At Fang's Point by Sandyg


After I set down my beer a light voice speaking in hesitant French drew my attention. "Excuse me, master, are you the Britisher?"

A small, brown-hued boy squinted over at me. The blazing sun cast a glowing halo about his thick dark hair; the effect partially obscured his face. "Am I... why yes, I am of British descent. However I don't know if I am the Britisher." During my travels in Turkey I intensified my remaining British accent. I thought people acted far more coldly to Americans. Within ancient Diyarbakir's black basalt walls it felt better to feel accepted.

"I was told to seek the beautiful, long-haired Britisher who eagerly searches for ancient magical knowledge in bookstores and markets," murmured the boy, a little bow punctuating his respectful words.

Hmm, this ploy sounded extremely suspicious. My voice regally snapped at the lad. "Really now. Who told you to seek me?"

The boy took my haughty tone in stride and bowed again. "The mighty Adar Amen's footman. He told me to find you so his master could meet you."

Oh really? "Well now, little one, your tale is quite puzzling. I do not know this Adar Amen so how could he know of me?"

"You frequent certain bookstores and ask many questions plus you seek the type of ancient knowledge that only Master Amen understands. Forgive my ignorance, my noble sir, I am merely sent to seek you out," he bowed again while appearing terribly apologetic.

"You speak French remarkably well for a young boy. Did this Adar Amen teach you?"

My simple question startled the lad into open panic. "No, master, oh no! I would never imagine entering the mighty Amen's presence; he is a lofty... " The boy uttered an incomprehensible phrase then he babbled on. "No, I am a blessed boy for my mother works at the Diyarbakir museum and she teaches me languages because she wants me to make something of myself. That is why I am coming to you now because I can speak to you. Please, sir, will you come with me?"

"What? You mean for me to follow you? I think I'll pass on your little plan, my dear boy. The notion of being accosted and robbed of my meager possessions doesn't appeal to me," I scoffed. "Now be off with you." As I spoke I reached in my trouser pocket, planning to offer the fascinating lad a coin or two.

As I fumbled the lad held up a pleading hand. How odd; now real fear flared in his black eyes. "Wait, please wait, young sir, I am to show you this to gain your trust," he murmured. He carefully reached into his beige robe then his fingers drew forth a cloth-wrapped parchment. As I watched he removed the covering with painstaking care. What was he showing me? Dear God, was that an aged manuscript page? Smiling shyly the boy held the page out to me.

I slowly accepted the ancient document. When I glanced over the archaic words and drawings a sharp gasp ripped from my chest. I swore the brutal sun glowed hotter. My breath caught in amazement. What a remarkable treasure!

My stunned eyes examined the lad's solemn, watchful face. "Boy, where did you get this page?"

Yet another bow bobbed my way. "From Adar Amen's own footmen. He claimed you might need positive proof that Adar Amen wants to teach you, noble sir." As my new companion spoke his large dark eyes respectfully gauged my shocked reaction.

The delicate page dazzled my wondering eyes. "My God, this is utterly incredible." The manuscript page the boy showed me had been plucked from an ancient tome on sorcery. Everyone thought this important grimoire the stuff of legends yet now a fragile page from the handwritten book rested in my sweating hand. I greedily thought before today no modern man had ever looked upon this fabled treasure. The ancient page looked original, well, unless someone had gone through great trouble to fake the obscure page. But why? As I thought my heart beat even faster until the blazing sun reminded me to calm down.

I stared at the waiting boy before anxiously biting my lower lip. Yes, if he possessed such an exotic text this Adar must be a skilled master. The thought of reading other majestic works, of even being able to merely touch their stunning pages, completely intoxicated me, yes, all common sense vanished from my fevered mind. I had traveled to Turkey for this very reason, to seek ancient mysteries, and to simply dismiss the opportunity without truly knowing; oh no, I couldn't do it. No, no matter how great the risk.

Decision made. As I rose my trembling fingers returned the page to the patient boy. He tucked the treasure away and watched as I quickly finished my warm beer. "Oh, I am a poor fool but lead on. I'll know regret this rash action, I know it." I smiled and shook my head. I could hear Viggo scolding me for acting impulsive. Dear Viggo, always opting for caution and sensibility. How I missed him. Yes, after another month I planned on returning home so I could see my lover. But first I must accept this little dare.

