Name: Sue Cooke (Anonymous) · Date: May 08, 2013 10:01 pm · For: Chapter 54. The Kinslayer 3

I've HAD IT! Would you please look at a fucking map!!! Just about every chapter has egregious geographical errors. I enjoy AU story lines, but if you are going to set your story in Middle Earth - take a look at Middle Earth. A good map can be had at

Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: November 08, 2009 06:14 am · For: Chapter 68. The End of an Age



"Life, to her, has probably come full-circle", Elrond said quietly.

It is right! Galadriel and the readers all came full-circle through the story you wrote so well, JDE!

"I am", Elrond clarified defiantly, "To me, the sunset is never as beautiful as it appears to be when reflected in your eyes. I watch two miracles at the same time. I am fortunate, am I not?"

Erestor merely smiled as he returned his gaze to the red sun that was sinking down the sea, throwing his pale features into sharp contrast.

The last sunset? I am so sad. I don't want this story to end. What happens after they sail, JDE? Do they get happy lives there? 

"I was thinking of hope", she admitted as she accepted his arm.

"To me, hope is you", he said frankly as he helped her up the ladder to the boat that would take them to the ship.

They are so good together! I love the Galadriel-Celeborn marriage in yoru story. It's great!


Thanks for the time you spent in writing this! It will always remain my favorite story in lotr fanfiction! 


Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: November 08, 2009 06:10 am · For: Chapter 67. The Dawn of Men 2

This chapter was fast. Not like the ones you usually write. 

Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: November 08, 2009 06:10 am · For: Chapter 66. The Dawn of Men 1

Saruman was taking a twist now. You are so good with giving characters new light to look at.

Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: November 08, 2009 06:09 am · For: Chapter 65. The Last Gambit

JDE! This chapter was the best one in all the 100 odd chapters I read in the Song of Sunset series! Just like you to save the best for the last!!! Seriously! 

Galadriel is so damn complicated. I need to read this chapter again and again!!

Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: November 08, 2009 06:08 am · For: Chapter 64. The White Lady

Erestor's got it spot on:"Love would be easier if we had no pride to defend", Erestor replied sarcastically, but he smiled as Elrond's hands took his own, the red sunrays casting dark shadows on their entwined fingers as they watched the sunset.


Legolas and Eowyn now? I don't like Eowyn. But I am waiting to see where you go with that. Haldir was a plotwist and no doubt about that! How DO you do it?



Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: November 08, 2009 06:04 am · For: Chapter 63. The Waves Crash Ever

What's that happening with Cirdan and Maedhros? Haldir's behaving oddly also. you will kill me with suspense, meh!

Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: November 08, 2009 06:03 am · For: Chapter 62. To Dare Hope

Emerald green eyes watching him amusedly; a languid, feline form stretched sinuously along the tree branch, the sunrays filtering through the canopy of leaves to lend their radiance to the golden hair of the young prince.

Elrond willed away that image of Thranduil, they had been naïve, innocent and blissfully unaware of oaths and curses.


They were so young then! This makes me sad to know Elrond is feeling old now.

Thranduil and Gildor bonding was great. They both need it. I loved thischapter..

Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: November 08, 2009 06:02 am · For: Chapter 61. The Third Defiance

Some of the lines were so much your trademark style making me want to read the story from the start again!

"I often wonder", he sighed as he stared at bright skies, "What would it take to free them? To break the gates of Mandos? To bring the starlight into the Void?"


Thranduil is so lovable in the story from the very beginning. Galadriel is harder to love. But it is impossible not to notice her!



Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: November 08, 2009 06:00 am · For: Chapter 60. Of Loyalty and Love

Did Erestor think Legolas won't help his friends? hmm, that's not like Erestor usually. Going to read what happens next!

Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: November 08, 2009 05:59 am · For: Chapter 59. An Evenstar of her People

His eyes met hers soberly as he said, "We will reclaim it all, Altariel."


I sure want a happy ending for them!

Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: November 08, 2009 05:58 am · For: Chapter 57. The Shadow Lengthens 2

Elrohir and Arwen??? You gotta be kidding, sure! But it is sooo nice to see them the way you write.

Galadriel, Celeborn still going crazy about each other. They are both dangerous in their ways. You write them super sharp!

Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: September 20, 2009 09:16 am · For: Chapter 56. The Shadow Lengthens 1

The scene btwn Maedhros, Maglor and Elrond was cool! Not just 'cos of the ice, ie. I liked the family scene there. Did you really have to put that piece about Oropher here? I got sad.

Mithrandir is never say die man out there. Someone needs to be that way, for sure.

The last bit about Gildor and Thranduil made me soppily sentimental. JDE, you're simply the best to write romances.

Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: September 20, 2009 09:12 am · For: Chapter 55. The Reckoning

The scene btwn Thranny an Gildor was absolutely cool. In the typical JDE style you have mananged to add one more plot to the mesh of plots. I want to come there and open your brain for myself to see what's in. 

 That which you do unto your parent shall be done by your offspring unto you. It is a lesson I have learnt through grief."

Yeah. Lady Ga sure has to learn things the hard way, doesn't she?

Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: September 20, 2009 09:08 am · For: Chapter 54. The Kinslayer 3

I absolutely, totally, fucking loved this chappie! I am sorry that I kinda am late to the party. I read it all offline and never got around to telling you about it. Thranduil is magnificent. Your Thranduil always takes the cake. Here too!

Stay safe Laiqua! I get the creepy feeling that Lady Ga is right about Mandos. And Jde's the queen of angst! Celebrimbr scared the hell outta me with his appreance in orc form. Man, can't you anything by halves?? 

Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: September 20, 2009 09:05 am · For: Chapter 53. The Kinslayer 2

MAN, Galadriel's one crazy woman. So tough to understand and so tough to handle. I know she loves Celeborn. Never expected her love to go to screening his murder of poor Rumil. Mind you, I hated Rumil. But getting killed was a very bad ending for him.

"It makes a lot of sense", Erestor said quietly as he met his friend's confused gaze before turning to gaze at Elrond Half-Elven's austere features, "Glorfindel, I would have done the same if I had been in her place." Elrond felt his breath catch in his chest as he whispered, "You would kill for me?" "Was there ever a doubt?" Erestor smiled sadly before leaving the room, his head bowed and hands clenched together. A



Awww! so chweet. It kinda took us back to the first chapters of The Song of Sunset.

"I want to tear out the hearts from all our bodies and burn them in a blazing fire and scatter the ashes in the air", Glorfindel said quietly, "Love, how I hate the word!" Glor is so right.

"One Isildur was enough to make us what we are now", Erestor looked around the deserted gardens and raised Elrond's hand to his chest and placed it over his heart, "If you had the will to resist the urge to fight him and die, because you wished to return to me, then, Elrond", he paused, "I will gladly walk with you wherever the path leads." "You are most eloquent today", Elrond said contentedly, "Not that I complain." "Time is waning for us", Erestor said soberly, "I don't wish to leave things unspoken even if some of them may sound incredibly trite and sentimental." Elrond met the sincere black eyes and said warmly, moved by the sudden vulnerability he saw there, "Sometimes, hearing trite and sentimental things do wonders to a weary soul. I trust your counsel. I shall not send the letter to Saruman."

Erestor is romaaantic! I like it.


"My Lady Elbereth", he whispered sadly, "The whole purpose of your game seems to be to drive me into blasphemy." I think he's got it right.

Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: May 18, 2009 06:09 am · For: Chapter 52. The Kinslayer 1

I hate Saruman. Poor Gildor, why didn't Erestor send anyone to save him?


"But my word is as good as Thranduil Oropherion's. And I gave my word to Estel that I would keep his prisoner safe and under our vigil. I shall not break it."


Filial disobedience, that's not right, Laiqua!


""We chose to walk together", Elrond spoke softly, cupping his friend's cheek, his eyes glittering with determination, "And so we shall."


Lines like that remind me why I loved your Elrond from the very, very beginning.


""I came because I have a son I cannot afford to lose. On the other hand, I have nothing left to lose", Thranduil grimaced, "I know I don't make much sense to you, but I trust you because I have no reason to trust you. Agents of the enemy usually give a good enough reason to be trusted."


Thranduil's being so deucedly elven, Man!



"I would, If I had been you", Haldir cautioned."


So would I, Rumil. It is Galaddriel you are dealing with. 

Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: May 18, 2009 06:05 am · For: Chapter 51. The Board is Set 2

Gildor is in trouble...I hope someone gets to save him soon.


Alliances are not allegiances. I really love the way in which you make the connections happen from the first chapters to these. It flows smoothly.


Arwen's discussion with Celeborn abotu mortality and then the ride with Aragorn makes us wonder about the doom.


""Elbereth!" Erestor begged, "Is there no penance that would suffice? Blood, tears and life, we have sacrificed all! What more can we do to appease you?""


I get chills down my spine each time I see the lines of the Doom coming up.



Why will Galadriel and Celeborn be so hopelessly at loggerheads with each other? They are worse than fighting bulls.


Thranduil's meeting with the slavers has me running to the next chapter in panic.

Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: April 14, 2009 02:11 am · For: Chapter 50. The Board is Set 1

"Sometimes you don't need foresight to know what is going to happen", Thranduil said bitterly.

it is getting nearer to the quest and laiqua will have to go. poor thranduil, what  will he do? he is alone.


 He lowered his hood and galloped towards the tower. Atleast he could get a decent meal and a night's sleep in the castle than out in the plains. Erestor could go fry himself in Mordor the next time he tried to send Gildor on a fool's errand.

oh no! oh no! it is so scary. saruman is  going to hold him and  torture him, isn't he?

Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: April 14, 2009 02:00 am · For: Chapter 49. The Lines Are Drawn Again 3

"At our age, Ada Elrond was a wise healer and warrior; Ada Erestor was the chief-counsellor, the administrator and married; Naneth was an accomplished lady honoured in all courts, Gildor was already a wanderer of repute, Thranduil had bedded half of elvendom, you had already battled a balrog...have I left out anything?" Elrohir responded with droll sarcasm.


wow, they sure were accomplished, though we didnt think of all that when we were reading their tales in the song of sunset.


nostalgia, the chapter reeks of it:)

"You want to hang the coat of arms of our house? ", Erestor asked for confirmation, "With due respect to our coat of arms, I think we might do better to hang a warg's head up here."

your strong sense of humour that you twine into the characters is in full force here. the chapter is lighter than the most, till now. can't trust you that easily though, can i?

