The LoM Staff

Along the years the LoM has been assisted by a number of people (Tinker Bell, Eremir, Erestor Junkie to name the more recent ones), some of whom are no longer an active part of the site but who still deserve our appreciation, the first being Commodore Marie, our founder and owner of the LoM.

At this moment the staff assisting the automated version of the LoM is constituted by:

AZZY, a.k.a, the Caped Crusader of Kink
Homepage: My Livejournal
Other fandoms: FFVII, TS2 (And loads of obscure stuff)
Kinks: I never leave the house without a studded belt. *laughs*

HALF ELF LOST, a.k.a., HEL, and occasionally, Mistress Grammar Domme
Homepage: How would I have time for a homepage?
Other fandoms: There are other fandoms?
Kinks: Surely "Boromir's Submissive Slash Slut" is a clue.

TALULLAH, your professional Nekkid Garden Gnome
Homepage: my LJ den
Other fandoms: Anything that's rare and obscure - like, dudes, Yuletide Treasure is my fandom.
Kinks: My hair has a lot of the those. Oh wait, wasn't that what you meant?

ZOE, a.k.a., Dock Leaf. Zedster to my stranger friends.
Homepage: Huh? A what-now?
Other fandoms: Dr. Who, Stargate, Winnie the Pooh...the usual suspects.
Kinks: Probably more than I even know myself. Still waters, that's me.