The Wedding by Nfinity Nite


Summary: Pippin's POV at Merry's wedding.
Rating: Teenage Audience [Reviews - 0]
Category: FPS, FPS > Merry/Pippin, FPS > Pippin/Merry
Characters: Merry, Pippin
Type: None
Warning: Angst
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapter: 1 | Completed: Yes | Words: 685 | Read: 892
Published: August 26, 2012 | Updated: August 26, 2012

Story notes: Warning: Angst and unrequited love.

Feedback: I would be very grateful to know your opinions, whether they are good or bad.

This is my ode to unrequited love and the effect it has on the more cowardly of us. Not that Pippin's a coward or anything. I'm also using a traditional American wedding setting, just so you know. Inspired by an obscure conversation with an NSYNC fan fiction writer. BTW: I greatly dislike NSYNC and have dubbed them henceforth: NSuck.

July, 2004

1. Chapter 1 by Nfinity Nite [Reviews - 0] (685 words)