" Thranduil was curled about himself in distinctly feline fashion on a worn-out armchair before the fire. His emerald gaze was unfocussed and wide-open in reverie. He was still clad in his formal robes of the day before, having not even bothered to remove his circlet which lay awry and tilted upon his dishevelled hair."

oh, oh! the picture you paint of your golden prince.


""Arwen", Galadriel said with mock seriousness, "Never make an attempt to be Wise. There are much better things one could be doing."


"I...", she shook her head wearily, "I have never been good with words when it comes to you. But centuries ago, I told you while I had ridden to Greenwood to see you that I would die if you asked me to*. I hold to that."

"I would never ask you to", he said brokenly, "I would ask you to live again."


galadriel and celeborn are fast on the road  to meeting the qualification for the best pairing, lol. they are  just awesome.


"There are many things you cannot understand", Thranduil rose to his feet, including both Estel and Gollum in a last cold glare, "If the crown prince of Greenwood intends to hold this creature prisoner, then the crown prince of Greenwood must hold himself responsible for the creature. I shall have no part in it", he nodded to his son and strode out of the room.


shudders in anticpation of more, dear gal, you have struck it right.

Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: April 14, 2009 01:42 am · For: Chapter 48. The Lines Are Drawn Again 2

the similie between the fishes and the state of finwe's house is amazing. you have caught me  there. it is a wonder how you keep the momentum up even after so many chapters, each a higher standard than the previous one.


Estel has discovered the secret...the secret that is a well known secret, i should say. what will he do about it? elladan is most protective about his ada, go there!

"She inhaled deeply, the memories of her youth wafting into her mind even as the scent wafted into her nostrils. Regrets, pride, grief and determination flashed across her features successively."

i have said it before and i say it again, your characterisation is incredible. just incredible.


the celeborn-galadriel part, oh my, that was the highlight of the chapter, understated, poignant and accompanied by your flawless narrative. yes, jde, it was one of the best interactions between them. you portray galadriel raw and susceptible to mistakes. not the wise woman who knows all. i could not find more words to say that they are alive under your pen.



Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: March 09, 2009 04:16 am · For: Chapter 47. The Lines Are Drawn Again 1

""Celeborn's warriors lost a strategic location again. Can't they do anything right?""

I have lost hope of them doing anything right. I love Celeborn, but he sometimes is very, very foolish.

I see that we have reached 100. I am sad though : I had wanted Ered to take the 100th one. She was the person who deserved it. 

""Thank you", he managed a faint smile, "Now, I will see to your escort. Please be safe.""

Those two, they can never admit that they love each other to madness and be done with it! Pride has a new definition there:)


"I had always known that I could not abandon you and sail away", Cirdan shook his head, "This is not your doing, pen-neth. It is my choice. I have atleast the grace of Ulmo. You know that we will have a better chance of reaching Valinor if we sail together than you sailing alone.""


Cirdan too gets to the cursed life, then....You won;t give anyone a happy life??

Thranduil is a determined father, but his son is just as stubborn. No winners there...


"Trust me, people crave for novelty as they age.""


They sure do!!!


"No", Elrond said with a deep sigh, "It is a blood language. It seeps into your blood. Everything that Feanor wrought carried a part of his spirit", he paused, "Including this language."

Now you are again bringing in the First Age story into this plot! You are one cunning spidergirl!

Waiting for the next updates!



Name: undomiel57 (Signed) · Date: March 08, 2009 11:04 am · For: Chapter 14. The Harbringer 1

    All that is gold does not glitter,
    Not all those who wander are lost;
    The old that is strong does not wither,
    Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
    From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
    A light from the shadows shall spring;
    Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
    The crownless again shall be king.
This poem makes the most sense when it is applied to your wonderful saga. It deserves every word that can be used to praise it.
Keep it going!

Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: March 08, 2009 10:54 am · For: Chapter 46. The Winds of Change 4


"Thranduil jsut cannot see Gildor, can he ? But he has to be like that, he is Thranduil, after all.



"I know", Erestor smiled wryly, "When she leaves, we shall all stop keeping up appearances. It shall be an out and out mudslinging party indeed."

Don't think that will be as easy to put up with as Erestor makes it seem!


The last scene between Galadriel and Celeborn ceratinly makes one of the best I have read in The SoS, I am too overcome to stay anything sane right now.

Be back later. Leaving Ered to do the 100th review, as I am a true gentleman (soemtimes) ! Advance Congrats, you deserve it.

Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: March 08, 2009 10:50 am · For: Chapter 45. The Winds of Change 3

Celebrian proves she is her mother's daughter....


""I guess he and I are used to insults by now. The dwarves accused me of charming the men of Laketown.""

Thranduil always gets the right way of saying things. But then he was always the charmer!


"So you say that we introduce Lady Arwen as Elrond's and 'Bria's daughter nurtured and sheltered by very over-protective grandparents in Lothlorien?" Celeborn shook his head tiredly, "With due respect, I must say that Elu Thingol was right. Insanity plagues your house. And this far-fetched idea proves it perfectly, My Lord Erestor."


I agree with Celeborn though I love the Finweans. Before SoS I wasnt into Noldor that much, but you have changed it forever..