The slight boy offered me another curious smile before he gestured towards the busy street. The small figure led me through staggeringly crowded streets teeming with loud vendors, faux beggars and shifty vagrants. As we steadily pushed forward foul stenches and warm spices mingled in my inflamed senses. I swore Diyarbakir's old walls somehow compacted the humanity. The mocking sun stewed everything into a dreadful swamp, it aided by the fetid Tigris river stench. After pushing past a crowd raptly watching an expert snake-skinning demonstration we emerged into a crumbling section of this ancient city. The lad paused, he allowing me to catch up before we slid into a dark, silent alley. At his light touch a weathered wooden door creaked open. Here he halted. His small brown fingers beckoned me to follow him inside. "In here, young master, in here. Hurry."

I glanced around and sighed in resignation. Oh well, if happy thieves waited within then goodbye to my world. Once I grasped the carved door I pushed past and entered a deserted, sun-washed courtyard. I squinted against the bright light's devouring force and mentally cursed its deceptive brilliance. Where was my young guide?

"Boy? Boy!" I called. The old door swung shut behind me and I found myself alone in the heat-washed yard. My heightened instincts told me to flee. I quickly moved toward the door but a sickening pain erupted at my skull's base. As the hard ground crashed against my chest the mocking sun flared away to a nadir...

"Awaken, beautiful one, awaken."

The deep voice washed over me tenderly, the rich tone seeking my numb ears with a lover's caressing breath. For some damned stupid reason I couldn't open my eyelids. My stubborn flesh lay wedged against my eyes like stone blankets. I urged them to open yet they remained secured against my eyes. What the hell was wrong with me? Sick panic rampaged through me; why didn't my muscles obey me?

A soft chuckle sounded near my ears. "No, you are not paralyzed. You can open your eyes, my beautiful one. Due to the herbal sedative in your system the simple task may take much more of an effort than you are used to but you can do it. Come now, let me see those bewitching, earth-toned eyes," he whispered.

My face twitched then I finally opened my stubborn eye lids. After tortured seconds my eyes focused on a flickering oil lamp resting upon a side table. I futilely tried moving my hands with no positive results. My attempt at coherent speech ended with a dry rattling gasp whispering from my throat. Apparently basic speech proved far beyond my numbed vocal chords. What kind of powerful herb had they forced into me?

"Here, little one. Drink," whispered the dark honeyed voice. A metal vessel gently pressed against my stiff lips. The wine's juices seeped through their frozen pose and wet my inflamed throat.

When the voice's owner loomed into view my next speech attempt crawled away. Well over six foot tall he stood in massive shadow against the guttering lamp. Long, thick black hair swept past his immense shoulders, the lengths held back from his high forehead by a simple silver head dress. His ancient face looked like those marvelous faces my archaeologist father had showed me during his digs, yes, how I remembered those Egyptian friezes in the Valley of the Kings. I felt like I knew this... man's handsome, sharp, stern and completely noble features yet to my surprise his flesh appeared pale, not swarthy.

His amused black eyes watched me with an odd tenderness. "Ahh, my beautiful boy, you are full of vital questions, and well you deserve to be, young one. My dear Melior proved correct; you are exactly as he described. I told him to be ever watchful for one such as you. I have been searching for many decades. Now I am well rewarded for my vigilance, oh yes," he murmured, his cold fingers lovingly stroking my hot cheek.

A tortured, "Why?" finally escaped my stiffened throat.

The man offered me a sincere smile before he extended his smile enough to reveal his gums. This simple gesture displayed two small, sharp eyeteeth. "I need you, my beautiful one. I need a strong vessel to keep me alive. Hunting humans for feed grows old for me; I hold neither the time nor the inclination to do such anymore. Devoted servants accommodate my base needs but I'd rather gain sweet pleasure from the feeding act."

