Once in a Lifetime by Silvertoekee

Sitting before the fireplace Glorfindel gazed down at his glass of wine. Lately the Hall of Fire seemed to be his favorite place to relax and just think. Usually it was the stables but for some reason that was changing. Maybe it was because it was so warm or perhaps it was where everyone usually dwelled. Whatever the reason, here he was once again pondering mixed emotions and a mortal named Estel.

"It seems I find you here once again Glorfindel."

Not turning around, he smiled into his glass of wine and held up another glass.

"Would you like some wine my friend?"

Erestor grasped the glass and sat down next to his friend. Taking a sip, he sighed in pleasure at the sweetness. Looking at the bottle he almost choked on the next sip.

Glorfindel nearly laughed at the advisor's dumbfounded expression. "One of Elrond's oldest and finest wines my friend. Fit for a troubling night like this don't you think?"

Setting the wine glass down gently, Erestor gazed at his friend in astonishment. "How in the world did you get this out of Elrond's room? There are only a few bottles left and he hordes them with a passion."

Twirling the glass around, the golden seneschal gazed at his friend teasingly. "Now that would be telling my dear Erestor and I won't do that."

Letting out a huff, Erestor took another sip of the glass and set it down. "I didn't come in here to talk about wine my friend."

"And what did you come to talk about?"

Erestor reached over and took the glass from the limp hand. Placing it on the table, he gazed into troubled blue eyes.

"You know why I have come my friend."

Glorfindel sat up and gazed into the fire. It was easier to look into the blaze then stare into compassionate brown eyes. He did want to discuss his problems with his friend and yet didn't want to at the same time. His feelings for the mortal were starting to change and it was confusing. At first he had not felt anything for the boy but ever since he had returned injured things had began to change. Something was stirring inside of him and he didn't know if he wanted it to happen.

Erestor patiently waited for the golden elf to speak. He watched as the firelight turned his hair to a fiery red and his skin tone to a burnished amber.

Taking a deep breath Glorfindel turned and looked at Erestor. "I am afraid that my feelings are changing towards Estel and I am unsure what to do."

"Do you mean you are starting to care for him as he does for you?"

The advisor waited in abated breath and almost smiled in glee. Glorfindel nodded in hesitation and he wanted to hug the elf. It was good news for them all and more so for Estel. He had watched the boy pinning for the golden elf and the sorrow every time he turned away. Now he just had to figure out how to get the blond to let his feelings develop for the boy and all would be well. Or at least he hoped it would.

"You should let theses feeling develop then Glorfindel."

The blond elf was about to protest but Erestor raised a hand. He gazed at his friend and smiled in compassion.

"Feelings like theses don't come by to often and are very rare. Will you turn him away and always wonder what would have happened if you had not?"

Blue eyes dropped to the ground and he sighed. Reaching over he grasped his glass and drank deeply. Gazing at his friend curiously, he wondered about the longing in his voice.

"Is this from experience my friend?"

Brown eyes seemed to reflect a fleeting sadness before being veiled by dark lashed. Standing up Erestor walked over to the door and stopped. For a moment Glorfindel wondered if he had overstepped his bounds and wished he hadn't asked.

"Yes my friend and I truly wished I had spoken."

And with those sadly spoken words, Erestor left the room. Glorfindel gazed back down at his empty glass for a moment and then flung it into the fireplace. It shattered and fell into the blaze.

The room was quiet and still. Birds sung happily outside and with a disgruntled groan, Estel sat up. Glaring half heartedly at the window, he rubbed his eyes in irritation. Agony flared in his shoulder and he cursed. He had forgotten again not to use his left hand until his shoulder healed.

"I see you are feeling better Estel?"

Glorfindel smiled charmingly and saw the boy blush. He watched as Estel drop his eyes to the coverlet and play with a loose thread. Sadness showed fleetingly in blue eyes, before Glorfindel walked over to the bed and sat down.

"Estel?" he asked hesitantly.

The mortal glanced up and looked at him curiously. Reaching over, Glorfindel grasped one of Estel's hands and watched his eyes careful. Something flashed through the silver orbs and then was gone.

"I wanted to say I was sorry for the way I have acted earlier."

The boy was about to speak but he raised a hand to his lips.

"No let me finish Estel." He watched the boy nod in reply and standing walked over to the balcony. Grasping the edge of it, he leaned out into the sunshine and closed his eyes. It was easier to confess if he didn't have to look the mortal in the eyes.

"I have been acting horribly these past few weeks and should not have been. It was wrong for me to treat you so wrongly especially since I am your friend as well as your mentor. For that I am eternally sorry and beg your forgiveness. I promise this will never happen again and hope that we are still friends." Estel listened to the words and could hear the sorrow in them. It seemed that he wasn't the only one to suffer these past few weeks and smiled sorrowfully. Perhaps it would have been better to never revealed his feelings and have kept them a secret. He would always wonder but now wasn't the time to do so. Raising his head up he was about to accept the apology but gaped instead. He gazed in fascination as the elf seemed to glow before him in the sunlight. Glorfindel's hair turned to warm gold and his skin seemed to darken. It was bewitching and he wanted the elf like never before. His mind was telling him not to anything stupid but he shoved it aside. For once he wanted to ignore everything and throw caution to the wind again. He would probably regret what he was about to do later but for now he would give into his feelings. Standing up he walked over to the seneschal and stopped behind him.

The golden elf gazed at the sunlit garden and waited for Estel to speak. He heard the boy get out of bed and turned around. The boy's silver eyes seemed to glow with passion and he froze. He watched dumbfounded as Estel walked over to him and grasped his chin. Warm lips settled against his and Glorfindel let out a half moan of surprised pleasure. A warm wet tongue slid into his mouth and he was lost. All coherent thoughts left his mind and he slowly kissed the mortal back. Estel wrapped his one good arm around his neck and leaned against him. Breaking off the kiss Glorfindel took a gulp of air and shivered. Gazing in shock at the boy, he turned around and fled the room.

Estel watched the elf run from the room and watched in puzzlement. Raising a hand to his lips he smiled warmly and gazed out into the sunlight. For the first time in a while, hope bloomed in his heart and prayed to Ilúvatar that everything would turn out all right.


The twins entered the room and gazed at there brother in puzzlement.

"Yes Elladan?"

"What is wrong with Glorfindel? I have never seen him move so fast or with such a distressed look before."

Smiling in happiness, Estel informed his brothers of what had occurred. Grins appeared on all three brothers' faces and laughs of joy.

"Well it's about time he fell for our brother." Elrohir joked. "Otherwise I would have had to smack some sense into that thick head."

Elladan shook his head. His face was serious and the grins faded. "He may have kissed you back Estel but be warned. Glorfindel may still be frightened of his feelings and will perhaps fight them."

Estel smiled in sadness. "I know Elladan but I cannot give up hope. I was terribly surprised that he returned the kiss and at least I know he cares for me somewhat. Whatever happens now I am just hope everything will work out ok."

The golden elf fled to his rooms and ignored the concerned looks. Opening his door, he quickly turned around and slammed it shut. Leaning his back against it, he slowly sank to the floor. Glorfindel let out an anguish moan and dropped his golden head into his hands. The kiss had stirred something inside of him again and now it was out in the open. Slamming his fist into the ground, he cursed quietly.
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