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Summary: You know this scene where the Orcs run into the forest and are never seen again? *laugh* Well... the trees are missing their wives so they should be very sexually frustrated, and if you saw the SEE of the two towers you should have heard these suspicious sounds... *g* Well, long story short: I want an tree/Orc rape orgie! Well... a friend of mine had the idea to make a musical of it (because they always sing in the book)... but you don't need to make one out of that! ^_~
Categories: FPS Characters: Ent, Orcs & Uruk-hai
Summary: Sam discovers that someone of the Fellowship (or Gollum XD) and Frodo have a sexual relationship and then (successfully) tries to become Frodo's lover, because he always loved him and can't stand someone else having him. I want really exciting Hobbit Love and a desperate Sam who tries everything to get Frodo!
Categories: FPS > Sam/Frodo, FPS, FPS > Frodo/Sam Characters: Frodo, Sam