I'd die for you by Marindil of Mirkwood

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Story notes: The idea came after I thought up the storyline for this fic. Haldir comes to aid at Helm's Deep not just for Rohan, but for Eomer, and then dies in battle for that cause.
Eomer awoke from his dreams when his sister, Eowyn, poured water on his face.

"Wake up sleepy!" she taunted. The servants are preparing a big breakfast for the soldiers. If you're going to fight any wars you have to eat!"

The tired Rohirram swung his feet over the side of the bed and sat up, rubbing his eyes. He groaned when he tried to stand up, realizing his legs were asleep. He decided on a way to motivate them. Lying down on his back, he banged each leg on the bed pole, shouting when he felt the pain. "They're definitely awake now!" he told himself. Then, rising from the mattress, he put on his fur robe and headed for the dining room.

It was pretty fancy, even for a small royal house like Edoras. The long, smooth wicker table was covered in soft cotton table cloths, embroidered with the symbol of the realm of Rohan, the horse lord. Atop these fine materials were tall, looming candelabrums, all gold and shiny. A giant, white gold chandelier hung from the wooden ceiling with twenty four carved red candles standing proudly from their holders. The proud leader couldn't help but feel happy to live in such a beautiful place. As he studied the items on the silver platters, his eye caught on his favorite dish, blueberry custard. "Mmmm!" the man's stomach growled hungrily. The servant standing nearby didn't wait a moment to think. He grabbed a bowl and served some for Eomer, handing him a fork to eat it with. "Thank you." He told the servant, who bowed politely and headed back to the kitchen to fetch the rest of the food.

Eowyn, and King Théoden joined a few moments later, followed by Gamling and the rest of the Rohirram. When all had their fill, they went about their duties. Eomer ordered Gamling to guard the doors of Edoras while he helped his sister prepare the lunch.

King Théoden did the only thing he could do, sit atop his throne and wait for any thing important or life - changing.

Lothlorien was much finer than Rohan. The royal house had been built many thousands of years ago, and it stood between the branches of an ancient tree that was part of the luminous silver forest. Many strangers who ventured there left with the memory of the beautiful elf kingdom etched in their memory. The Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel always welcomed them as royal guests, even if they were men or hobbits. Haldir, the March warden of Lorien highly respected them, for he was assigned as the General of the Lothlorien army by these fair rulers. His parents had also received wealth and gifts as rewards for their work as assistants in their house. He always had a story to tell his friends of the many good Lord and Lady. He just wished that the people he trusted most could do the same thing as they had. Since the time he was a child, he was disrespected, treated unfairly, and beaten by his peers. Even so, he grew to be a fine archer, swordsman, and commander. For this hell of a life, he prospered. And, fell in love.

Eomer had been running an errand for his uncle, King Théoden, to retrieve elvish medicines for his dying son, Theodred. The only elvish kingdom to serve him the quickest was Lothlorien. There, he met with the care taker, and traded gold for the herbs. On his way back to the stables, he saw Haldir.

The elf was standing at the base of the ladder that led up to his quarters, when he turned to see the Rohan man watching him curiously. He decided to pay no attention to him for a moment, thinking he was going to ask a silly question like where the stables were. But as he stood, he realized the strange Rohirram was walking towards him. He was about to turn and flee, when he suddenly said hello.

"Hello Haldir." Eomer said sweetly.

The March warden snapped his head around to look at this fellow. How did he know his name? Then, he recognized him.

"Eomer? Can it possibly be you?" he asked.

The man smiled slyly. "Yes old friend, it is I."

Haldir gasped in disbelief. "Why are you here?" he asked.

"My Uncle's son is dying, I must help him." He explained.

The elf sighed sympathetically. "I am sorry." He replied.

"There is no need to be. It wasn't caused by you." Eomer stated.

Haldir advanced towards Eomer, giving him a soft hug. "Take that for good luck."

The man smiled. "Thank you Haldir."

When the embrace was broken, the two men stood, staring into each other's eyes. Eomer was entranced by the elf's ice blue pools. He breathed in awe at the ocean waves rolling inside them.

"You are so beautiful." He told Haldir, who just opened his mouth in surprise.

"I am?" he asked his friend.
"Yes…you are." He replied.

Haldir was puzzled by the tone of lust in his voice.

"So beautiful…" continued the Rohirram while softly caressing the March warden's delicate pointed ear.

