Southfarthing Tales by Feather Silver
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Summary: Bilbo has left the Shire and left Frodo in charge of Bag End. Frodo discovers after Bilbo is gone that there's he's inherited more than just a curious ring. During his decline, Bilbo spent off most of Bag End's assets, including all of the 'dragon's gold'. Bilbo's estate may look nice to Lobelia, but it is actually mired in debts. Frodo must find a way to support himself, and make a home for himself and Samwise. With the help of Frodo's 'Uncle', Acron Hornblower, Frodo is trying to broker an entire year's crop of Old Toby out to various inns and holdings throughout the Shire. If he succeeds in disposing of the crop, Frodo stands to make a fortune off the profit from 'shares' of Old Toby that are sold to the highest bidder. However, there are those who don't want Frodo to realize his independence, or establish an identity of his own. As for parings - this is pretty straight up Frodo Sam, with occasional breaks for Frodo/other or Sam/other. I've messed around a lot with cannon - mostly in making Sam only seven years younger than Frodo, so they both are in the same ballpark intellectually. And this is all pre-quest.
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