Into the West by Lenora

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Story notes: Don't shoot me! I am a devout Gríma/…owyn shipper but I read such an awesome Gríma/…omer story that I had to write one as well. Also, the tear from the movie gave me the plot bunny so most of the events will be the movie events. At least in the beginning.
Gríma Wormtongue stood next to Saruman as they looked out at the host of Uruk-hai that was about to march to Rohan to destroy the entire country. Gríma felt a tear fall down his cheek as he remembered all of the people that were about to die. Are you all right my love? he thought. Are you far enough away from the battle? I sent you away so you would be safe. Gríma pictured the golden haired Third Marshal of the Mark. He hoped that …omer was safe. He knew the man hated him but all Gríma wanted was for …omer to be safe.

After Saruman sent his army to completely destroy all that Gríma held dear, the sallow man fled to his room in Orthanc tower to pray desperately for …omer's safety. He eventually fell asleep as the first Ents began marching on Isengard. He was so deeply asleep dreaming about his beloved that he didn't notice the attack until the Ents began throwing boulders at the tower. It was then that he rushed out to see Saruman standing at his viewing balcony where he had stood before sending off the Uruk-hais. Gríma fearfully looked past Saruman and he saw what looked like walking trees attacking the tower.

"What's happening?" Gríma yelled to Saruman. The wizard jumped at the sound of his minion's voice.

"Ents! They're attacking Isengard!" he yelled back. "They're punishing me for the destruction of Fangorn."

"You idiot!" Gríma yelled at the former white wizard. "You've invoked the wrath of the guardians of the forest!" He ran back to his room and he hid, hoping that the tower would stand against the Ents. However, not even ten minutes later, Saruman appeared inside Gríma's room.

"Get up you coward. Stop hiding in your room like a sniveling child!" Saruman yelled.

"NO! IT IS YOUR FAULT THAT WE'RE BEING ATTACKED. YOUR FAULT THAT ALL I CARE ABOUT WILL BE DESTROYED!" Gríma screamed. It was at that moment that all of the enchantments that held him captive broke in his mind. "You never intended to give me what you promised, did you? You never intended to give me …omer. You planned on killing me as soon as Rohan was destroyed. You make me sick Saruman the White! I'm glad your plan backfired!" Gríma didn't have a chance to say anymore before the furious wizard backhanded him.

"Be silent! You were never worthy of the king's nephew. You deserved the viper that is his sister. The two of you were to give me a child to put on the throne of Rohan. He would have been completely under my control and the two of you would have nothing to say on the matter because after two more children, you would be dead!" Saruman spat, his voice losing all smoothness. Gríma whimpered and he cowered before the wizard. Then he suddenly remembered that Gandalf was now the white wizard, Saruman was no longer the more powerful one. Gríma jumped up and he ran past the wizard and he sprinted to the balcony.

"FANGORN!" he shouted. The Ent known as Treebeard or Fangorn stopped and he looked at the tower. "SAVE ME FROM HIM. HE ENCHANTED ME AND I REPENT. HE'S GOING TO KILL ME. SAVE ME!" he cried. Treebeard saw the wizard creep up behind the man with his staff. The Ent reached over and he plucked the man out of the balcony just as Saruman struck.

"Hm, hoom. Do you mean what you say?" he asked slowly. He overlooked the man and he could feel no enchantment over the man. Gandalf would have to look at the man before he would let him leave.

"Yes, yes I promise. I swear on the soul of the one I love above all else!" Gríma insisted. Treebeard made a sound under his breath before turning to another Ent.

"Quickbeam!" he called. The young Ent walked through the water and he looked at his friend quizzically.

"Yes Fangorn?" he asked.

"Keep this man with you until the White Wizard arrives. He should be here tomorrow at the latest," Treebeard said. Bregalad nodded and he placed the man in his branches.

"Hang on little man," the Ent said. Gríma nodded and he clung to the Ent. His behind became quite numb during the entire eight hours he spent in the branches. After eight hours the two hobbits and Gríma were allowed to get off the Ents to give their rear ends a rest. The hobbits couldn't really feel their rears anymore because of all the time they spent in Treebeard, however Gríma wasn't used to it. As it was, he couldn't really walk. He was exploring with the hobbits when the group of riders showed up. When Gandalf's gaze fell on him, Gríma felt like climbing back up Bregalad.

"What is the snake doing out of the tower?" he asked.

"He has repented Gandalf," Treebeard said.

"The enchantment that Saruman had on him broke!" Pippin cried. "Treebeard wanted you to check him for sure."

"Hmm..." Gandalf said, dismounting from Shadowfax. He walked up to the shaking man and he reached out with his hand to feel the man's aura. His eyes closed as he reached out trying to feel any trace of Saruman still in Gríma. He searched for a few moments before he opened his eyes. "What Pippin spoke is true. Gríma no longer is under the influence of Saruman." Gandalf walked back to the horse and he climbed back on. "Now, we have an appointment with Saruman." The riders all walked towards the tower, and both King Théoden and his nephew threw poisonous glares at Gríma. Gríma shrunk back at the look from his love. Bregalad saw the flinch and he picked up the man and he placed him back in his branches. The thoughtful Ent walked up behind the group as they talked to the wizard. Gríma knew that it was useless to talk to the wizard.

The group eventually gave up after Gandalf broke Saruman's staff and Pippin found the palantír that Gríma had knocked out the balcony in his haste. Pippin had found it at the base of the tower in the water.

They headed back to Edoras that night and Gríma was allowed to accompany them. Mainly because he could not stay at Isengard. Surprisingly it was Aragorn who spoke in Gríma's favor. "I will watch him until we make a decision," he promised. Rohan's king left the responsibility of watching the man to Gondor's future king. At night Gríma was chained to the pillars to make sure that he couldn't get away. Aragon argued for that instead of …omer's suggestion of hogtying Gríma and leaving him in the stables.

Gríma watched Pippin pick up the seeing stone and look in it. He was about to yell out when Gandalf suddenly woke up and took the stone from the young hobbit. Gandalf began chastising the hobbit. Gríma, however, began panicking.

"He's going to know...He'll find us...He'll attack us and he'll find me...He will take me back to Saruman!" Gríma rambled. The members of the Fellowship watched the man with worry. They knew something horrible had to have happened to the man to make him react like that. Legolas finally walked up to the man and he murmured under his breath and the man suddenly slumped, asleep.

"There is much haunting this man. He is no longer the man we met before. This is not Wormtongue. This is Gríma." Legolas announced.

"What did you do to him?" Théoden asked. He looked down at his former advisor.

"Lord Elrond taught me healing. I just said a healing chant to help his mind process whatever happened." Legolas took the key for the chains from Aragorn, unlocked the chains, he picked Gríma up and he put the man on his bedroll. "He needs to sleep unhindered." Legolas then sat next to the man and he began chanting under his breath.

"I believe that Gríma is correct. We must take Pippin away from here," Gandalf said to …omer, Théoden, and Aragorn.

"I agree, but where?" Théoden asked. The four were quiet as they thought about it.

"Gondor," Aragorn said. "The White City will provide protection." Gandalf looked at the man and he knew he was right.

"We will leave in the morning," Gandalf announced.
Chapter end notes: Just for those that haven't read the book, Quickbeam and Bregalad are the same Ent. He watched over Merry and Pip during the Entmoot. Thought he would be a nice addition. Please review and tell me if it's good. Not that it's inaccurate or anything else I've been flamed for. BTW...I HAVE READ THE BOOKS. SO DON'T FLAME ME BECAUSE IT'S NOT 'CORRECT'!
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