This chapter gave a grand plot twist! Where do you come up with them from?

The best certainly!

Name: Ered Miriwen (Signed) · Date: March 02, 2009 05:21 pm · For: Chapter 44. The Winds of Change 2


I ha read all but the last paragraph, and I've been dying to find the time to finish this chapter. It's great, and I'm really curious about Arwen! I mean... she's that Arwen... but shouldn't she be Elrond's daughter?

Name: Ered Miriwen (Signed) · Date: February 22, 2009 05:32 am · For: Chapter 43. The Winds of Change 1

Oh, well... I run out of praises long ago. I'll just try to tello you how much I love the Song of Sunset, but as usual I won't be able to express how much I feel involved in this story, how much I care about every single character, how good are you at managing all of them...

First I must apologize: it took me a lot of time to read this chapter, and I left to the last one a really pitiful review. But these days I'm always running...

The best part was the first, the discussion. I felt like I was in that room, like all of the elves were my relatives, and there was a claustrophobic feeling that hit me.

Then Mithrandir, his "upper attic" and his discussion with Thran are great!

She should have known that he always ended up enmeshed in tangled love affairs.
Yes, we know... Poor 'Restor.

And what have Laiqua and Dan seen??

Name: Ered Miriwen (Signed) · Date: February 14, 2009 05:00 am · For: Chapter 42. The White Council 4

I'm in a hurry, I just wanted to say that this is one of the best chapters so far, it sent shivers down my spine all the way.

Name: Ered Miriwen (Signed) · Date: February 05, 2009 08:23 am · For: Chapter 41. The White Council 3

I cand do nothing but bow to you. Really... the characters are so real, I can feel what they're feeling. It's just like in real life: you know someone has done you wrong but still you don't hate him/her... and... this chapter was somehow different from the rest. Time really passes and leaves traces in your story. The millennia that divide this chapter from the first are almost visible.

(I know this review was silly...)

Author's Response:

It was wonderful *sighs gratefully* The story really drains me a lot and I have a fear that each new chapter might not meet the standard the others had. I promie to get back to you soon as my mail hitches are sorted out.



Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: February 03, 2009 04:24 am · For: Chapter 44. The Winds of Change 2


“I have been lost for centuries”, she said in a quiet tone that sent shivers down Elladan’s spine. 


Who is this new character? I think its going to be another tragic character..wicked genius JDE



Erestor and Elrond are more beautiful together than many married couples. The easiness of their relationship is beautiful becquse of the deep love they have for each other.



“What I want has never been granted”, she said emptily, “I no longer have the courage to wish.”


Galadriel, daughter of Finarfin, granddaughter of Finwe - strongest character in the Song of sunset.

Name: Ered Miriwen (Signed) · Date: February 01, 2009 11:46 pm · For: Chapter 40. The White Council 2

I'm at school (I found some free time, yay!)...

This chapter is one of the best. Celeborn was horrible to Galadriel, and that was a highly dramatic part; while the last part, with Laiqua and the twins... In the moment Elladan says they should stay out of love appears Laiqua. This makes me wonder... As lovelegollas said many chapters ago, they may be the next couple... who knows? Your subplots are unpredictable, and I love this fact.

And The Marriage is over...

Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2009 03:33 am · For: Chapter 43. The Winds of Change 1

Elladan cringed as Elrond shouted, “CELEBORN! I had no intention of marrying her in the first place.”


“You were coward enough to marry her on your cousin’s prodding though!” Celeborn snapped as he strode furiously towards his son by law.


“You were the coward! The obedient husband who gave his humble blessings for his daughter’s marriage to a perverted half-elf!” Elrond spat angrily.


....I knew this argument was long brewing!





“’Bria is fading, Galadriel…and he says it is not his fault!” Celeborn said venomously, “I had enough of the entire court of Gil-Galad.”


Elrond turned towards Galadriel saying crisply, “This”, he waved his hand at a fuming Celeborn, “This elf was your mistake. I will not listen to his slander anymore. I married his daughter. But as we all walked into it open-eyed, why is he complaining now?”


Elrond is right...That Silver tree was Galadriel's greatest mistake...




Laiqua laughed as he led his friend into the woods with the supreme confidence that the Sindar race had in any forest...Laiqua is more Sindar than Vanyarin...That makes me like Thranduil more.





“Come, we shouldn’t disobey the high-king’s concubine”, one of the senior-most captains said with a sneer. 


“True”, another Erestor identified as Haldir’s brother Orophin, “Now Lord Celeborn is talking sense into the Peredhel, who has thrown over our Lady Celebrian for his dead cousin’s catamite.”


“After the eve, you will be otherwise occupied; as a bedwarmer”, Orophin sneered. 


Erestor, I wish he could just run them through with his sword...It alwaya amazes me how he can be so cool...Isildur, Haldir etc.




“It simply indicates that I don’t wish to pursue and validate every bit of rumour regarding me. If I were to do that, I would be fighting duels with elves all my time than slaying orcs."


Now yoou have given his reason to be so cool...



“Damn you”, Celeborn cursed her, “I still love you; damn you, Altariel!”


That sums up their whole marriage. JDE, it is the shortest sentence that contains evreything of their relationship spannign millenia!





