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Summary: After leaving Gondolin, Aredhel goes to Nargothrond and seduces her young and innocent niece.
Categories: Femslash > Finduilas/Aredhel, FPS, Femslash > Aredhel/Finduilas Characters: Aredhel, Finduilas of Nargothrond
Summary: Arwen gets lost while riding her horse (maybe she escaped from Rivendell to join the Fellowship?), and she is found half-dead near the Old Forest by Goldberry. While the long recovery takes part in Bombadil's house, attraction grows between the two women. It has to be very romantic and with a love-making scene at least.
Categories: FPS Characters: Arwen, Goldberry
Summary: Celebrían suddenly realizes that her daughter Arwen has become the most glorious sight in Middle-Earth. She tries to resist the temptation, because she knows it's wrong to love your own daughter, but she can't. What will Arwen do when she knows the truth? I think poor Celebrían deserves at least one fanfic, and what better companion than beautiful Arwen?
Categories: FPS Characters: Arwen, Celebrían
Summary: The night before her wedding, Arwen is worried about the feelings of Éowyn towards Aragorn, so she goes to her chamber to speak with her and put things clear. While the conversation takes place, Éowyn discovers amazed that it's neither the Steward nor the King of Gondor she is attracted to, but the Queen! Better R or NC-17.
Categories: Femslash > Éowyn/Arwen, FPS, Femslash > Arwen/Éowyn Characters: Arwen, Éowyn
Summary: Aragorn and Arwen's twin daughters hear some strange stories about their uncles Elladan and Elrohir, and decide to explore the wonderful world of twincest.
Categories: FPS Characters: None
Summary: A teenage Gilraen is sent to Rivendell to be safe from Orc attacks. There she falls in love with Arwen, and the Elven Princess, much to her own surprise, feels the same about her. So they live happily for a few years, loving each other in secret, until Gilraen's parents force her to marry Arathorn. Arwen, desperate, moves to Lórien, where her sorrow is eased as time goes by. Some years later, she returns to Rivendell and finds a 20-year-old ranger called Aragorn; she also finds Gilraen, his mother, and when they meet again they discover what they have known all these years: they still love each other. But is it now too late for them?
Categories: FPS Characters: Arwen, Gilraen
Summary: After being married for some years, Arwen is quite happy with her life as the Queen of Gondor, but misses Rivendell and her family and friends. One day, while she is riding back to the palace, she sees a beautiful young maiden in the streets. The girl resembles a friend Arwen had when she was growing up in Rivendell, and so she approaches her and asks her if she wants to become her handmaiden. She gladly accepts, and both women go to live together in the palace. They become not only lady and handmaiden, but close friends. Arwen teaches her Sindarin and they call each other Elvish names; the Queen feels like if she has recovered some of her Elvish past. But there is a problem: the old friend who her handmaiden resembles was Arwen's first love, and so it's very difficult for the Queen to see her handmaiden only as a friend...
Categories: FPS Characters: Arwen
Summary: Arwen and Aragorn are happily married, but their sexual life is not as satisfactory as it used to be. In fact, Aragorn can only get aroused after Arwen tells him stories about her youth, when she used to make love to young elven maidens, both in Rivendell and in Lórien. While reviving her memories, Arwen realizes she misses the touch of a female body, and decides she is going to take a lover. But who can she choose? Éowyn? Her lady-in-waiting? A Gondorian maiden? A peasant?
Categories: FPS Characters: Arwen
Summary: Arwen travels to Rohan and fights in Helm's Deep (you know, as it was originally meant to be in the movies). There, she meets Éowyn, who of course hates her, because she sees her as the woman that keeps Aragorn away from her. Later, when the army of Rohan is riding to Gondor, Arwen is the only one who recognizes Éowyn's disguise, and she talks to her the whole time. Éowyn realizes she is a good woman, and they become friends. Then, they fight together in the fields of Pelennor, they get injured, and they recover at the Houses of Healing. There they talk a lot, and Éowyn realizes she didn't love Aragorn, but his glory. What neither of them realizes is that her friendship has evolved into something deeper: love. One day, after the war is over, Aragorn and Arwen are getting married before thousands of people in Minas Tirith, but just then Arwen looks deep into her heart and finds that it is Éowyn who she really loves, and so she tells everybody. Aragorn, although broken-hearted, is generous, and suggests not to stop the wedding, but simply put Éowyn in his place. The lady from Rohan willfully accepts, and the first lesbian wedding in the history of Middle-earth takes place in Minas Tirith.
Categories: Femslash > Éowyn/Arwen, FPS, Femslash > Arwen/Éowyn Characters: Arwen, Éowyn
Summary: Elrond decides it's time for Arwen to marry, and chooses Legolas as the husband. Arwen is not very happy about that, because she believes in true love, and she convinces her father to spend some months in Gondor alone with a lady-in-waiting, to learn more about life before the marriage. In Minas Tirith she conceals her elven condition and falls in love with a Gondorian girl. Elrond hears some news about that and goes to Gondor with some of his men, brings Arwen back home, and decides to celebrate the wedding as soon as possible. Arwen has now given up all her fantasies about true love, and silently waits near the altar for Legolas to come and begin the ceremony. But wait! That's not Legolas. It's her Gondorian lover! Inspired by Eddie Murphy's film 'Coming to America' xD.
Categories: FPS Characters: Arwen
Summary: Long ago, in the realm of Doriath, Galadriel and Lúthien Tinúviel loved each other for many years. This romance came to an end when Lúthien found Beren, and Galadriel forced herself into a loveless marriage with Celeborn just to forget her old lover. Now, 4000 years later, she is in Lothlórien waiting to meet her full-grown granddaughter, Arwen Evenstar, for the first time. The moment Galadriel see her can't help but call her: 'Tinúviel, Tinúviel!', for Arwen possesses the beauty of Lúthien. Feeling she has been given a second chance, she tries to seduce Arwen, who in the beginning is reluctant due to the incest taboo, but finally she can't resist. You can add a bit of tension later on showing how Arwen is unsure whether she is being loved by herself or if she is only Lúthien's ghost for Galadriel.
Categories: FPS Characters: Arwen, Galadriel
Summary: One night, a very innocent Arwen sees her parents making love. The next day, she asks her mother what they were doing last night in their chambers. Celebrían, a bit embarrassed, tries to explain her that when you love someone you kiss him and you do * other* things with him. Then Arwen asks her mother if she doesn't love her, because they never do such things together. Celebrían tries to explain her that the love between a mother and a daughter is different, but Arwen doesn't believe her and begins to cry, so Celebrían, not wanting to lose her daughter's affection, has to surrender to her wishes. It would be funny if finally we see that Arwen was really more perverted than innocent.
Categories: FPS Characters: Arwen, Celebrían
Summary: We all know Elrond wasn't very happy after he discovered the love between Arwen and Aragorn, and that he told the Ranger that he would have Arwen with one condition: he had to become first King of Gondor and Arnor. What Tolkien didn't tell us is the condition Elrond arranged for his daughter: every year after becoming queen she would have to deflower the seven prettiest girls in Minas Tirith. That way, she thought, some human parents would know what it was to have your daughter seduced by someone of another race. Arwen thought it was hard but fair, and every year, with increasingly pleasure, and thanks to her elven beauty and her charm, she manages to seduce the seven girls. With time, the legend of the beautiful queen grows between the teenage girls of the city, and everyone of them dreams of being chosen by her. Of course, Aragorn hears something about it, but he thinks it's just a tale. But what happens the year her elder daughter develops into a beautiful maiden? She is obviously one of the seven prettiest girls in Minas Tirith.
Categories: FPS Characters: Arwen