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Summary: Legolas/Haldir (preferably) or Legolas/Aragorn. Or both!! Must include Elrond, his twins and Legolas's father, King Thranduil. Must have someone say 'Some day over the rainbow' Must have Haldir and Legolas burst into caramelized sugar pieces (but they have to come back) Must include a birdhouse somewhere Someone must say 'Pickles with sour cream sauce in the lake on a winter's day, in the snow please' And Haldir has to run into a brick wall. Aragorn has to run into a tree. Lord Elrond must fall into horse poop. Elrohir has to get shot with an arrow in the butt. And in the end everybody must be completely swooning over Legolas. And I'm totally wrecking LOTR universe when I say the King Thranduil has to turn into a mouse and only a magical kiss will change him back. Oh yes, and when King Thranduil finally gets changed back, someone must say, 'Well, you were an ugly beast anyway. I prefer you as a mouse'
Categories: FPS Characters: Aragorn, Haldir of Lothlórien, Legolas