“I won’t harm him”, Erestor said quietly, “And it isn’t your concern if he harms me.”


Diplomacy, thy name is Erestor.


Erestor calmed himself wilfully even though he felt sickened by the wetness of his companion’s arousal on his thigh...If it had been Elrond, he would have killed Rumil on the spot, I am sure!




“Join whom exactly?” Thranduil enquired sardonically.


“Thirteen dwarves, a Halfling, a wizard, a few hundred Lakemen…there you are”, Mithrandir offered.


“Does the word suicidal imply nothing to you?” Thranduil tugged at his crown absently, “I have half-a-mind to send you to Celeborn. He knows how to deal with your kind. You expect me to send my elves to Erebor to fight orcs and protect dwarven treasure? Whatever was there inside that upper attic of yours has stopped functioning.”


“The upper attic works fine. The lower could do with some conditioning though now”, Mithrandir winked as Thranduil groaned in pure despair, “What say you, Lord Oropherion?”


“I will come”, Thranduil sighed, “The lakemen are my allies. And the dwarves, I have every intention of keeping them alive until they pay me twice over for my lost kegs of the Dorwinion.”



Thranduil too never loses his cool....Mithrandir is lucky there!






“I hope you haven’t been sleep walking after activities with Elrond”, she remarked, “Lord Celeborn will have you roasted and gutted.”


“I have resigned myself to that in the long term”, he shrugged before coming to stand next to her, “I met Rumil.”



Galadriel attempting humour...What will we have next, JDE? You are very unpredictable, more than Thranduil, if you get my meaning!





“After all the quarrels and heartbreak that your parents went through to make you, you should know better than to throw your life away like this”, Laiqua clucked before gazing in the direction that Elladan’s fingers pointed to. 

Laiqua does comedy better than Galadriel!



“Yes”, Erestor smiled bitterly, “But I promise you, we shall go down fighting than live apart. What we have now is too potent that I crave for it every moment of this existence, Elrond. I cannot live without you.”


“I live for you”, Elrond spoke resolutely as he closed the distance with a chaste kiss to Erestor’s lips. They stood together in the darkening room watching the sun sink under the trees.



Each sunset is magical. JDE, each sunset is more magical when you write them!

Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2009 03:01 am · For: Chapter 42. The White Council 4

The scene where Galadriel refuses to toast the Valar...She's so headstrong. And Erestor and Thranduil once again prove their diplomacy.


“I promise to be careful, to take no unnecessary risks”, Elladan said resolutely, “But I shall fight.”


They have grown up. OH NO! Now you are goint to entangle them too in the plot, aren't you? Angst coming, I know that for sure.


Laiqua smiled at his father’s strong, taut body glistening golden with water drops. ...Must have been quite a sight!



“My mother died because she had not learnt to defend herself”, Laiqua said quietly.


Thranduil’s eyes flashed in fury and pain before he said in a tight voice, “Do you think I need to be reminded of that when each moment I mourn her?”



That was cruel, Laiqua! Poor Thranduil...



“I don’t have that choice”, Galadriel smiled bitterly as the last archer disappeared across the plains, “I have never had the choice. I have seen off my brothers, cousins, nephews and husband to war more number of times than I care to count. And it seems to be my lot to see off my grandsons to carnage and massacre now.”


I will never forget your Galadriel as long as I live,...A powerful character rarely seen in the usual slash stories.




“I am Thorin Oakensheid”, the leader spoke boldly, “And we are going east to reclaim the Lonely Mountain and the mines of our ancestors.”

We are gaining pace.........Ered, come along, I don't to go down the hill without you!


The description of Elrohir in the battlefield roused by the danger, You sure are one talented genius...wasted on slash, I sometimes think!


There was a sharp cry and a rough grip steered him backwards. He opened his eyes to meet his twin’s eyes. He shivered involuntarily. Elrohir’s eyes were almost black with battle-lust. His features had become sharper and harsher. He was panting slightly from exertion.

They had both lost their innocence this day. ....True


Half an hour later, a torn, blood spattered standard of the house of Finwe rose in the east. Cheers rose from the warriors in Elrond’s and Gildor’s ranks even as Thranduil charged down from the north and Elrond from the west. 






Thranduil and Erestor seemed to be synchronized as if they were two bodies under one mind. Their swings, moves and parries were executed flawlessly with the cold fury of souls who had lost everything to darkness. 


I can almost imagine the powerful scene. Those words descibe the horror of all that they lost...And the DOOM!




“He has gone”, Thranduil squinted at the faint red rays of the dawn, “It is over, for now. He has fled east.”


“Mordor”, Elrond cursed as he wiped his sword on the charred grass.


*SIGHS* What are we to do? JDE, please update soon...any hope of a happy ending? 




“I will hunt you to the ends of the world and beyond”, she swore, “If that is what it takes for the salvation of my kin.”


Erm...Maybe I am a fool to ask for a happy ending.


Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: January 31, 2009 02:47 am · For: Chapter 41. The White Council 3

“Birth does not make a person what he or she is”, Glorfindel remarked as he took the seat next to Galadriel.


“Lord Glorfindel the reborn!” Saruman smiled, “I have always wanted to meet you. You are right, of course. Birth did not make you a hero, on the contrary, death did.”


