A game of madmen by Azzy


Summary: Maedhros wants to give the crown to Fingolfin, but his brothers feel this is a family affair.
Rating: Mature Audience [Reviews - 2] starstarstarhalf-star
Category: FPS > Amrod/Amras, FPS, FPS > Amras/Amrod
Characters: Amras, Amrod, Caranthir, Celegorm, Curufin, Maedhros, Maglor
Type: Hurt/No-Comfort
Warning: Incest, Violence
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapter: 1 | Completed: Yes | Words: 4969 | Read: 157
Published: October 01, 2016 | Updated: October 01, 2016

Story notes: For Memaizaka.
Okay so wrote this for the sultry in september, the OP asked for Amras/Amrod who was devious and not nice people, but very into each other. So yeah that didn't happen, it just turned out to be a long as ficlet about Beleriand politics and brother dynamics. It was fun to be totally out of my element, not writing Silimarillion, but that I had been asked for no character death or major angst - oh noes! (I know it ends pretty abrupt but I ran out of time, and it would have turned into a long ass fic if I didn't break it off. I might still write more to it if there is any interest.)

Betaed by: Lisbet.

1. Chapter 1 by Azzy [Reviews - 2] starstarstarhalf-star (4969 words)