I Will Follow by Cheysuli

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I sit here watching you sleep,
listening as you struggle weakly for breath.

You seem so fragile, so small
lying there in that huge bed, covered in quilts.

I sit here, running my hand through your white hair,
thinking of the young man you used to be.

My touch seems to comfort you
and you relax against me, the pain of your mortal body seeming to finally leave you.

I smile sadly, pushing a strand of blond hair out of my eyes so I can see you better.

My smile fades as I see your breaths getting shallower,
and I feel you heart begin to slow.

Your body shakes as your breathing stops, or maybe it's my own body that's trembling as I hold
you close.

Your heart is not beating anymore, you're still and your body begins to grow cold.

I hold you tightly, tears flowing down my face, and I lay beside you.

I close my eyes and feel the coldness wash over me.

You are my love, my light, my hope.

Where ever you go....

I will follow.
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