SARUMAN is quite cruel, isn't he?

Thranduil and Erestor are always as smoothtalking as ever....defusing tough situations


They watched as Thranduil executed a sharp, flawless bow and presented his hand to Erestor, who accepted it gracefully. For a moment they stared at one another before releasing their joined hands and starting to dance. Saruman had never seen anything as passionately executed as this dance. He gripped his goblet tightly as they twirled about, dancing out of each other’s reach.

It must have been a sight to watch...the two most beautiful elves dance a hunter-prey dance...


“A pity, that”, Saruman said good-naturedly, “They are too handsome to be allowed to grieve alone.”


I AGREE! I am sure Ered too will agree..



“My dearest ‘Restor”, Thranduil pulled the unsuspecting Erestor to him deftly and pressed a languorous kiss on the stunned lips, “Thranduil Oropherion is ever unpredictable.”


Yipee...Thranduil is now finally losing his grief!


The wizard reminded him of Oropher, the austere features, the politeness, the sincerity and the soft tones.


Mistake, My king...the old wizard's a traitor!


“Our marriage might not have been as hallowed by love as Thranduil’s or my parents’ had been. But I am glad that it ends on far better terms!”


She's got something right finally!



If she had still believed in the Valar in the least, she might have appealed to them to watch over him.


I am liking Galadriel more and more...not like...a kind of grudging admiration !

Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: January 30, 2009 08:44 am · For: Chapter 40. The White Council 2

“She…”, Erestor said in a shaky voice, “She was most kind-hearted and understanding. A wonderful woman who should never have suffered all this.”

He is noble....

“Elladan!” Gildor’s voice was cheery, “Keep an eye on the princeling. I am kidnapping his father to take him to that old goat Celeborn.”

“Gildor!” Elrond arrived, “You shouldn’t say that to his face if you want to leave Lothlorien alive! Celeborn is not in a Noldor-loving spirit these days.”

The banter...after all that happened and the doom hanging over them, they still banter.


“That everyone lusts after my kin?” Galadriel bit her lips to control her temper, “Then what of Thranduil? Everyone lusted and many still lust after him!”

Phew...They fight as no other married couple fights..

“He was too addicted to self-sacrifice”, He remarked acidly, “That certainly explains why he hallowed the chasms of middle-earth with the flesh of Finwe! Suicide is an act of desperate cowards.”

Celeborn...Celeborn, what are you saying, idiot?


 His blue eyes were laced with regret, pain and weary resignation. She clenched her hands tightly as the red rays of the sunset cast a brilliant shade of crimson on the skies. 

“Altariel”, his voice was tired, “I cannot do this anymore. I cannot fight for you.”

“You want to cease fighting for us? For our love?” she asked wearily.

He shook his head confusedly, “I no longer know what our love meant to me.”

“Be it so then”, she said softly, “I will not beg you for this. I will never love anyone as much as I love you. But I will learn to live without your love, Prince Celeborn of Doriath.”

He watched stunned as the proud woman he had loved, wooed, married and lived with for millennia walked out away from him. The weary pride that sustained her now was but a shadow of the former fire that had burnt in her. But all the same, it reminded him of all the reasons why he could never stop loving her.


You have managed to warp an already complex plot into a beautifully tragic story. There has always been that touching something about your writing that I have not been able to classify. This will rank as one of the best chapters I loved.I could go on and go on....But it wont be enough.

“Did you have one of your spats?”

“The last”, she said quietly, “I will not delay us all anymore. It is almost time for the council dinner.”

“Altariel”, Celeborn dropped his head into his hands remorsefully, “We must talk.”

“Call me never by that name”, she said in a shaken voice, “In the name of Eru, I renounce my vows to you, Prince Celeborn of Doriath. I set you free to love another, to marry another. My mind is pure; I will never have a claim on your heart unlike Miriel Serinde had on Finwe’s. I set you free”, she braced herself on the wall behind her as a convulsion took her. 

Thranduil looked across at Elrond who rushed to her side and pulled her to the couch. She shook her head firmly and struggled to her feet whispering, “Let me leave. I need to be alone.”

Celeborn said brokenly, his eyes red, “You will regret this.”

“Both of us will”, she smiled faintly, her eyes glimmering with unshed tears.

I am crying here...You really reached the highpoint of tragedy, beautiful and sad.

“I cannot drag him down with me at the end. My conscience could never bear that”, she whispered as she clenched her hands tightly in his. 

“Elbereth”, Erestor said wearily, “I have no idea what to say.”

“There is a silver lining in the dark, my nephew”, Galadriel smiled wanly, “That he did not renounce his vows…he will, but he didn’t do it immediately after me. So he still loves me in his own way.”

This is a long review...but I had even more to say


Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: January 30, 2009 08:19 am · For: Chapter 39. The White Council 1

To me life has come full circle. I have been a crown prince, an heir, an obedient son, a kinslayer, an oath swearer, a captive, a high-king, a high-king’s mate, an oath breaker, a warrior, a leader, a nomad, a foster-father and a penitent sinner. I would give everything I am to save you and your twin from this. 

I loved this line. It was what I felt the most touching...I thought your writing had reached its highest point. But you will always disprove me..I love these flashbacks that make the plot clearer and most subtle at the same time.

