), Legolas
Summary: 10 years or so before the War of the Ring, a political meeting is held between the realms of Men at Dol-Amroth. Boromir, Faramir, Imrahil, Theodred and even a young Éomer arrive at the warm sandy beaches of Belfalas. Here's the challenging part, A FIVESOME ENSUES! It must be strictly NC-17, maybe a bit of angst/jealousy, definitely lust between the characters. A bit of romance on the beach. Arguments at the political meeting which are resolved with hot sex. Incest between the brothers Boromir and Faramir is approved.
Categories: FPS Characters: Boromir, Éomer, Faramir, Imrahil, Théodred
Summary: PG-13+. Preferably mpreg ;P and very hot and steamy with some comedy. Needs to be full of hobbit sex and very angst with a happy ending.
Categories: FPS > Pippin/Merry, FPS, FPS > Merry/Pippin Characters: Merry, Pippin
Summary: During the fellowship, Merry and Pippin fall in love. But with the lack of knowledge of pleasing each other they turn to Aragorn and Boromir, who happily show them how to please each other properly.
Categories: FPS > Pippin/Merry, FPS, FPS > Merry/Pippin Characters: Merry, Pippin
Summary: After the Mines of Moria, Merry comforts Pippin, because they both feel deeply the loss of Gandalf. It starts off with an innocent hug... Pippin and Merry cannot have anything between them other than deep friendship before this. Any rating other than G or PG. I'd like this to be a sweet, touching fic, so good writers please...
Categories: FPS > Pippin/Merry, FPS, FPS > Merry/Pippin Characters: Merry, Pippin
Summary: Set in Minas Tirith before the Ring quest, but not before the War. Characters - Faramir, Boromir, Denethor, Beregond, random men/soldiers of Gondor, Imrahil, possibly Gandalf. Basic theme: Faramir wants his father's love, and Denethor takes advantage of this by using Faramir as his whore (oh, and Denethor also uses most of the maids, and boys, as his whores-loves to sleep around, get some wherever and whenever he can... just a little sub-plot/detail you can throw in, part of the character building...) Before this begins, and probably during it, Faramir is in relationships with Beregond, Boromir, and other random men of Gondor. Basically, all good friends who like to sleep around, mainly with each other. So pair them all as you wish. Main plotline: Gondor in negotiations with Harad to try and end the war, although they're still fighting at the time. So there's a lot of Harad soldiers in Minas Tirith. The captain takes a fancy to Faramir, perhaps even tries to rape him... then gets a beating from Boromir :D. There'll be a bit of fighting, etc. perhaps Faramir gets wounded... Along the way, Faramir messes up, perhaps in battle, as well as becoming Gandalf's pupil. Well, one way or another, Denethor kicks Faramir out of the palace. Faramir goes and lives with friends in a house on the third level of the city (the main area for the whores to gather), and becomes a prostitute. But I'm sure later on he gets called back up to the palace, perhaps by Boromir. That's about all the details I know. The rest is to be added by the writer at their leisure. Make it NC-17, stick in the slashy pairings. Graphic but tasteful, though. And full of great storylines and angst, especially between Faramir and Denethor. So there's the basics... I know, I'm not the best summary writer, but I had to make sure the little details were included. I want to make sure the characters are written as they should be, i.e. how I've had them playing out in my head for months. Rearrange it as you wish, or whatever you do with lengthy summaries. Oh, and this may or may not be allowed... but I'd like more than one version of this story to be written, if more than one person is willing to write it.)
Categories: FPS Characters: Boromir, Denethor, Faramir, Gandalf, Imrahil
Summary: Some time in the last thirty years, a substantial amount of elves have returned from the continent of Aman. During this time, they have established diplomatic relations the Human Nations. A day in the life at either an Elvish embassy in a Human Country or a Human embassy in an Elvish territory. 1. Mention or feature descendents of Aragorn. 2. At least one Peredhel. 3. Comical portal of elves and technology. Not necessarily their incompetence with computers, just something funny. You could have Haldir show up with an MP3 player and a complete knowledge of HTML coding, as long as it's vagly comical. 4. An Aragorn/Legolas flashback.
