Here you can find information regarding what the LoM is, our policies and how to use the automated platform. If you don't find the answer to your question here, please contact us - we probably haven't covered that one yet.


The Library of Moria is a free service run by volunteers. Stories are to be submitted by email (see below for details) and they will be archived as we are able.

Regarding some complaints we've received in the past, we would like to remind authors and readers alike that while we do our best to please, we are not your servants and we deserve respect in treatment. Likewise, the other users of the archive are to be respected. Anyone failing to meet basic manners standards will not be welcome.

Also, we will not tolerate hate speech, child pornography or plagiarism. Other 'dark' contents are allowed but the members should give appropriate warnings at all times.

We cannot possibly read all the stories that are submitted - we trust the authors to behave and not include the forbidden contents. We will delete any such stories as soon as we detect them or that someone calls our attention to them. We are do not take responsibility for story contents, story notes, summaries, ratings, etc - that belongs to the authors. Similarly, we are not responsible for offensive reviews, although we will act if we detect abusive reviewers.

The archivists make no money out of the site through publicity or another means. We did have a donations section but what little money we got, went solely to the maintenance costs of the archive.

We have tried to make the archive safer for minors and people of more delicate sensibility by implementing a warnings system. We will soon add other measures. Still, the site should be used with care - authors should endeavor to make the proper warnings and readers should shy from material that has obvious offensive potential for them. If you find a story lacking the proper warnings, please let us know and we'll add them.

We are not responsible for the safeguarding of your stories or fanart. We regularly backup the archive but you should always rely on your own backups to preserve your work.

Check the submission rules for details regarding submissions.


We create accounts for the authors whose stories are being transfered from the old archive by a process that doesn't require a password. If you come by and decide you want to control your own account (for reviewing, adding favourites, etc), please send us an email and we'll arrange it so that the archive prompts you for a password. After that, except for submissions the account is all yours. We cannot 'see' your passwords.

Also, the only personal information we collect from our members is the pen-name (which can be the same as the 'real name'), your e-mail address (necessary to validate your membership - DOUBLE CHECK IT before submitting) and the password (which is encoded); these three fields are essential and will not be used by us for any end other than running the site. What you write on your profile is your business, as long as you follow the TOS (no hate speech or kiddie pr0n).

Cookies are used only for members who wish to store their login information in their PC.


If you are a first time user of the Automated LoM, you may consider registering. You do not have to register to view, rate or review stories, but registering is useful if you want to make a list of your favorites. To register, click login on the main page and then hit register and provide the requested information.

If we already created an account under your name to upload your stories and now you want to use it, please contact us and we'll arrange it for you to have a password.

If you forgot your password, go to the login page and hit 'lost password' at the bottom. If you can't remember under which email you have registered, please contact us. Please note that passwords in the database are encoded - we cannot retrieve specific passwords, only issue out new ones.

If you want to change my penname, please contact us and if it's appropriate and not already taken, we can manually change it on the database.

To write a bio, add or change your avatar and manage your favorite list, among other operations, go to the account info page (link in the top bar).

To add a story or an author to you list of favorites, look for a drop-down menu named "Options" at the end of the story, and click "Add to favorites". To add an author as a favorite go to his/her page and click "Add to favorites". You can also add a comment about the story or the author, if you so desire, that will show at your favorites page. Hit submit to complete the process.


The stories archived at the LoM may be reviewed by any visitor. While we hope that everyone is at their best behavior, there is a chance that at some point authors get a negative review. There is not much we can do to prevent flames from trolls, and authors should be prepared to delete the review and move on - if the user is identified, let us know and we'll deal with it, if not... alas.

For reviewers - use your sense. Not all authors want constructive criticism and not everyone knows what constructive criticism is despite what you may think. If you really feel you have to comment on the less stellar points of a fic, do so politely and respectfully and try to balance it with some good points. If you don't see any good points... well, save yourself some trouble and don't comment - it will only cause aggravation on both sides and people - this is only FIC!

If you think you were polite and balanced in your review and the author is sending you disproportionately aggressive replies, let us know. We probably won't be able to do much as mediators but we'll try - we are peace loving people.

Abusive authors and reviewers will either be banned or receive warnings, depending on the gravity of the incidents.


Our link page has a collection of sites that were input by us or whose owners requested that they were included. We may select what sites were will include, but we are not responsible for the contents that their owners post.

Award sites are welcome to link to stories in our site (an acknowledgment note is nice but not mandatory). Feel free to contact us so that we can announce your award to our readers.

Rec sites are also welcome to link to stories BUT, please don't try to make a second archive using our bandwidth - be reasonable and respectful and so will we.

When we find blatant hotlinking we will lock your IP out.


Please feel free to log in and add your challenges and plotbunnies. When submitting a story in reply to one of these, please include enough information for is to link your story to it.


The LoM Challenges are open to all authors and readers provided they follow the instructions. For more information please visit the LoM Challenges page.


The Beta Reader Index is composed of people who wrote us and asked to be listed. Period. We do not accept any responsibility over the outcome of the author/beta readers' interactions but we will remove beta readers from this list if an author presents us prof of nastiness occurring. There are a few more specific guidelines for proper behavior for authors and betas at the page.

We will soon be introducing a feature that allows you to signal in your profile if you are a beta, but meanwhile, if you want to be put on the list, please contact us and don't forget to include the following information: penname, email, pairings you want to beta, ratings acceptable to you and if you take RPS or not.