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Wow... people actually look at these things? Um. Okay. Hi.

Sooooo... I guess you like yaoi...? Ugh, not good at this. Just a moment while I give up. *walks off*

*comes back* Okay, sorry about that; I just feel... semi-n00b at the moment. Why, oh why I didn't join earlier we may never know. Anywho, this is getting drawn out. Just give me a shout if you want me to beta anything. Don't worry, not a n00b at that. And I'm starting to type really crappy sentences. I think that means I should stop.


In case you didn't know, it's called an ellipsis and I use them a lot. One might call it my 'OMGWILLYOUSTOPTYPINGTHATBLOODYLITTLEDOTDOTDOTTHING'.

Email meeeeeee *needs moar love*

and/or add me on MSN 8D /twinkle/ WiLl bEtA 4 cAnDy

That's all for today, kids! Next time on Tari Makes an Absolute Ass of Herself in Public: will Tari actually get any emails? DOES ANYBODY LOVE HER?! NO-ONE?!?!?! Oh... okay, that's no surprise.

See ya, kittens. *muak* ^3^

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