Adar watched the raw panic totally possessing my eyes before he continued speaking. "And no, I am not truly a vampire as you understand the basic concept. I am more a god to you. I come from an ancient race that dwelled in the Assyrian mountains long before simple humans decided to walk upright. At first we fed off the numerous animals and felt content. When the intriguing humans began multiplying we decided their rich blood provided far more splendid feed for us."

Once his words died away Adar's noble face contorted in distaste. A brief bow flashed before my dazed gaze. "Forgive my cruel words. I meant no insult. You are my honored guest and I forget myself. We of my kind have disappeared from this earth out of choice; the modern world grows disdainful of its gods and chooses to ignore its true earth magic. I now dwell in these mountains in Turkey, not far from my original roots, while others from my race have moved to different time planes. They find different worlds more to their tastes. Yet I am still interested in watching this world's maddening events. I still regard this earth as my home and occasionally I react to your race's impulsive urges. Believe it or not I halted have humans from a few self-destructive urges but even now events move too quickly for me." He shook his hair. "I feel something horrible threatening your race. You are moving too fast and discovering concepts that might result in mass deaths."

I blinked in complete confusion. Adar held up his hands and sighed. "But that is another matter for later. You see, I also gain enjoyment from teaching pupils but finding a perfect match for what I need has proved near impossible. But you, yes, my sweet beauty, you shall be perfect. I feel your true worthiness. You shall be created carefully and slowly. Your rich blood shall become my life and my knowledge shall become yours. How elegant; you shall need me to drain your blood and I shall need you to keep me alive.

"First comes your cleansing. I must make you new and revitalized. Then, my beautiful one, we will conduct your re-creation into my savior and my dark lover. You burn for the arcane knowledge I can offer you and I burn for your healthy new blood," he smiled, his long fingers again caressing my cheek.

My throat worked in frantic anxiety. The futile act made Adar's smile widen in delight. I sensed this being's ancient amusement. "Oh, you don't have to point out that most lovely part of your body, young one. I already know where to start," he laughed then he leaned into my flesh. Ahhh, those sharp teeth lanced into my neck with hideous coldness.

Then I felt nothing.

Suddenly Viggo tensed in disgusted anger. I felt his heart beat faster in his classic fury. "God Above! You mean to tell me you were taken prisoner by a... Orlando, you can't expect me to... "

"To believe me? No, lover, you don't have to believe me." I easily freed myself from his casual embrace, rose and abruptly stalked to the door. Each step destroyed me. "You don't have to believe anything I say at all. Good night, my dear cousin, and good bye."

"Orlando, no!" Viggo cried, he propelling himself up from the settee. Ignoring his words I placed my hand on the doorknob. I needed this dismal test. Viggo lunged at me and grasped my arm in his brutal grip. No, it wouldn't be so easy. I instinctively jerked away and left my poor lover holding mere air instead of my arm.

Viggo gaped at his hand before his shocked eyes traveled upwards to meet mine. His light eyes speared me. "You cruel bastard, you aren't leaving me, no, not now! Stop playing your wicked games with me!"

"Then don't interrupt me and let me tell you my tale. Stop acting so ridiculously stubborn and listen to me!" Yes, pushing my traditional Viggo felt necessary. I needed his utter compliance.

My poor lover stared at me with perfectly miserable eyes. An impressive string of low curses tainted the air then Viggo collapsed back against the settee and he drained another brandy. After I inhaled a deep breath I re-curled against my unsettled lover and kissed his flushed cheek.

To my relief Viggo embraced me again. His continued acceptance almost frightened me.

I returned to my tale.

I didn't know how much time had passed. I only marked the time by Adar's visits. Between those times I drifted in soft clouds of utter nothingness and felt my physical life slowly ebbing away. The only nourishment supplied to me were small sips of a dark, herbal brew which burned my stricken throat. When Adar appeared he nourished himself from my flesh, he gaining pleasure from finding a new area of my body to suck from each time. As his cold fingers reverently stroked my golden skin this ancient praised me as if my body was a glorious art work. One day Adar decided my foreskin annoyed him. He enjoyed my slender cock and wanted to see my pure form. As Adar gently circumcised me I felt no pain; instead I simply laid there and watched his small fangs carefully slice my skin free before he eagerly sucked blood from my newly naked cock. Quite odd.

