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Summary: Haldir/any elf or Haldir/any man (though I have a slight preference for Éomer). Haldir meets and seduces the youth under whatever circumstances, but it should be the elf/man's first time, and the elf/man consequently develops feelings for the irreverent, proud March Warden of Lórien. Haldir shrugs off his young lover's feelings in a brusque, callous manner, and rides off into the sunset. Fast forward the plot 50 years (in the elf's case), or 10 years (in the man's case) and they meet again during the time of the quest. The man/elf is an adult now, and still harbors a certain resentment – and undeniable attraction – to Haldir, who has completely forgotten about the sordid affair. You can continue the plot as you wish, although I would like to see a lot of Angst/Hurt-Comfort, and please let there be a happy ending. Preference for NC17, of course.
Categories: FPS Characters: Haldir of Lothlórien