Reviews For Payment

Name: Anonymous (Anonymous) · Date: October 09, 2014 10:08 pm · For: Chapter 1

I'm truly admiring the appearance and layout of your blog. It is fantastically stress-free on the eyes and that has the effect of making it much more pleasant for me to turn up here and pop in more regularly. Did you use a graphic designer to produce your theme? Fantastic work!

Name: DSR (Anonymous) · Date: June 09, 2014 11:31 am · For: Chapter 1

This was very heartbreaking

Name: jme24576 (Anonymous) · Date: September 08, 2012 02:07 pm · For: Chapter 1

This is so sad! Poor Legolas! Poor Aragorn! Oh please consider doing an alternate version with a happy ending (where Aragorn & Legolas heal & Legolas forgives Aragorn)! I mean, Aragorn was under a spell! They belong together! Please do an alternate version with a happy ending! Please?! I need my happy ending!

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