Where the Stars Burn by Dziude

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Story notes:

Sometimes, there is hope to be found where it is least expected. A short glimpse which could be from the POV of either character.

I have loved you

In wild, secret places,


In the dark, cold spaces

Where the stars burn.


I have loved you

In the quiet gloaming,


Allowing word nor kiss

To pass my lips.


I have loved you

In the roar of battle,


That each bitter moment

Would be your end.


I have loved you

Without hope or wisdom,


Of what all reason said

Could never be.


I have loved you

Breathless in the sunrise,


As you, trembling, placed

Your hand in mine.





Chapter end notes:

Thank you for reading my ramblings. Please give any feedback or encouragement you may have. I do not often share what I write, but I am trying to become more confident.

Neelix read this for me, and I am grateful. All mistakes are my own.

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