Erestor is too noble...I must say that!


“Unfortunately my choice of paramours has always been much criticised. First, it had been a betrothed prince. Then it is a widowed chief-counsellor”, Elrond sighed dramatically, “I cannot stoop to accept a lower paramour. And there are certainly none who will match the grandeur I have come to expect from my lovers.”

Elrond is developing a smooth sense of humour!

“Celebrimbor is not dead”, Mithrandir said quietly.

VALAR! Not dead....Its going to be complicated.

“There is a breaking point for every soul, mortal or immortal”, Maglor explained, “And when you reach there, you no longer fear or care.”

Elrond rubbed his forehead, Celebrian; it seemed, had reached her breaking point.

I do hate Celebria but I think I do pity her. I pity all of them...




Name: Ered Miriwen (Signed) · Date: January 29, 2009 03:04 am · For: Chapter 39. The White Council 1

I really like how the story is evolving. You stick to canon, but at the same time you make things tangled and more interesting than ever. The last part was... I... I hate Celebrian!

And two other parts I particularly like are:

“I won’t, Ada”, Laiqua laughed as he danced his mare out of his father’s reach, “I think we might try human blood in our bloodlines next. What say you?”

“THAT WILL BE THE DAY I DISINHERIT YOU!” Thranduil roared as Laiqua laughed again and galloped away to join the front of the escort.

...and Mithrandir and Erestor's talks are great.

“What an insightful opinion”, Erestor murmured sardonically, not raising his eyes from the scroll, “And what brings you here on such a fine day? It seems excellent weather to pick an argument with Elrond, as is your wont on such days.”

Name: Ered Miriwen (Signed) · Date: January 21, 2009 06:21 am · For: Chapter 38. And What Remains 4

Things are getting every chapter more interesting.

I loved the last four chapters equally, some parts are very sad, but they're great chapters.

I'm curious for the end, but I fear that moment. Can't think a life without The Song of Sunset...

Name: Ered Miriwen (Signed) · Date: January 21, 2009 06:17 am · For: Chapter 36. And What Remains 2

“The next time I get my hands on your father, I don’t care which one, I am going to become a kinslayer”, Celeborn promised,

Now that was one heck of a sentence!


And Laiqua is every day more lovely.

Sorry it took so long to review, I thought I had already done it!

Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: January 13, 2009 06:55 am · For: Chapter 38. And What Remains 4

Gildor smiled as he watched the feline form of Thranduil Oropherion stretch languidly. Some things remained the same ever. The blatant sensuality of Thranduil’s golden body was one of those rare things......

One of the best descriptions of Thranduil!

“Elbereth”, Erestor traced a welt along Elrohir’s jaw, “So young…why did the Valar have to test him?”

“Because they were terribly bored”, Elrond said bitterly.

The Valar; I am angry with can they be like this?


He had met many powerful elves, but none of them were as wise, powerful, compassionate and valiant like Thranduil Oropherion.



And wonder what Laiqua will do to stop Thranduil's abstinence!

Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: January 13, 2009 06:49 am · For: Chapter 37. And What Remains 3

But the determined glacial expression on Celeborn’s face made him nod in acquiescence. 

I wouldnt cross him then; sounds scary!


And Elrohir's captivity; I knew you would twist the story into unpreictable again! Cel wasn't raped and Elrohir gets hurt...And Erestor's mindset when he resuces shows clearly his love for the twins.


“We, the Noldor, never flirt”, Galadriel laughed, “Flirting is simply a Sindarin speciality. Your father is a pastmaster of that, Eru knows!” 

Finally a laugh! 

“I think you will be surprised if you know the truth”, Galadriel watched the sunset sadly, “Even the wisest are not free from that four-lettered beast called love.”

She is so sunset is the cause of such trouble to everyone

Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: January 13, 2009 06:38 am · For: Chapter 36. And What Remains 2

While we are on these Valar-forsaken mountains, you should do better to take my instructions”, Erestor said coldly, for a moment looking rather like how Elrond remembered Maedhros; proud, determined and confident.

That is how I picture Erestor too...your words are as powerful as always!


His green eyes were a shade lighter than Thranduil’s deep green ones. His frame was more like Oropher’s, spare and austere unlike Thranduil’s magnificence. Their eyes held the same fearlessness and determination though Laiqua’s held a measure of kindness that was absent in his father’s ruthless eyes. And to Galadriel, it seemed that the blood of the Sindar was more prominent in Laiqua than in Thranduil. 


Laiqua's description is so perfect...the best of ORopher, Anoriel and Thranduil! What tragedy waits for him?

“The next time I get my hands on your father, I don’t care which one, I am going to become a kinslayer”, Celeborn promised,

Now that was one heck of a sentence!



Going off to read if they are all right. Hope Celbria doesn't get raped....It would be too much prdictable; and you like keeping us guessing, So you won't give that!

Name: Ered Miriwen (Signed) · Date: January 07, 2009 08:25 am · For: Chapter 35. And What Remains 1

Great chapter as always. I loved it from the first to the last world.

I hated Bria, but I fear what could happen to her and Elrohir.

I'm definitely in love with young Laiqua!