Categories: FPS Characters: None
Summary: PWP involving Faramir, Aragorn, and bathing in Anduin on a summer night. One of them is bathing – the other watching secretly. Or not so secretly, as it turns out when he is caught.
Categories: FPS, FPS > Aragorn/Faramir Characters: None
Summary: Either a 'romantic' or not so nice one. There's plenty of 'evidence' in the books to support either.
Categories: FPS Characters: Morgoth, Sauron
Summary: I would like to see a slashy fic involving the Mouth of Sauron in all his evil glory... involving Frodo perhaps? The pairing is up to you, but the darker the story the better.
Categories: FPS Characters: Mouth of Sauron
Summary: Erestor is a young (35 years old. It's about 14/15 for human) scribe. He's an orphan and because he has fewer laws in house of Elrond than others, he's innocent, sweet, and very shy and needs love. What will happen if the selfish and handsome Lord Glorfindel (who returned from a quest) sees the poor elfling? Will the lord be good enough for a mere servant? What will poor Erestor do when he gets pregnant? Make it nc-17, dark, sadistic, some rape, nasty Elrond and twins.
Categories: FPS > Glorfindel/Erestor, FPS, FPS > Erestor/Glorfindel Characters: Erestor, Glorfindel
Summary: When Erestor travels to Mirkwood to negotiate a binding between Thranduil's youngest son, Legolas, he finds that things are getting more complicated when the kings starts to court him.
Categories: FPS > Thranduil/Erestor, FPS, FPS > Erestor/Thranduil Characters: Erestor, Thranduil
Summary: Legolas is pregnant and is attack by a Man (baby MUST survive). Gimli must comfort his beloved and still find time to get revenge.
Categories: FPS > Legolas/Gimli, FPS, FPS > Gimli/Legolas Characters: Gimli, Legolas
Summary: I would be interested in seeing a Gollum Mpreg, with him being the father and either Frodo or Sam (or better yet, both) being impregnated. It needs to be based in the movie verse, and post-quest. Lots of angst, sadness, and unbelievably. The main point of the story should be lots of sulking and confusion as to 'how could this happen'? I'll leave as to how it could happen up to the author. But try your best to make it as less corny as possible. And please have them remember Gollum in a favorable and saddened way, but still unhappy and angst-ridden with the fathering idea. (Finding out about the pregnancy should be a traumatic and shocking scene.)
Categories: FPS Characters: Frodo, Gollum, Sam
Summary: I'd like to see an mpreg story involving an Uruk-hai. Perhaps it's a part of their design, or the result of something else; preferably happening sometime after the War of the Ring is over and done with, and with a happy ending.
Categories: FPS Characters: Orcs & Uruk-hai
Summary: Erestor is half-elf, half-cat (he's got a tail and cat-like ears). He can be a slave or whore - it is up to you ^_^ But pleaaase make it sadistic with some mpreg and AU.
Categories: FPS Characters: Erestor
Summary: I would so like to see Boromir preg. esp. with piles, sore back swollen ankles etc. Lots of graphic giving birth. Preferably by Aragorn. No one actually sees B. get shot so what could happen is this:- In the thick of the fighting B has morning sickness or somth. He becomes concerned for his baby and has to choose between the quest and his honour or his unborn child. Aragon rushes to him, hearing the horn, realises what is going on and together, when Aragon has bravely dispatched lots of orcs they hatch a plan. With the aid of a few strategically placed arrows on B's person A. breaks it to the rest of the company about how B. has died heroicly as in book. They put him in the boat. It is assumed that the boat has gone over the edge of the falls, but A. sees that they turn away before this happens. Meanwhile B. has steered towards the island in the middle and slipped out. Aragorn v. sad and preocuppied in following days - we know why. Meanwhile, B makes his way to safety or not as the case may be and after some time gives birth. However for the sake of his honour, B. must remain dead to those he knows and loves thereafter. Will he and Aragorn be reunited and will this potentially destroy his honour. Faramir does find the body in book - could it be someone else B. has dressed up as in his clothes -like a fallen warrior, with features to badly beaten to be identifiable.
