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Summary: Haldir is captured by Orcs and taken to Barad-dur, where Sauron takes an interest in him. Rape, graphic torture, suffering. NC-17 or R only. Mega time dark fic. But no killing Haldir or Sauron. Anybody else is fine. Perhaps Sauron captures Rúmil and uses him to get Haldir to submit to him. I have a few things I'd like to see if Rúmil is captured too: 'Fucking get on the bed or I'll let the Orcs have him.' Haldir looks at Rúmil with despair in his eyes. he Looks at Sauron and says, 'All right, I'll do whatever you want.' Sauron smiles wickedly. 'Good, now lie down on your stomach and spread your legs...' Haldir lay down on his stomach and spread his legs. Sauron looks at the Orcs. 'Take him to a cell. And if a hair on his head is harmed you all will suffer.' The Orcs bow and leave the room. Give this fic lots of graphic rape/torture. Have fun!
Categories: FPS Characters: Haldir of Lothlórien, Sauron