Anor Captures the Avian by LadyAna


Summary: Aragorn and Legolas talk about those who share certain carnal intimacies, but do not call it adultery. What is betrayal? What is benign?
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Characters: Aragorn, Legolas
Type: Romance/Drama
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Published: April 13, 2009 | Updated: April 13, 2009

Story notes: The movies were the inspiration, but the research was supplied by the books, "the Elvish Name Generator" and "the encyclopedia of arda"
= = I put Our Boys back to when Aragorn was in Gondor under the guise of Thorongil.
= = Writing in present tense, first person is a bitch!
= = Want to archive this tale? Fine, just let me know where!(...just so I can gloat!)
= = Feedback is welcome, but remember I have a soft heart!
= = BTW, I always reply to feedback. Hence, if you did not get a response from me within a week, I did NOT get your original email, believe me!
= = I combine book and movie canon and sometimes I dismiss both entirely. Just don't be surprised if things are changed around.

DEDICATION: This story is dedicated to my favorite LOTR authors(You know who you are!) Also, The Theban Group, Thalassa, jayay58 and Elisa of "Lassegalenslaire" fame, Patty P, bandwench, tuxedo elf, Nimaweh, Catuskim, agrotora, Tien...and anyone else who plays with pics of our boys! Your LOTR photo-manips are always beyond beautiful!

SPOILERS: I can't keep track of all the spoilers I use, so read at your own risk!

From the 'My Life' Series by LadyAna

Snippet B - "Anor Captures the Avian"

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