He couldn't hold back his arousal any longer, and with the speed of light, lunged forward and kissed his friend on the lips.

Haldir's eyes widened with surprise, but then closed in harmony. He pulled Eomer closer, strengthening the passion of the kiss.

Eomer ran his hand down the elf's back, following the seemingly endless trail of blonde hair that cascaded over his shoulders. The fluffiness of the fine locks ignited a spark of love in his head, and at that moment, he picked up the light being and started climbing the ladder up to the house.

The March warden held his breath when they reached the top, and let out a sigh of compassion when he felt the mattress sink beneath him.

Eomer leaned down and began to kiss him again, this time licking him wherever his lips went. He played with Haldir's hair and twiddled it between his fingers, releasing giggles from the March warden's throat.

The elf began to undress the rohirram and caress his bare skin, while he removed his own clothing. Within moments, both were skin to skin and enjoying every minute of harmony they experienced.

The next morning, Eomer spoke to the one he had just made love to.

Haldir listened intently to every word his lover said as he explained that he had to go back. When the man was finished, his heart felt like it would break in two, but he found comfort in the fact that it wasn't forever. So, he stood, dressed, and bid Eomer farewell.

The Rohirram kept glancing back at Haldir as his horse took him farther and farther away. He felt sorrow for leaving Lothlorien, but fought back his tears. He had nothing to worry about but the life of the King's son now.

He arrived back at Edoras around midday. His sister greeted him with a tear - stained face on the steps to the King's throne room. What she said next grieved him. He found out that Theodred had died during the night.

"Why didn't you come sooner?!" Eowyn screamed at him. "Why didn't you save our cousin?"

Eomer shook his head while his sister beat him in the stomach with her fists.

"You bastard! You bastard!" she yelled over and over, until Gamling pulled her away.

He waited until she was a safe distance away before running to Theodred's room.
Kneeling at his bedside was the King, his moans of grief ringing through the house.

He raised his gaze until it beset on his nephew's handsome face. "Why did you fail?" he asked in a wavery voice. "What held you from saving your own cousin?!"

Eomer gulped upon hearing his Uncle so weary. "I, I rode as fast as I could, but it takes time to get to Lothlorien."

Théoden shook his head and stood to face the only other person that he thought of as a son. "You disappoint me this day Eomer." He said, placing both hands on the young man's tense shoulders.

"I will regret it forever." His nephew replied. Then with a twist of his heel, the rohirram left his King to sob on the floor. "Thus there will be no regret at the battle tonight." Eomer thought as he walked through the great halls.

On his way to the weaponry, Eomer ran into Legolas, Aragorn's friend. "Hello Eomer." Sighed the elf as he polished his arrows. "I heard your cousin passed. I am sorry for your loss."

The man shook his head. "That's alright. It's too late now." He removed his sword from its sheath and set it down next to the sharpening wheel. "Aragorn tells me you are to fight with us tonight." He asked.

"Yes, I like to aid those who are dearest to me, and kill those who took away my kin." Legolas replied.

Eomer nodded. "That's the same reason that I fight. What exactly happened to your kin?"

Legolas stared off for a moment before answering his friend. "Over three thousand years ago, there was a war. Sauron the deceiver was sending his Uruk - hai to war against the elves and men."

Eomer set down his blade and began to listen. "Men you say?"

The elf nodded. "My people fought alongside the human race. My father was there, along with Elrond of Rivendell and Celeborn of Lothlorien."

The man snapped when he mentioned Celeborn. "Celeborn? As in Lord Celeborn?"

Legolas nodded again. "He is King of Lothlorien, as my father, Thranduil, is King of Mirkwood."

Eomer dropped his polishing cloth. "You are royalty?" he asked in shock.

Legolas smiled. "Why yes; me and my eldest brother Valthoron are high princes of the Woodland Realm."

"You are a prince? I did not know you are a prince!" gasped the rohirram. "Where is your crown? Surely you must wear a crown!"

"It is resting on a silk cushion my mother made for me in my father's throne room. It sits on a pedestal right next to his seat." The elf replied.

"Wow," Eomer said in awe. "Where is your mother?"

The prince's smile faded. "She died when I was a child." He replied.

Eomer lowered his head and patted Legolas' shoulder in sympathy. "I am sorry." He said.

Legolas nodded in respect. "That's alright. It's too late now."

The rohirram allowed a smile to trace his lips. "Heh, you're going to use my vocabulary now eh elf?"