As the days passed Adar promised me so much, he mentioning ancient texts and grimories I longed to study. I could only think why did Adar say these things if he meant to kill me? My torture must be a cruel, inhuman game, a brutal way for an ancient being to pass his time by stripping the fresh life from me. Yes, I was dying. I felt my death stalking me, I sensed it hovering at my shoulder. Every time Adar took more blood from me my malnourished cells whimpered in protest. They ached as my life seeped away from them.

My eyesight began failing me and I barely sensed my own heart beating. I hadn't moved in a long time. Yes, I accepted my impending death, for I couldn't imagine any other fate, no matter what this unusual creature promised me.

Somewhere in my dying drift Adar's soft voice pierced my overwhelming haze. "Now, little one, it's time for the final cleansing. I want you to feel no pain. Here."

I attempted to focus and finally stared into Adar's gentle dark eyes. A different liquid trickled between my numb lips then a rich herbal taste filled my mouth. My mind slowed with each oozing drop before darkness completely closed in on me.

I awoke. Well, if this was the afterlife then it felt like a soft feather bed. Ambitious sunlight streamed in a large window; the pure light stung my aching eyes. When I lifted one hand to shield my eyes those very eyes blinked in protest at the awful sight greeting them. By the Seven, what was that withered, shrunken husk attached to my body? I blinked again but the horrible sight persisted. A frantic glance told me my other arm looked the same. Instead of my normal arms I now possessed two withered sticks comprised of taut, shrunken flesh drawn over my bones!

No. This horror could not be real! As I controlled my panic I slowly forced my fingers over my face. My trembling fingers traced nothing but bone covered with sharp, dry flesh. A tortured gasp ripped free from my throat. Ahh, the simple sound shot intense pain through my chest. To my horror I moved normally! My horribly withered legs swung over the bed's edge with grotesquely bony animation. No, Hades no, I had become a living skeleton, my bones covered with something alien and dry. By the old Gods the awful desert had finally sucked all wet life from me. When I looked down I saw my weak heart feebly beating against my paper thin flesh. To my disbelief I actually saw my dark blood forcing sluggishly through my straining veins standing out against that desiccated skin. My desiccated skin.

No. I screamed. Ahh, the hoarse, tortured sound hurt my strained senses even more yet I couldn't stop my voice from echoing in horror. As I fell back to the bed I kept screaming in exquisite agony until the heavy, carved door swung open. A burly Turk strode in, his odd hazel eyes displaying an urgent dismay. "Dark one, shh. Please, keep calm. Damn Elenise! That fool was supposed to keep you sedated. Stop, please stop," he urged. His large hands carefully forced my withered legs back onto the bed.

"What have you done to me? What? Kill me now! Kill me! Rather death than this horror... what the hell have you done to me?" When words failed me I shrieked again and twisted in his strong yet gentle grasp. His careful hands felt like stinging acid against my damaged skin. Why did these desert monsters torture me so foully?

Despite his size this powerful man remained gentle. His hoarse voice tried calming me down. "This is a second life for you! Please, dark one, lie back and stop all this needless noise. You will not die nor will you remain damaged. You weren't to see yourself during your initial transformation. Shh," he soothed. His blunt fingers slowly pushed my withered body against the feather pillows.

My struggles exhausted me to the point of collapse. I numbly watched the tall man prepare another concoction. "Here. Drink this. When you awaken you will feel much better, I promise. My master has such sublime hope for you. Please be calm now."

Why resist? After I drank the strange brew a sudden surge of life ripped through my veins, quickly followed by a blessed numbness which swept me back into a silent void.

Was this my death?

I thought not.

When I next awakened darkness pressed against the windows. A slender, raven-haired man glanced over at me, his black eyes growing wide with respectful fear. He rose and bowed towards me before reverently backing from the room. When I looked at my hand I felt amazed at the change in its appearance. To my relief my desiccated flesh appeared healthy, supple, with my usual lean muscles moving under the golden surface. Except for a lingering gauntness my face felt normal! I could only think if I traveled here for strange magic I definitely achieved my goal although I didn't plan on being quite so intimately involved.