Categories: FPS Characters: Boromir
Summary: Before the quest. Legolas is raped and refuses to tell anyone (he is either ashamed or afraid, you decide). A few weeks later, he discovers that he is pregnant. Extra points for eventual Glorfindel/Legolas.
Categories: FPS Characters: Legolas
Summary: Legolas and Elrohir are lovers. Elrohir gets Legolas pregnant, but Legolas doesn't know how to tell him. Elrohir doesn't know that male Mirkwood elves can get pregnant as it is one of Mirkwood's most sacred secrets.
Categories: FPS > Elrohir/Legolas, FPS, FPS > Legolas/Elrohir Characters: Elrohir, Legolas
Summary: Something that never happened. Éomer/Faramir in which one or both get pregnant.
Categories: FPS > Faramir/Éomer, FPS, FPS > Éomer/Faramir Characters: Éomer, Faramir
Summary: I am tired of seeing Aragorn/Legolas mpreg stories. I would like to see a Boromir/Legolas or Gimli/Legolas mpreg. Legolas would be the one getting pregnant of course and there has to be some major angst involved. Maybe something involving Legolas's health.
Categories: FPS Characters: Legolas
Summary: Something I'd rather see more than anything else in the world - an Aragorn/Legolas mpreg with Aragorn carrying. Or any other Legolas pairing with the other bearing.
Categories: FPS > Legolas/Aragorn, FPS, FPS > Aragorn/Legolas Characters: Aragorn, Legolas
Summary: I would like to see a simple mpreg. Serious, but romantic. Feel free to throw in some angsty twists.
Categories: FPS > Legolas/Aragorn, FPS, FPS > Aragorn/Legolas Characters: Aragorn, Legolas
Summary: Sauron MPreg.
Categories: FPS Characters: Sauron
Summary: Elrond/Erestor, Elrond/CelebrĂ­an. Erestor gave birth to the twins; CelebrĂ­an gave birth to Arwen. The twins think CelebrĂ­an is their mother and Elrond and CelebrĂ­an won't let Erestor tell them the truth. What will the twins do when they're grown and learn the truth?
Categories: FPS > Erestor/Elrond, FPS, FPS > Elrond/Erestor Characters: Elrond, Erestor
Summary: The life of one pregnant chief advisor and his husband.
Categories: FPS, FPS > Glorfindel/Erestor, FPS > Erestor/Glorfindel Characters: Erestor, Glorfindel
Summary: Legolas is pregnant with Gimli's child. Something goes wrong during the delivery (males usually give birth by having the baby cut out) and Legolas is very weak and will be for a while (a few months to a year). He can't even get out of bed without help and he is always tired. Gimli has to take care of him and take care of the baby at the same time.
Categories: FPS > Legolas/Gimli, FPS, FPS > Gimli/Legolas Characters: Gimli, Legolas
Summary: Set pre-quest, post-quest, or during the quest. Must be hobbit pairing. One of the main four is impregnated by one of the other four. Can be any pairing, happy or sad ending.
Categories: FPS Characters: None
Summary: Pippin/Boromir, Merry/Pippin. MPRG, Romance, Angst. NC-17. Pippin discovers he is in trouble and goes to Boromir (perhaps in Rivendell) to explain he is carrying his child, Boromir shuns him for being a freak and drops him completely. Pippin runs to Merry and cries, telling him about his relationship with Boromir and now the child. Merry feels horribly guilty as he happened to have discovered Pippin's relationship with Boromir and had been putting Elvish fertility potion into Pippin's drinks to give him a scare and get him out of the relationship. He tells Pippin he will support him and they go to see an Elf healer, Merry thinking she will say that Pippin only has signs and is not with child, but she revealed that yes he is pregnant. They continue along happily for a while, Merry pretending to the world and himself that he is the father of Pippin's child, he gets drunk one night and tells some gossipy person the truth about what he did. Pippin now knows about the fertility potion and his horrified, Merry finally realizes the only reason he did it was because he loved Pippin and wanted him to leave Boromir and be with him. Pippin miscarries the child (because any human baby being born by a hobbit will probably kill the hobbit) and Boromir comes back (not dead! no Merry and Pippin on the quest) and attempts to rekindle the relationship, Merry slowly gets himself more and more drunk to ignore the fact Pippin is again with Boromir. Pippin shows up in his room, bottle of elvish fertility potion in hand asking if Merry would like to try it again. and they live happily ever after! Boromir must be a nice person just freaked about the whole baby thing.