The prince chuckled. "Perhaps."

"Ah shucks!" laughed Eomer. "I must go now, I have to prepare the armory and help my sister with the evening meal."

Legolas waved him off. "Nice to see you!" he said.

The rohirram bowed respectively. "Farewell, fair prince."

Eomer ran back to the armory and found that Gamling had already had the smithy sharpen all of the swords and polish the armor. "Good going Gamling!" he said, patting him on the back.

"Alright." Gamling replied.

The young man then hurried back to the big house to assist his sister. He found her in the kitchen peeling potatoes. "Eowyn, I thought you said you needed help?" he asked.

The pale woman raised her head to catch his gaze. "No, a peasant from the plains of our realm came to my aid from her cot at Helm's deep. She said the General sent her because she was the quickest."
Eomer nodded in understanding. "Was it Morwen?" he asked.

"Yes," Eowyn replied. "How did you know?"

He scowled. "I ran into her on the way up. She said that I didn't need to be a hero anymore."

His sister laughed. "I told her say that!"

Once again, Eomer furrowed his brow. Eowyn could be so selfish sometimes!

Chapter Two

After dinner, the Rohan army hurried to the armory and weaponry, choosing swords and axes that were tough enough to kill orcs with. The archery group forged their own bows and arrows, ensuring that the heads would be sharp to kill on contact.

Eomer slipped on a metal vest and covered it with a strong leather chest plate, along with leggings, boots, and helmet. Within ten minutes time, he was prepared for battle.

Legolas met him on the tall walkway over Helm's Deep. There, he helped line up the soldiers and choose the strongest young lads able to wield a sword. The boys were then outfitted in armor, and given the burden of every average warrior. The elf soothed their pain by blessing them in elvish.

By midnight, the militia was ready. All were prepared to line up and load their weapons, when suddenly a sharp, piercing horn was heard by the gates. "That is no orc horn." Stated Legolas, who ran out to greet whomever had come to their aid.

Eomer looked over the wall to see a large army of elves, about four thousand strong, marching inside the stone gates. His gaze drifted to the front of the line, where Aragorn and Legolas stood welcoming the General of the Elf Army. He recognized him and immediately ran down the halls to see him.

"Haldir! Haldir!" he shouted in glee.

The March warden turned and saw his lover racing towards him. "Oh Eomer! I missed you so much!" he said, embracing him.

Eomer stared into those beautiful ice blue eyes and felt a surge of happiness run down his spine. Then he lovingly kissed his sweet heart on the lips. "I thought I'd never see you again!" he said.

Haldir smiled. "You exaggerate! I would've traveled far and wide in search of you my love."

Eomer laughed. "And I would've for you my lovely elf!"

The two men shared a laugh before heading to the top of the walls to get in position for the upcoming battle.

When they arrived, the armies of Mordor were already visible in the distance. As they approached, Haldir bore a serious expression upon his fair features.

Eomer looked down on him from above, hoping that the fight wouldn't change him. The last thing he wanted was for his dearest to treat him differently and not with the same love he had shown him before.

Haldir seemed to sense his distress and to comfort him; he tore a piece of cloth from his uniform and sent a message on an arrow to him.

The Rohirram caught it by the feathers and opened the note. It read: "My dearest Eomer, do not falter to rid of your discomfort. You must strengthen your weakness and fight for your country and your house. Your King and your realm are counting on you. I'm counting on you. We will be victorious." When he finished the last line, he looked down to see the beautiful elf smiling at him with those shining blue eyes. It was then that he felt encouraged to fight and win. So, he drew his sword and puffed up his chest.

"Prepare to fire!" Aragorn shouted in elvish. All of the elves and Rohan archers armed their bows simultaneously.

Eomer watched Haldir proudly, who stared down into the mess of orcs with determination. Then he moved down the line and glanced at Legolas, whose muscles tensed and showed no mercy. Gimli, the dwarf, stood proudly next to him, baring his axe and teeth.

The Uruk - hai were so close now, and when they reached the wall, they raised ladders to climb up.

Both men and elves waited patiently at the top, ready to slice down any in their path. And when the time came, they put their strengths together. The armies just stood there, shooting at the orcs for a while, but soon began to become overpowered by oncoming militias of the dirty creatures.

"Swords, swords!" ordered Aragorn, and with a swift, graceful movement, the elves unsheathed thousands of long, beautiful blades. Within minutes, the engraved steel of every elf's weapon was covered in blood.