As my shocked eyes examined my recovered body the tall Turk entered the room. Obviously my awareness pleased him; a genuinely happy smile curved his lips. "You see, dark one? As I promised, you are well on your way to being as you were, yes, more than what you were," he gestured.

My cultured voice sounded hoarse but normal. "Am I still at the same castle?"

The large man nodded. "Yes, you are at Lord Adar's home. As he told you, you are to be bound to him as he will be bound to you. For now Lord Adar waits until you are completely recreated."

"And than what will happen to me? Shall this... Adar use me like a common sacrifice? Drain me anew?" I hissed in sick fury.

The huge man looked gravely injured. "Never, dark one, never. You must not think so harshly of Lord Adar. Trust me, you are very dear to Lord Adar. He longs for you to be ready for him, and it is my duty as his beloved servant, Melior, to completely prepare you for him," he murmured then he sketched a courtly little bow my way.

My mind heard Melior's careful words but I couldn't comprehend their meaning. "Prepare?"

"You are now being fed the sacred herbs which will grant you eternal life. They enrich your system and strengthen you for my master. Once you are completely recreated Lord Adar shall be able to take blood from you without you even knowing it. You will remain strong and healthy, more akin to a pure god than a mere mortal. In turn my master plans to teach you what you wish to know," Melior explained.

"This is insanity. Pure insanity," I murmured before shaking my head in mocking disbelief. "Fine then, go ahead, feed me herbs. Prepare me. I shall be ready for my death afterwards."

True to his word Melior fed me exotic herbs in delicate sweet cakes and various brews which tasted somehow ancient yet pleasant. When I finally asked which herbs worked such magic on me Melior merely shook his head. "It's not my place to tell you, dark one." Ha, I expected such a vague answer.

As the days passed a tremendous strength flowed through me. The force invigorated my system. I noticed strange phenomenons: my wavy hair grew with amazing speed. I hacked the weight short but it returned to flow around my shoulders. My pale sharp nails demanded daily trimming. At first I went along with the feedings but after a month of this bizarre ritual I staunchly refused to eat the herb cakes.

"My hair grows each day! I cut it and it's just as long the next morning! I have to cut my nails lest I poke my own eyes out. My very veins ache with life! If your master plans to take from me he'd best do it soon lest I rip the flesh from my veins and drink the blood myself!" My hands dramatically tossed the food to the floor in a childish display.

Instead of scolding me Melior merely smiled at me and withdrew from the room. Hissing in annoyance I rose from my bed and paced across the cool floor. As I angrily glared out the window at the rising bluish moon I felt my blood rasp against my veins in a maddening fashion. I could take no more of this agony!

Suddenly a strong presence joined me. A gasp filled my throat. I turned toward the door and saw the mysterious Adar beckoning to me from the darkened hallway. "Come, my beautiful one. It is time. Come," he gestured.

I moved towards Adar then I halted and shook my head. "What are you doing to me?"

"As I promised. I am a... as you might say, a, ha, man of my word, little one." Adar chuckled and beckoned to me. "Now come and learn with me." When I merely stared at him Adar held his large hand out to me. A loving smile greeted me.

My gaze intently studied Adar's stern, handsome face yet I read nothing but his ancient amusement. Damn, what else could I do but believe him? After I placed my slim hand in Adar's I marveled at the contrast. I always thought I possessed capable hands but his huge, pale hand completely dwarfed my slim, golden-hued flesh.

Adar drew me out into the silent hall. We walked along solid corridors of rough-hewn stone, walls long ancient when Christ was born, until we reached a curtained outdoor porch. This structure led into a huge courtyard, the expanse coated with flowering vines and colorful hanging plants dripping with unique blossoms. The amazing plants lent a sweet grace to the forbidding stone walls. I hesitated and let my curious gaze examine delicate midnight blue flowers shaped like curved horns. I had never seen anything remotely like them.

Adar patiently waited and smiled at my curiosity. "May I touch this plant?"

"Of course."

