Name: Osheen Nevoy (Anonymous) · Date: February 28, 2017 02:44 am · For: Chapter 1

"A good general should be able to conduct a battle on two fronts at once"--an absolutely perfect line.  I love the dialogue--naturally, I love many other aspects of it, too--but anyway, I love Boromir's pride at his accomplishment with the two of them, and then brief irritation at being told something's missing, only for that to fade away as the Hobbits' meaning becomes clear.  And the interchange "Where was I?"  "Not talking."  And everyone's charming if rather ineffectual efforts to get themselves cleaned up.  I've skipped the Faramir portion of the tale, I'm afraid--I'm sure it is delightful as well, but as, first and foremost, a Boromir fan, I feel, I don't know, perhaps a little like I shouldn't delve into Faramir's intimacies--almost, perhaps, the way the brothers themselves might feel, thinking that that aspect of each other's lives should be the business of the man involved and no one else.  (Is that weird of me?  Oh, well, it's the way I'm feeling now, anyway.)  And, of course, since the Faramir sequence takes place after Boromir is gone, perhaps that's another reason I chose not to read it.

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