Legolas eventually began to use the gorgeous elvish fighting knives that Aragorn had given him for a wedding gift. He killed many orcs within seconds, leaving even the stubborn dwarf amazed.

Haldir continued to slice away at his opponents, cutting off their heads and removing arms and legs. "Haldir!" Aragorn suddenly shouted from the bottom of the stairs. "Fall back to the keep!" The elf nodded in response.

Eomer stood by Théoden's side, listening closely for any bad news or calls of distress. Suddenly, Gamling called from the gate. The Uruks were trying to break through and he needed help barricading the entrance. The two men rushed to the rescue, killing orcs on their way. When they reached the great doors, Gamling was suddenly grabbed at the throat by an orc. Théoden turned and sliced his arm off, releasing the gagging assistant from his doom.

Eomer fought his way through the crowd of men, trying to peek out and see if he could find Haldir. When he reached the side door, he gazed around. Very few elves were left. Most had been killed and left to be slaughtered. The horrible site made him wince in pain. He wondered how Legolas and his beloved would feel about losing so many of their kin. Even as a human, he felt as though a part of him had been torn away.

Aragorn ordered the remaining warriors to go down below and help guard the doors that led into the caves of Helms Deep.

Legolas and Gimli grabbed tables, boards, candle stands, pitchforks, and anything else they could find to keep them closed.

Aragorn spoke to Théoden, who told him that they wouldn't make it. The ranger wouldn't take this for a summary of the ending.

His hope was restored when he remembered the message Gandalf had given him. "I will come to you at sunrise on the fifth day. At Dawn, look to the East."

It was at that moment, he placed a confident hand on the King's shoulder. "Ride out with me." He said. "Ride out and meet them."

Théoden understood. "Yes, for Rohan. Now may the Horn of Hammerhand sound in the deep, one last time."

Gimli smiled. "Yes!" he said, and ran for the top of the tower. Within seconds, a low bellowing sound could be heard all over Helms Deep. All orcs became distracted, and were slain easily by the Horse Lords who rode from the gates.

Aragorn heard the whinny of a horse from the east, and when he turned, there was the white wizard. "Théoden King stands alone." He said.

Eomer rode up beside him. "Not alone." He said, drawing his sword once more. "Rohirram!" he shouted, and up from the bottom of the hill rode hundreds more Rohan riders.

Théoden was surprised and he at last realized that while he helped keep the doors shut, his nephew had gone to fetch the rest of the riders for backup. A surge of happiness and pride surged through him, and after fifteen more minutes, the battle was won.

Gandalf blinded the Uruks with light from the sun and his staff, giving the rest of the army a chance to run them through. In the after math, over six thousand soldiers lie wounded or dead.

Eomer waited for his friends to return from burning the dead bodies.

Aragorn appeared first, followed by Gimli, and Legolas. But to his disappointment, Haldir did not come.

"My Lord," Aragorn said as he approached him. "You have lost many of your men. We cannot count them accurately."

Eomer nodded. He had seen the piles of Rohan men and elves. Terrible losses were they. "Aragorn, where is Haldir?" he asked.

The ranger's face became pale, stained with fear and sorrow. "Haldir was slain."

When Eomer heard the regretful words pour from his friend's mouth, all faith left within him faded. He sat on a pile of fur blankets and began to sob. He cried for Rohan, for Lothlorien, and for not being there when his true love was killed. "Why!" he cried in agony. "Why did he have to die?"

Aragorn sat beside him, and wrapped an arm around him in comfort. "I am so sorry Eomer. He was my friend too."

The Rohirram leaned into the embrace, letting his tears burn his scratched face.

Legolas walked in, bearing a look of grief upon his face. He advanced towards Eomer, throwing his arms around him and weeping with him.

The three men cried all night long, and continued the next morning. When Eomer awoke, his two friends were gone.

He awoke himself and went to the front of Edoras. There he stood, looking over his land with pride, and sorrow. When the sun rose, he peeked into the clouds to see a familiar face forming in the clouds. Haldir was there, smiling down at him. The Rohirram gaped at the reflection with awe.

"I will always love you, Eomer son of Eomund." He said. "I bear you relief to your grief and good will for the rest of your life. I will see you again. Fare well."

A flash of light caused the man to squint into the sky, only to see the elf's face disappear in the heavens. A feeling of happiness overtook him. Haldir was right. He would see him again and love him more than ever before.
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