My finger gently touched one alien blossom. To my amazement the long bloom quivered then the frilled petals curled around my finger and gave me a little shock. Oh! The bloom released my finger and as it briefly glowed silvery it almost purred. Fascinating! I glanced at Adar and shook my head in mute astonishment.

Of course my ancient captor smiled at my awe. "These lost herbs exist only in this courtyard. As delicate species die away I try and gather them so they can remain on the earth. Those blue Tertairian blooms haven't been seen by human eyes in perhaps 500 years. Be honored; it likes you."

How amazing! Yes, the plants' graceful presence suddenly told me Adar truly was a special being. Imagine saving what we humans had destroyed!

Once we crossed this fragrantly airy expanse we headed down twisting stairs into the large room where I had been first held. Flickering candles sat in the many alcoves. Their soft glow danced off the couch where I originally laid. In my former agonized state I never realized the tall walls brimmed with ancient books and scrolls. A large table sat in the corner. Look, the surface was coated with ancient texts I ached to gaze upon. Yes, while he transformed me Adar had kept me in his own study.

At the harsh memory I stiffened and refused to move further into the dim room. Adar sensed my deep fear. His one large hand gently stroked my hair in a calming fashion. "That will never happen again. You are as I wanted you, recreated and whole. I kept you close so I could watch your wonderful transformation. I shall never cause you any more pain."

My confused eyes stared up at Adar. I almost lost myself in his dark gaze. Before I could speak fresh agony danced over my skin. I doubled over in new pain. "I ache! My blood boils in me. Yes, before you show me any ancient knowledge you must take my blood. Come, ancient one, I willingly give my blood to you," I murmured. "Please take what you need from me."

A delighted rumble of laughed erupted from Adar's thick chest. He slid a fond look over me. "Ah, yes, being willing is a fine thing to be. But aren't you my mistrustful young modern man? Don't you want proof of our bargain?"

"I only want to rid myself of this odd sensation. I feel the blood flowing in my veins like a vast red river. I feel my heart beating every second, feel the ebb and flow deep within me. Lessen the feeling, ancient one. You want to, I see the urgent need in your wonderful eyes. Please," I begged. My fingers grasped his large hand against my flushed cheek.

"Very well, my beautiful one." Adar carefully embraced me in his massive arms then he gently bit my neck. I gasped in stunned ecstasy. How could his bite feel so perfect? Suddenly I felt the warm blood travel from my throbbing veins. The odd sensation of sex and death tightened my cock. As he continued sucking from my flesh my body instinctively nestled against Adar's strong form. My hands ran over his broad chest. Saints and Devils, I actually sensed my life blood renew his flesh. I buried my face in his long, herbal-scented black hair and sighed in delight. No pain, no feeling of helplessness overwhelmed my astonished mind. Instead the blood-fueled minutes passed in a pleasurable sexual blur.

Adar finally released me and laughed at my lustful expression. "See? I promised you I would never hurt you again. You are extraordinarily special, my dear one, and your blood is pure and sweet. I cannot drain you. If I had taken that much blood from a normal man he would be dead. Yet here you stand whole and alert, my beautiful vessel of life."

I swam in the sensual haze flowing over me before I stroked Adar's heavy hair along his shoulder. A damaging thought suddenly grasped my brain. "Wait, then I will never leave here. I cannot leave here. You have condemned me to remain here!" As I spoke my fierce temper melted away my dreamy state.

Adar's commanding eyes captured mine. His ancient gaze diffused my anger with remarkable speed. "Think; there is no need for you to leave, beautiful one. We are now bound to each other. You need me as I need you. Now you will never experience boredom, no, for I can teach you the vast knowledge of the ages. We can practice powerful spells which haven't been whispered of for centuries, yes, we can summon ancient beings which roamed the earth when I first came to be. You offer me a quick intelligent mind to train, a clever mind that can look beyond the real world. You are a unique creature in many ways," he breathed. "Now come, my little one, now for my side of the bargain."

"Orlando, stop. Let me... " This time Viggo rose and agitatedly paced to the tall window.

I sighed, sipped my wine, and watched my poor lover wrestle with his deep agony. I couldn't imagine how torn Viggo must feel.