Name: Ered Miriwen (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2009 02:04 am · For: Chapter 34. The Exposure



Too good for words =)



Just one thing I've thought about in the last chapters: it's not only the fact that those of the house of Finwe are cursed to make their lives worse, but also the fact that the other people consider them so and fear them.


Did I mention the fact that I loved this chapter?

...well, I do *_*

Name: Ered Miriwen (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2009 01:43 am · For: Chapter 33. Torn Asunder

No, no, no! Not Anoriel! Oropher's fate all over again... It seems the Noldor aren't the only cursed...

At the beginning of the chapter I was laughing merrily because it seems that everybody knows about Elrond and Erestor save their children and Celebrian, but then it came the wraith's attack. Everything turned dark and I was about to cry. The battle scene is simply great; Erestor fighting with the child in his arm is something deeply moving.

Name: Ered Miriwen (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2009 01:19 am · For: Chapter 32. A Solstice in Lórien 2

I loved the dialogue between Galadriel and Celebrian: in a few words you made me understand better those two tormented characters and made Celebrian look more 'human'.

The dialogue between Elladan, Anoriel and Thranduil was lovely and I laughed at the embarrassment of the poor Peredhel.

Haldir of Lorien watched in shock as the two lords of Imladris walked slowly through the woods, their robes barely brushing against each other. His face turned cold in fury as he thought of Celebrian, his friend. Elrond was cheating on her!

If Celebrian could take a lover, why Elrond shouldn't do the same??

Elrond was sitting with his back leant against a tree trunk and Thranduil had his head in Elrond’s lap, a position favoured by them both over many centuries. Glorfindel smiled at them indulgently before moving his gaze to the lake where the object of Elrond’s staring was swimming lazily.

The four of them are so perfect together...

And the following squabble with Celeborn is a masperpiece! Every line was just where it had to be, and... well, it was perfect.

“You are addicted to carnality”, Thalion muttered as he took in Thranduil’s smug expression.

“You are addicted to celibacy”, Thranduil shot back, “We compensate each other, My Lord Thalion.”

Thalion became like a second father to Thran, didn't he?

The patience of the Balrog Slayer with younger elves made Celebrian think of Melorian, her friend. Glorfindel would have made an excellent father.

No, you can't say this... it's too sad... you want to make me cry, JDE, don't you? =(

Name: Ered Miriwen (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2009 05:59 pm · For: Chapter 31. A Solstice in Lórien 1

Oh, I just read lovelegollas' review and I agree with all she said. I forgot to mention some things im my reviw because I'm really tired, and I found out that she said it.

And... you reviewed first, lovelegollas! =)

Name: Ered Miriwen (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2009 05:56 pm · For: Chapter 31. A Solstice in Lórien 1

Reading this story is the best way to begin a new year! *faints* this chapter was far too good for words.

Erestor pretended to examine his nails carefully even as Elrond said firmly, “’Bria, I believe that the person has always loved me in his own way.”

I can figure the scene in my mind, and I find it highly amusing.


The last part is almost surreal: I can't believe the twins are so sure that the two elves they call 'Ada' aren't in love!

Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: December 31, 2008 09:28 pm · For: Chapter 35. And What Remains 1

"I don’t want her to stare at you before my eyes." Elrond is very possessive, LOL!


Erestor's conversation with 'Bria was painful...I mean somehow she deserved the right to call him all that. But I pity them both...thats the difference in your story, we end up feeling sorry for everyone.


"Laiqua was a sight that could lighten even the sorest of eyes." So true! The prince had inherited Thranduil’s looks, Oropher’s kindness and Anoriel’s calmness, a lethal mix. 

Oh my, that must be a great mix! No wonder he had his Ada about his little finger!


And is this 'Bria's tragedy journey? Oh, can't wait...


"We have already defied the laws of the Valar and the laws of the Eldar. What have we left to fear from Celeborn?”  

Erestor seems to be going deeper in the Feanorian style...grim and hopeless.


“That is exactly the attitude I have grown to expect from one of your house”, Mithrandir sighed as he warmed himself by the fire, “It will never change, will it?” 


Yes, it is one cursed house....


Thranduil and Laiqua are fast becoming my favourites! 

Name: lovelegollas (Signed) · Date: December 31, 2008 09:18 pm · For: Chapter 34. The Exposure

“How is Laiqua?” Elrohir asked with great interest, he had always had a soft corner for the motherless prince of Greenwood. Is it the beginning of something???

Elladan suppressed a sigh, they were talking of his brother and himself. They took pride in the twins’ achievements, and stood by them always. And Elrohir and he were spying on their personal lives? He met his brother’s knowing eyes. He nodded in assent and they moved away silently. It was no concern of theirs. The twins must be very worried and at the same time afraid to discover the truth!


Haldir signed off with a flourishing remark, “Of course, you must have forgotten him, Lord Erestor. Seeing that you were in Lord Half-Elven’s bed scarce moments after he died.”


It was so cruel...but it was cruel to keep it a secret from 'Bria for so long!


The doom of Finwe shall be revoked again. 

scary now...


Thranduil-Legolas-Thalion conversation was incredibly beautiful he's goin to spoil his son more than Oropher spoilt him...And Thranduil finally discovering his healer's love for Oropher. IT was poignant and painful. Thalion's love was one of the most sacred ones in the story...

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