Categories: FPS Characters: Boromir, Merry, Pippin
Summary: Legolas disappears for several weeks. When he is found it is obvious he has been tortured. A few weeks later it becomes obvious he is pregnant. Legolas doesn't remember anything about what happened while he was missing.
Categories: FPS Characters: Legolas
Summary: Legolas experiences mood swings and morning sickness. He dismisses the possibility that he could be pregnant. It's impossible, he hasn't been with anyone in YEARS.
Categories: FPS Characters: Legolas
Summary: Legolas is pregnant with Elrohir's child. Thranduil locks him away in the palace (in Mirkwood) and refuses to allow him to return to Imladris. Elrohir doesn't know he got Legolas pregnant during the last time Legolas visited.
Categories: FPS > Legolas/Elrohir, FPS, FPS > Elrohir/Legolas Characters: Elrohir, Legolas
Summary: Legolas is so far the only pregnant MALE elf in all Middle-earth... everyone knows about a man that's pregnant but they don't know it's one that they know. Only Gandalf, and the fellowship know about it. Have you seen the movie Junior?? well sorta like that. He's pregnant during the quest and on his way to Rohan and Edoras, (TTT) he finds Eothain and Freda.
Categories: FPS Characters: Legolas
Summary: I don't even particularly like pregnant males, but my twisted mind tells me that this could be somewhat humorous. Oh, Gimli is the unfortunate 'mother', since poor Leggy gets to play bottom often enough.
Categories: FPS > Legolas/Gimli, FPS, FPS > Gimli/Legolas Characters: Gimli, Legolas
Summary: It would be a Pre-LOTR story; will have Haldir/Thranduil, and M-Preg (Perhaps not explicitly, but at least mentioned or implied). Legolas is relatively young by elven standards, probably a few good years away from majority. But for training as a warrior and or prince and or ambassador (Up to the writer to decide) he is sent to Lothlorien. While there, he forms a friendship with Haldir, and comes to look upon the older elf as a mentor of sorts. It would be interesting to have the story written from Haldir's Point of view, but not nessecary. As it will be revealed that Legolas is the lovechild produced from Haldir and Thranduils affair. When first meeting Legolas, Haldir will know it is Thranduil's child from resemblance, but will not know Legolas is his child as well until he finally breaks the long silence between him and his old love. After learning this, he will keep the knowledge to himself for a while as he comes to terms that the young elf is his son (Shocking experience, you know. The revelation to Legolas about his parentage will upset him, and angst ensues, as well as a rekindling of Thranduil and Haldir's love as they are both required in one place to fight for thier son's understanding. Serious fic, good Thranduil, Happy Ending. Other twists and turns optional to the author, this is just a platform to build from.
Categories: FPS > Thranduil/Haldir, FPS, FPS > Haldir/Thranduil Characters: Haldir of LothlĂłrien, Thranduil
Summary: Legolas becomes impregnated by another man (Boromir, preferably) while he and Aragorn are on the rocks because Aragorn is always gone on kingly business, leaving Legolas alone. They reconcile and get married, and then they get news of Legolas' pregancy. Aragorn thinks it's his child.
Categories: FPS Characters: Legolas
Summary: While I was reading a lovely Elladan/Elrohir (of which there are too few, in my opinion), I was bitten by a rather hungry plot bunny. Unfortunately, I suck at writing anything, much less a slash, and even worse, an UNCOMMON pairing. So, I leave to those who are far better to give it a go. An MPREG in which the pairing is Elladan/Elrohir, where both are willing to love each other, but do not realize that there may be some... interesting consequences.