Instead of looking at me Viggo spoke to the night sky spreading beyond the window. "This ancient monster planned to keep you there forever? As his so-called life vessel?"

"Yes, that was Adar's grand plan, to keep me there forever as his lover and his life. And as insane as it may sound to you, I didn't care. I fully accepted the deranged situation. Adar took from me every night, and in turn I learned amazing spells and arcane rites which I never imagined existed. Part of my logical modern mind screamed with the enormity of his barbaric act, enslaving me so basely, yet I didn't really care. Each night Adar took from me and after we had my lesson he made love to me, and I didn't care about the outside world," I shrugged.

Viggo turned and stared at me with shadowed eyes. As he studied me his full lips twisted in jealous anger. "Did you love him?"

Poor Viggo. My human lover could never understand what happened in that ancient castle. "Not real love, no; instead Adar awed me, his power and his ancientness fascinated me. He treated me like an exquisite being, as something unique and special. I was special; immortal yet still fully human. As a lover Adar's power overwhelmed me; he totally claimed me. Love? I was brainwashed, seduced, changed and promised a world of glorious knowledge. I will not lie to you: when I was with Adar I loved him like no other. Adar owned me. Yet some days he rested and I thought of you and felt used, since I realized the wrongness of my bizarre life. Yet once I returned into his dark world Adar made me forget all my doubts. The knowledge I received, ahh, no mortal man before me ever indulged in certain rituals. And I knew I was a mere infant in his complex world. Adar could summon demons, not mere ignorant hateful spirits, but intriguing creatures which possessed awesome knowledge and amazing visions. Some of the more playful ones even liked to... "

I halted in cautious dismay. Best not tell Viggo all my unique experiences. I didn't think he would accept my exquisite coupling with fallen angels turned demon. Nor could he understand how Adar took me to heights of primal sexuality. Yes, in Adar's ancient hands I was a mere child. We spend each night locked in overwhelming sensuality, our bodies merging and blending, his massive ancientness mauling my civilized elegance. I adored his every searing touch. I adored being ripped apart and recreated.

No, I could never tell Viggo all my powerful sexual experiences. I loved him too much to hurt him so much.

As I hesitated Viggo shut his eyes and returned to the couch. His shaking hands splashed more brandy into his glass.

My sympathetic words broke free before I really thought about their meaning. "Oh lover, you are drinking too much."

Viggo stared at me before laughing in pure disbelief. "I am drinking too much? Ha, this statement comes from someone who drinks human blood to live? Please, cousin, pray let me drink my brandy. At least I hurt no one but myself."

I deserved those words. Viggo brimmed with his hurt and he logically lashed out at me. His jealousy intrigued me but he would never understand Adar's timeless power. As I experienced Viggo's agony I tried explaining the sensation. "My love, imagine what I can do to you when I want to then times it by the ancient power of an inhuman being who lived for many centuries, yes, perhaps from when the earth first existed. Remember when I called you to my bed from across the city? Do you remember?"

"Oh my God, yes. I felt completely overwhelmed," Viggo breathed. He suddenly comprehended my words. "Orlando, I feel so saddened by my jealousy. I suppose to your way of thinking it's a foolish human trait."

"I feel jealous of anyone who touched you in passion while we were apart. I'd like to punish them."

Viggo stared at me anew before another shaky laugh emerged from his precious lips. "Then you will only have to punish a few young male whores because no one else tempted me. If I became too drunk I sought solace from a pretty youth in one of the city's higher class cribs, yes, he was a clean, sweet man, all smooth flesh and long black hair. Thank God our esteemed Commissioner Roosevelt didn't shut down all the pleasure houses. But I loved no one at all, you beautiful witch. You ruined me to love."

A dense silence welled up between us until I poured myself more wine. As Viggo leaned back against the settee his brandy-reddened eyes steadily regarded me. No love dwelled there. Damn, I sensed his fury might mount a revolution against his love. "So what happened, my lover? Why are you sitting next to me instead of being a life vessel in a cursed Turkish castle?"

Since Viggo asked I told him.
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