Once in a Lifetime by Silvertoekee

The mortal lay sprawled on the grass next to Haldir and sighed in contentment. It was a glorious day outside and the two of them had decided to go on a picnic. In the last few weeks, Haldir had showered him in attention and he basked in it. It was nice to have someone do this but a small part of him wished it was Glorfindel.


Opening sleepy silver eyes he gazed at his friend in question. "What is it Haldir?"

"How did you know you were in love with Glorfindel?" Haldir asked hesitantly.

Sitting up, he gazed at his friend in question and watched blue eyes close. He had scene some unreadable emotion but decided to leave it be. Haldir would tell him what was on his mind when he was ready.

"Actually at first I didn't know and was terribly confused. At first I thought it was lust and was terribly ashamed. Luckily ada set me straight on that matter and said he didn't mind who I cared for." Estel smirked at the memory and laughed. "It wasn't until much later that I realized I loved Glorfindel for sure."

Haldir gazed at him seriously. "And it has deepened?"

Estel let out a sad sigh. "Yes every time I see him or not. I think I will love him even if he never says it."

The blond elf gathered his friend in his arms and held him. "Don't give up hope my friend, Glorfindel will admit his feelings someday."

Estel nodded against but he was afraid. He was slowly losing hope and wondered if perhaps he should just let it go.

The elf in question was angrily pacing back and forth in the gardens. For the last few days he had watched Estel and Haldir. It was driving him crazy how close the two seemed to becoming and he was afraid. Afraid that if he didn't act soon he would lose the mortal and afraid to love him at all. It was terribly confusing and he growled in frustration.

"Why don't you just tell him my friend and save yourself the heartache?"

Freezing in shock, he turned and gaped at Elrond. The lord of Imladris was glaring at his friend in irritation and humor. He had tried to ignore his friend's walking below his study's balcony but couldn't. It had been going on for hours now and it was driving him mad.

Elrond smirked. "Your stomping around is disturbing my concentration and Erestor's."

Glorfindel had the grace to blush and smiled sheepishly. "I am sorry my friend."

"You will be more then sorry if you don't tell him soon my friend. One can only hope for so long before it slowly fades away."

Sadness filled blue eyes and Elrond sigh in exasperation. "My son loves you Glorfindel and considered Haldir a friend."

He watched as something blossomed in blue eyes and then dissappear.

"That's not true Elrond. I see how they act around each other and its more then friends."

Muttering under his breath about silly elves, Elrond came to a quick decision. He couldn't see his friend suffer anymore and it was about time to sort out this mess.

"Estel and Haldir have been friends since Estel was about two years old. They have been closer then brothers and many thought as you did that there was something there." He watched Glorfindel closely and saw surprise in the blue eyes. "Nothing came of it and the two of have been close for years and that is what you truly see."

"But the kisses?" Glorfindel asked hesitantly.

Elrond smiled warmly at his friend and shook his head. "Only an expression of friendship that they have done since he was young. A habit they have always had and probably always will."

Glorfindel nodded slowly and felt like laughing. All theses weeks he had thought something else was between them and it was nothing then friendship. He felt like the biggest idiot and yet still felt doubtful.

Elrond watched his seneschal and shook his head. Walking over to him he grasped his shoulders and gazed into blue eyes. "Do not let doubt cloud your judgment my friend. And do not wait to long to tell him how you truly feel."

Letting go of his friend, Elrond turned and left. He could only hope that his friend would realize the truth or otherwise he might loose his chance at happiness forever.

Horses neighed in the courtyard and excited voices filled the air. Arwen and Haldir were returning to Lothlorien and were about to leave. Smiling down at Estel, Haldir winked at him.

"Don't give up hope my friend and may you find happiness until our next meeting."

Estel grinned up at his friend. "The same to you and keep out of trouble."

Haldir leaned down and kissed Estel gently on the lips. Sitting up he gazed over at the golden seneschal and was confused. Jealousy did not cloud the blue eyes and he wondered about it. Shrugging his shoulders, he waited patiently for Arwen to join him and then they were off.

"He has finally realized his feelings Haldir."

The blond elf turned and gazed at his companion. "It's about time. Do you think he will tell Estel?"

Arwen turned to Haldir and smiled warmly. "One can only hope."

Estel stood next to his family and watched them go. He was saddened to see them leave but knew they would see each other again soon. Turning around he was about to leave when a hand settled on his shoulder. Gazing at Glorfindel, he looked at him in question.

"I would like to talk to you if I may later tonight in the gardens Estel?"

The mortal gazed at the golden elf, before nodding. Glorfindel gave his shoulder a friendly squeeze and then left. Wondering if he should hope, he followed his family inside and wished tonight was already here.

The night was glorious and a full moon shone overhead. Flowers bloomed under the gentle light and glowing bugs lit the air. Slowing to a halt, Estel gazed around and smiled in delight. It was beautiful and peaceful. Closing his eyes, he let his senses stretch out and sigh.


Glorfindel watched the mortal turn around and face him. His breath caught in his throat and he smiled. The moon turned Estel's hair to raven black and his silver eyes flashed in the moonlight. It was a picture that he wished to keep with him forever and never let go. Taking a few steps forward, he stopped and gazed down at him.

"What is it Glorfindel? Why have you asked me here?" Estel asked quietly.

"Because I wanted to tell you how sorry I was again." He watched confusion flash in the silver eyes and smiled. "Sorry for ignoring you again and sorry for breaking my last apology."

Estel shook his head and smiled in reassurance. "Tis nothing my friend. Apology accepted."

Glorfindel watched sadness and disappointment fill the silver eyes. Reaching across he hesitantly ran a hand through the shoulder length hair. It felt like silk and he watched the silver eyes widened in response.

"Glorfindel? What are you doing?"

Estel wanted to close his eyes and lean into the caress. Sadness still filled his soul when he found out why the elf had asked him out here. And yet the touch now confused him.

The golden elf gazed down at him for a moment and smiled warmly. Something flashed in the blue eyes and Estel heart picked up speed.

"Something I should have done a longtime ago." Glorfindel replied.

Gripping the hair more firmly, Glorfindel tilted Estel's head. And leaning down he kissed Estel firmly on the lips. The mortal let out a gasp and the elf quickly thrust in his tongue. Lips locked more firmly the two of them moaned softly and became lost in the kiss. Finally breaking off the kiss, Estel panted for air and looked up at the elf.

"Why?" he whispered breathlessly.

Glorfindel gazed down into passion filled silver eyes and smiled. "Because I love you."

Estel blinked and tears slowly rolled down his face and the elf wiped them away. Letting out a happy laugh Estel threw his arms around Glorfindel's neck and hugged him.

"And I you." Estel whispered softly

Glorfindel closed his blue eyes and returned the hug. He had almost lost the boy because of his careless words but he had been given a second chance. He whispered a silence thanks to his friends and family. Without there help he would have never realized his feelings for the boy. Tightening his hold on Estel, he closed his eyes and promised to the night that would never run from his feelings again.
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