Categories: FPS Characters: None
Summary: Story type: Humor, mpreg Rating: Preferrably an awesome hot NC-17 I'd love to see an Mpreg story in which Frodo (of course) is very pregnant and he and Aragorn are trying to keep their sex life going. (This is inspired by my reading of Claudia's chapter of "Too Long To Wait") But they have problems because of Frodo's belly hanging out, so new positions must be tried. And of course, Frodo's receiving and Aragorn's giving. Just please make it cute and hott at the same time. ^_^
Categories: FPS > Frodo/Aragorn, FPS, FPS > Aragorn/Frodo Characters: Aragorn, Frodo
Summary: Legolas/Aragorn, Frodo/Sam, Merry/Pippin. Bloopers from The Two Towers...
Categories: FPS > Pippin/Merry, FPS, FPS > Aragorn/Legolas, FPS > Legolas/Aragorn, FPS > Frodo/Sam, FPS > Sam/Frodo, FPS > Merry/Pippin Characters: Aragorn, Frodo, Legolas, Merry, Pippin, Sam
Summary: Elrond/Gil-Galad, Legolas/Estel, Thranduil/Celeborn, and one heterosexual one Sierra/Haldir -this is an alternate universe - Legolas and Estel have to be married and have 4 children, one set of twins, twins must be oldest - they must have a daughter named Sierra, and she must have been kidnapped by Orcs when she was young - she gets hurt near the borders of Mirkwood, Thranduil must find her and try to save her, but she goes to the Halls of Mandos, the Valar must bind her to Haldir I don't care how or why, then send both back to Middle-earth -Thranduil takes them to Rivendell to heal and meets Celeborn, must be some type of romance between these two - Galadriel has already sailed across the sea - Gil-galad must be sent back down to Middle Earth, I don't care how or why. I hope someone can do this. I will love that person forever. I would like to see a NC-17 rating. No non-con. Multipart please.
Categories: FPS Characters: Aragorn, Celeborn, Elrond, Gil-galad, Thranduil
Summary: Haldir/Rumil, Rumil/Orophin, Orophin/Celeborn, Celeborn/Thranduil, Thranduil/Elrond, Elrond/Glorfindel, Glorfindel/Elrohir, Elrohir/Elladan, Elladan/Legolas, Legolas/Aragorn, Aragorn/Boromir, Boromir/Gimli, Gimli/Merry, Merry/Haldir, Galadriel/Arwen, Arwen/Eowyn, Frodo/Pippin (not going past R on that part) Kind of a combination of all LOTR slash ever written, forming a kind of love-circle/midsummer-night?s-dream sort of thing. Everyone should feel horrible about doing what they think are horribly wrong acts of passion. Must have all parents disapprove of their child?s lovers, if they know about it. Must have at least three members of the fellowship walk in on other members and their lovers. * Must have at least three of the members of the fellowship completely drunk off their asses. * Must have at least one male pregnancy. * Must have Arwen, Eowyn and Galadriel eventually be forced to go back to their het loves, but never truly daring to love again, no het love scenes please. * Must have some sort of orgy * Must end so tragically that I, with my three blackbelts and military training, cry my eyes out. * Must have at least one unexpected character death. * Must have at least one reference to 'Egg Nog Addiction'.
Categories: FPS Characters: Aragorn, Arwen, Boromir, Celeborn, Elladan, Elrohir, Elrond, Galadriel, Gimli, Glorfindel, Haldir of LothlĂłrien, Legolas, Merry, Orophin, Pippin, RĂşmil, Thranduil
Summary: The fellowship is confronted by something mysterious that holds them enthralled for a few moments. After a few days, each one has the urge to seek out a certain fellow member. (This should not be shown as a bad thing) Required pairings: Aragorn/Boromir, Gimli/Legolas. Extra points for any scenes with Frodo/Gandalf or any combination of Sam/Merry/Pippin. Extra, extra points the closer it is to NC17!*grin*
Categories: FPS Characters: Aragorn, Boromir, Frodo, Gandalf, Legolas, Merry, Pippin, Sam