A Speech of Love by Anna

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Story notes: If the English is bad in some places, please tell me. I'm from Sweden so some of what I wrote must sound silly. =P
Chapter notes: To my best friend Emma, who was the first to read this, although she doesn't understand my fascination of slash. *lol*
Dom woke up in the middle of the night, desperate to take a piss. He got up, did his business and was just about to crawl back under the sheets and snuggle close to Billy when something stopped him. He turned to look out the slightly opened window and could do nothing but gasp. The view was breathtaking with a huge yellow moon positioned just above the horizon. It cast yellow sprinkles over the dark ocean and a small breeze escaped through the window crack. The sky was filled with thousands of glittering stars.

Dom smiled at the New Zealand beautiness that never seized to amaze him. He had to wake Billy; this was a sight too pretty to miss. He walked over to the huge bed and kneeled down next to Billy who was snoring softly. He started having second thoughts but then he remembered the well-known quote his lover once said. It was something about Scots loving the nature just as mush as Hobbits did. He gently stroke Billy's arm and whispered his name, which caused the Scot to stir a little but nothing more. After shaking Billy for a while and whispering his name several times he finally opened one eye and a frown formed on his forehead.

"What?" he grunted then opened his other eye too and looked curiously at Dom. Billy had just had such a nice dream including the two of them and a can of whipped cream.

Dom had a strange look in his eyes and seemed to glow a little. "I'm sorry to wake you luv, but you just hafta see this!"

Billy began to wonder if Dom hade gone crazy as he turned to look at the clock. 2:17. He didn't have that much time to think about it though, 'cause Dom took his hand, whispered, "Close your eyes" and led him to the window. Just as he opened his eyes Dom's hands wrapped around his waist.

Billy didn't know what effect his appearance had on Dom at that moment. His dark blue, kind of silky pyjamas pants were a bit too big and hung loosely below his hip-bones showing a bit of pubic hair at the front and hanging just above his butt-crack at the back. Dominic felt all his blood rush to a certain part of his body but ignored the feeling, not wanting Billy to think he'd woken him up for a shag.

Billy leant his head on Dom's shoulder and took in the view. "Wow Dom... This is just... Wow. Amazing," a smile formed on his lips, "Never knew you were such a sucker for romance though" he said and chuckled. He leant forward and pushed the window open fully. A cool wind blew through the room forming soft waves in the water below them.

"Dommie, I think this is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me," Billy said. The stood quiet for a while and Dom felt Billy open and close his mouth a couple of times as if he was trying to say something but didn't know how to form the words.

"You wanna know what I love about you? I love the fact that you do this kind of stuff, waking me up in the middle of the night just because you don't want me to miss this. I love the way your face isn't perfectly straight and I love your ears when they get red when you get embarrassed. I love the way I can read your mind just by looking into your eyes. I love the way I feel when you touch me and that you always know when I want to chat and laugh and when I just want to hold you. I love your voice, when you're turned on it goes darker, how I always know when you're telling the truth just by the tone of your voice. I love the way your hair looks in the morning. I love the way you smell.

I love the way you laugh and the fact that you always have a new joke or impression to cheer me up with when I am sad. I love the way you kiss me; I've loved it from the first time our lips met. I could go on like this forever but my point is that you make me feel happier then I've ever felt before. When I'm not with you I feel empty and when you're by my side I can't get too close. I love you, Dominic, I really do. I'd do anything for you. I would die instead of you so that you could stay alive and make this world a happier place. Promise me that you'll always be here for me, and with me. I don't think I could live without you. I'd probably die if you weren't mine."

Billy suddenly stopped his long speech of love as a few of Dominic's hot tears fell on his shoulder. He glanced at his boyfriend whose eyes were brimful with tears and who's lower-lip trembled slightly.

Dom had fought the urge to cry for several minutes but just couldn't hold it anymore. He bit his lip and closed his eyes as he felt Billy turn around. When he opened his eyes again everything was slightly blurred from all the liquid in his eyes but he let the tears run down his face and looked into Billy's eyes that were filled with love, affection and emotion. They looked deeply into each other's eyes and Dom finally spoke.

"I love you too, Billy Boyd, more then you can ever imagine". His voice was hoarse and he gently cleared his throat. "When I met you I asked God to send an angel to watch over you, but the angel came back and said that angels don't watch over other angels... "

He felt himself drown into Billy's eyes and could only whimper when Billy drew him close and gave him a sweet, deep kiss. He explored every inch of Billy's mouth and he sank his teeth into the lower lip just they way he knew Billy loved.

When Dominic bit his lip Billy felt as if he was flying. They hugged tightly for a while then Billy turned around again and they gazed over the dark ocean, each lost in loving thought about the other.

They sighed happily at the same time, just as the clock turned 3:00.
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