Once in a Lifetime by Silvertoekee

The boy leaned against the balcony and gazed down below. Golden hair glowed brilliantly in the afternoon sun and a delighted laugh, made his heart beat faster. Glorfindel was having a conversation with the twins and it must have been something amusing. The weeks had faded into months and yet the emotions still haunted him. No matter what he did or tried to do it would not leave him. The feelings for Glorfindel had gotten stronger and would not fade away. He had tried everything from going on border patrols to working himself into exhaustion and yet nothing helped. It was as if the blond elf haunted his every waking moment and there was nothing he could do about it.


Starting in surprise, he whirled around and smiled hesitantly at Erestor. The dark haired elf was looking at him in concern and that was nothing new. He was a lot more distracted theses days and this worried him. A few times he had almost gotten himself injured on a patrol because he couldn't stop thinking of Glorfindel. If this continued then he could be a hazard to other elves as well as himself.

Shaking theses thoughts aside he smiled warmly at the advisor. "What is it Erestor?"

"Your father wishes to see you in his study."

Nodding to the other elf, Estel walked by him but stopped. Erestor had stepped in front of him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"If you ever need to talk young one then I am always here."

Erestor touched his cheek softly and left the room. Estel's grey eyes widened and he watched the elf leave. He was surprised that the elf had seen through his mask and offered him comfort. Erestor always appeared cold to him and had treated him kindly but at a distance. Perhaps there was more to his father's advisor then meets the eye. Glancing down once more at the golden haired elf, he let out a sigh and decided to find out what his father wanted.

Glorfindel laughed out loud as the twins told him about one of there stays in Mirkwood. It was so hilarious how the twins could get in so much trouble by spending time with the sons of Thranduil. Feelings eyes upon him, he casual glanced around and noticed someone hidden near a balcony. Concentrating a bit, he wasn't too surprised to see that it was Estel. The boy had been watching him a lot lately and yet at the same time keeping his distance. It was very confusing to him and he didn't know what to do about it.

"Is our brother still keeping his distance, Glorfindel?" Elladan cocked his head to the side and smiled at him in sympathy.

Raking a hand through his golden locks, Glorfindel sighed. It was a bit funny that Elladan said what he was thinking but then again maybe not. "Yes and I do not know why."

The twins looked at each other and smiled. They had both observed there younger brother's odd behavior and had figured something out. It looked like Estel was in love with Glorfindel and didn't even realize it. The whole irony of the situation was that Glorfindel didn't know it and perhaps thought it was something else.

Taking pity on the elf, Elrohir placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. "Perhaps he has a valid reason and will tell you in time."

"Yes our stubborn brother is like that and it takes him ages to admit to anything." Elladan replied cheerfully.

Glorfindel smiled at them and nodded. Hopefully the two of them were right and Estel would tell him what was wrong. If not then maybe it was time he confronted the boy and found out what was wrong himself. Hearing footsteps behind him, Glorfindel pushed theses thoughts aside and smiled warmly at Erestor.

Erestor returned the smile. "Greetings, Elrond wants to see you in his study Glorfindel."

Glorfindel wonder why his lord wanted to see him and shrugged. He would find out in a few minutes at any rate and it would take his mind off of other things. Telling the twins he would see them later, he followed Erestor towards Elrond's study. Walking into the room with Erestor, he greeted Elrond and sat into the chair next to Estel. He was surprised to see the boy in the room and wondered what this was about.

Elrond regarded the two of them quietly and was amused. He could see his son watching his seneschal and wondered when the boy would admit his feelings. Perhaps this errand would give Estel the chance and if not it was about time he had a talk with his son.

"I have asked you two here for an important reason. I want you to meet the messenger from Lothelorien and escort him here."

Estel gazed at his father in puzzlement and confusion. It was rare that a messenger needed an escort and he must be carrying something extremely important. Looking fugitive like at Glorfindel, he wondered if this was the perfect time to admit his feelings. The two of them would be alone and it was time he stopped hiding it.

Glorfindel gazed at Elrond curiously and shrugged his shoulders. He could tell that the elf lord was up to something and wondered about it.

"Very well my Lord. Are the horses ready?"

"Yes they are Glorfindel, you can leave immediately. The messenger should be arriving to the borders of Imladris and making his way here."

Elrond watched as they both nodded and turned to leave the room. He let out a tired sigh and leaned back in his chair. His advisor shifted next to him and he glanced at him in question.

"Do you think they will finally settle this problem Elrond?" Erestor asked quietly.

The elven lord glanced down at his paper work and shook his head. "One can only hope my friend."

Glorfindel sat astride Asfaloth and gazed ahead serenely. The messenger would be arriving any minute and he was sincerely glad. For the past hour or more the two of them had not spoken and it was getting tiresome. He could feel Estel looking at him and wished he could find out what was troubling the boy. Glancing at his companion, he let out a frustrated breath and squared his shoulders.

"Estel please tell me what troubles you so? You have been avoiding me for weeks and I deserve to know why.

Estel squirmed in his seat and fiddled with his reins. He had known that Glorfindel would ask him that eventually and he was tired of hiding his secret. Gripping the reins firmly, he turned and gazed nervously into blue eyes.

"Glorfindel, I need to tell you something important and I hope you won't be upset when I do."

The blond elf cocked his head to the side and wondered why the boy was nervous. A faint blush stained Estel's cheeks and he smiled encouragingly. Glorfindel wondered what Estel could say that would upset him and waited for the boy to speak.

A horse's neigh startled them both and they glanced down the path. Riding towards them was the messenger of Lothelorien and Glorfindel almost cursed his timing. He was finally about to find out what was bothering the boy and now it would have to wait until later.

"We will continue this discussion another time Estel."

The boy could hear the steel in the seneschal's voice and nodded. He was slightly upset that he couldn't finally admit his feelings but there was nothing he could do. Almost groaning out loud in frustration, he watched as the rider stopped in front of them. He was very beautiful with his dark braided hair slung over one shoulder and shimmering green eyes.

"Greetings, I am Saliader of Lothelorien."

The words were silkily spoken and set Estel on edge. He watched as Saliader turned and smiled at Glorfindel. The smile reminded him of a snake waiting to strike and he almost snarled in anger. Estel had a feeling that he was not going to like the messenger of Lothelorien and wondered how long he was going to stay.
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